Online Dating

Tinder Icebreakers That Actually Work

“Hi! What’s up?” And there you lost a match again…. Getting a right swipe from that handsome man or that blue-eyed diva is not enough. If you don’t break the ice, their name will be left in your chat box forever. You have already sent ordinary messages to extraordinary matches and got very few responses….

For Women

17 Signs He Wants to Date You

Meeting a guy a few months ago has changed your life. You always find him near you whenever you need him. He makes you laugh and most importantly, smiles when you eat your favorite burger frantically after a long day. The lady at the counter and the kids at the block thinks you are a…

For Women

12 Signs He Is A Player

Players…. They are often hard to understand at first.ṣ There are many layers beneath them and no matter how hard you try to uncover the layers; you will never succeed. Yes, he is mysterious. And that makes him even more attractive, isn’t it? He knows all the right words to impress, and you can’t beat…