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11 Best Sexting Apps For Getting DIRTY in 2020

If you haven’t noticed, technology has dramatically changed the way we all approach to love and lust. As such, sexting has become totally mainstream. Because this medium is now commonplace for erotic exchanges, it is important to know where you can find the most compatible partners. Lascivious encounters have never been easier to find. Admittedly, it can be hard to get started, but once you do, it may be downright impossible to stop.

With the popularization of sexting culture, it feels like the sexual revolution has arrived in full force; however, many people are feeling left out from the free love movement simply because they don’t know how to play the game yet. Fortunately, finding partners for casual flirtations is a breeze once you know the right tricks. With this detailed guide, your well will never run dry again.

As with all matters related to sex, there are countless arenas featuring distinct perks and refined niches, so it’s no challenge to have naughty fun once you know what you’re seeking. To get ahead of the competition, just use the following list of platforms. Without further ado, it’s time for you to get swiftly initiated in the wild world of sexting.

Best Apps for Sexting in 2020

1. Arousr

For a fascinating environment packed to the brim with gorgeous singles, check out Arousr. This in-depth network fearlessly lives up to its name. Interactions are monetized, but new users are granted their first 100 credits for free. The streamlined chat interface showcases powerful encryption to keep your private exchanges under the radar.


Arousr also showcases a litany of phone sex options alongside compelling video chats. As a result, this is the ideal virtual setting to get lewd and nude in no time. For a complete immersion in portable sensuality, it’s best to get down and dirty with the 100% verified Arousr community.

Reasons to Join

  • The incorporation of live-streaming takes sexting to an exhilarating new level.
  • Strong privacy measures will keep your dalliances under wraps.
  • The chance to engage in phone sex instills variety and intensity.

2. BeNaughty

Let your imagination run amok with the enticing ladies of BeNaughty. This riveting platform is more or less unmoderated, so you will run into a fair share of bot accounts. Still, there are plenty of sultry gems to uncover if you have the patience to do a bit of sifting.


There’s a lot of eye candy for free users, but premium membership is recommended to unlock the full utility of this exotic realm. The service’s security measures have been amplified to include photo screening and identity confirmation. Ultimately, the BeNaughty population emphasizes lighthearted hookups with no strings attached, so they provide a brilliant space for sexting up a storm.

Reasons to Join

  • The abundance of sensual imagery is a big turn-on from the get-go.
  • Advanced screening technology helps filter out spammers and scammers.
  • Users here expect the opposite of commitment, which is perfect for staying casual.

3. SnapSext

To thoroughly enjoy the visual side of sexting, just take a peek at SnapSext. This tantalizing network exudes non-stop sex appeal. Navigation is super straightforward, so you should have a problem finding what you crave.


The community has been active for a decade, which means this operation boasts plenty of reputable credentials. Mind-blowing selfies are regularly shared among members, and the live-streaming capabilities are out of this world. Registration is quick and painless, so you can begin your escapades right away.

With several membership tiers on tap, you can be certain to fine-tune your sexting life to a decadent degree. Because they help users pinpoint receptive partners with precision, the advanced search functions are a key selling point of this ravishing playground.

Reasons to Join

  • The sign-up process is especially quick and painless.
  • Diverse membership programs facilitate a highly personalized experience.
  • Easy-to-use search filters will help you identify singles who share your niche desires.

4. Ashley Madison

It’s time for you to see what all the fuss is about with Ashley Madison. This notorious network is a major player in the sexting game. Their user base is designed to maximize discretion, and facilitating stealthy affairs is the core purpose of this matchmaking service. Seriously, this is where cheaters come to prosper.


If you want to cast a wide net and narrow down your choices later, Ashley Madison will definitely be a divine ally. If you have a kink for infidelity, then this is the right spot to start your sexting adventures. You are bound to find a bunch of naughty wives who desperately need attention. To escape the routine of marital monotony, use this lavish service to secretly defy the conventions of monogamy.

Reasons to Join

  • The user base is pent up, which means members are known to get super freaky at times.
  • Customer security is a focal point of the brand’s mission to make sure cheaters don’t get caught.
  • There are plenty of sugar daddies and sugar mamas looking for fresh sugar babies.

5. Adult Friend Finder

Here’s another mainstay of the mature dating community. Adult Friend Finder grants an extensive network of enchanting guys and gals, so you can launch a full-blown sexting enterprise with their assistance. The people in this network absolutely err on the sluttier side of things.


Thanks to an incredibly comprehensive organization, you will be able to explore highly nuanced interests while discovering new turn-ons. With ceaseless diversity and a constant influx of new subscribers, Adult Friend Finder is basically fetishes galore. Access is a cinch, and the interface is uniquely intuitive. With this in mind, the good times never have to end. It is important to note that you cannot respond to inquiries unless you charge a credit card.

With this network, it is wise to keep in mind that overly picky requirements do a disservice to everyone involved. By relaxing your expectations, it is possible to open plenty of unexpected doors. This philosophy also might help you discover personal interests you didn’t even know about. Use this platform to stop overthinking and explore new fetishes.

Reasons to Join

  • This may be the raunchiest sexting network known to the internet.
  • Almost anything goes in this community, so it’s an amazing venue for expressing your nastier inclinations.
  • You can sort member listings based on kinks and sexual fantasies.

6. SexMessenger

For a ravishing app-based romp, try SexMessenger. This aptly named program can boldly transform your romantic prospects once and for all. The cunning presentation relies on an alluring retro vibe to help users click with like-minded matches. This decadent throwback is slyly reminiscent of AIM and Yahoo Messenger.


SexMessenger caters to a huge assortment of tastes, and short-term connections are greatly preferred here. You can effortlessly sort listings based on zip codes, so it’s possible to strike a chord with sexy singles in your vicinity. To fill your quota of dirty charts, you should probably consider a VIP plan.

Reasons to Join

  • The old-school layout provides an unmatched sense of charm alongside flawless accessibility.
  • You can use geographical data to find connections all over the planet.
  • The community is really responsive and willing to experiment.


Whether you wish to tease or please, is right up your alley. The users here run the gamut from coy and cute to down and dirty. Luckily, you can get a hearty glimpse of the glorious action with a free 3-day trial. Registration is free and simple, but actual sexting requires a paid account.


The 24-hour expiration period on unread messages will likely compel you to pursue a full-fledged upgrade. Those in search of sleaze will have a better time than individuals desiring affection.

These virtual lovers are insanely horny, and they are not afraid to let you know within an instant. The “Like Gallery” keeps matters extra interesting with a rapidly paced roulette of stunning singles.

Reasons to Join

  • Members are encouraged to be very forward with their requests, so striking up lascivious conversations happens naturally.
  • Self-erasing messages supply increased privacy while motivating fast responses.
  • The interactive arrangement of profile pictures is a recipe for stimulating arousal.
  • Astute member verification protocols keep everything on the level.

8. Yumi

For a welcoming virtual atmosphere, you would be hard-pressed to find a more inviting atmosphere than Yumi. Thanks to the innovative “Ice Breaker” function, it’s possible to start engaging conversations without the inevitable awkwardness that arises through coming up with your own topics.

The built-in blocking feature is incredibly effective at minimizing unwanted interactions. With the inception of double opt-in matching, users will only connect with each other if there is a genuine shared interest.

This app knows no borders, so you can quickly make sultry international bonds. All kinds of romantic proclivities are seamlessly accommodated by this intelligently crafted matchmaking service.

Reasons to Join

  • Pre-set subject matter helps keep connections feeling natural and fluid.
  • Matches must show confirmed attraction on both sides before a bond is made.
  • The service promotes open-mindedness while proffering global flings.

9. Adult Chat

Private affairs are a specialty of the Adult Chat program. This sly hookup app was constructed to maximize privacy during every single one of your sexting activities. Users can easily browse a catalog of high-resolution profile pictures to select potential partners.

Casual relationships are the foundation of this titillating digital community. If visual stimulation is a must for your arousal, then this is the perfect arena for mingling to your heart’s content.

Your registration information is automatically entered into the algorithm to immediately put you in contact with eager singles that are bound to meet your specifications.

Reasons to Join

  • All of the uploaded materials are assessed for veracity while showcasing high-quality eroticism.
  • Revolutionary security systems are established to usher secretive encounters.
  • The service requires little effort and no long-term dedication.
  • Plenty of the featured profiles are jaw-droppingly hot.

10. Snapchat

For sexting aficionados, Snapchat is still a central part of the modern sexting world. Because this service is completely free, it is naturally inviting to a wide variety of gorgeous ladies and suave gentlemen.

The self-activated message deletion mechanism ensures that your conquests will remain discreet. This venue is ideal for continuing conversations with matches found on other platforms. Selfie filters add a cute layer of spontaneity, and the iconic Bitmojis makes it a cinch to keep track of your personal treasure trove.

If you play your cards right, you can have a barrage of nude photos coming your way alongside some incredibly steamy late-night talks. Just be warned that a lot of users may act interested, but many of them are actually entrepreneurial sex workers simply selling their content.

First and foremost, you have to know what you want before you can go about getting it. If you have a certain type, gear your efforts accordingly. Discover what the targets of your interest generally like, then hone your ability to attract based on those standards.

Reasons to Join

  • The network is used in a universal fashion and can be used to bolster other matchmaking provisions.
  • Using this platform guarantees extra privacy to keep affairs hidden.
  • The service is 100% free, which is a bona fide rarity these days.
  • Millions of individuals rely on this app for all of their sexual needs online.

11. Tinder

Since Tinder arrived on the scene, it has been setting the standard for the formation of online relationships. It is arguably one of the most lively social networks in existence, and there is a seemingly endless quantity of singles available for swiping right.

The ability to link profiles to Instagram is a major plus for those who wish to import photos and verify matches. To get the most out of this platform, a Gold account is recommended, particularly since it will enable unlimited browsing and show you the people who already liked you. One-time boosts are also a savvy way to get spotted in no time.

This kind of technology can be your mobile device’s best friend, but the services will only work if you know how to use them correctly. An eye-catching profile is critical for attracting likes. Originality can work wonders for your sex life.

Reasons to Join

  • This is the ubiquitous platform for every kind of hookup under the sun.
  • The service allows matches to easily escalate their connections beyond mere sexting.
  • There is no end to the influx of new singles joining each day.
  • You can find partners who are less than one mile away.

Why Choose Paid Apps over Free?

If you don’t want to deal with rampant flakiness, then it’s best to consider a little financial investment in your flirtatious endeavors. Paid subscriptions inherently weed out individuals who aren’t fully committed to the sexting experience.

By putting some money down, you will be far more likely to find digital dates who are putting out. If you value quality sexting to the same extent that we do, then the best route to unlimited digital dates will undoubtedly be a monetized membership. While you may initially be hesitant to put your cash down, it’s honestly the only way to consistently access invaluable experiences.

Safety Tips while Sexting

The concept of sexting with strangers inherently invites the excitement of the unknown. A sense of danger can be exhilarating but resist the urge to put yourself in jeopardizing situations just to gratify a thrill-seeking mentality. It’s crucial to keep a tight grip on the variables that are under your control. Here are three tips to guarantee your protection while getting it on with randoms online:

  1. Trust your instincts and listen to your intuition. Don’t let yourself feel pressured or obligated in any manner.
  2. Remember that consent can be revoked at any time, so be willing to back out at any time without shame if you have a change of heart.
  3. Avoid sharing compromising materials, especially if the data can be traced back to you. This means cropping your face out of sexy pictures and obscuring identifiable features at least until trust is established.

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