Do you know why Friends-with-Benefits is not considered a good option? Well, because one of you is bound to fall for the other.

A love so deep that it makes you giddy, it questions the pre-set ground rules and exists by default.

A love that has expectations and can stir up drama.

A love that deserves a chance to be extraordinary.

When you are the one falling in love with your FWB partner, all you can do is a wonder, can you actually go from a friend with benefits to a real relationship?

The answer is: YES! YES! YES!

You might think that love has ruined your bond and has ruined your happy sex life. You’ll want to move on when you feel like there is no hope but you can’t think of yourself with anyone but them.

Well, the good news is YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

You can instead make your FWB fall for you!

When you wish for your ‘fairy tale love’ and can see your perfect match lying beside you in bed, it’s time for you to get to work. Who on Earth is closer to them or knows their deepest desires better than you?

Follow these simple steps and dance your way into your lover’s heart!

Step 1: Learn to Value

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Being friends with benefits usually works in just spending nights together in bed, a quickie in the evening or even going a week without sex without a single text that says I Miss You.

But when you want to take things forward, it’s your turn to show respect and value to your partner, prove to them that they matter.

So, start taking out the time to meet them, make yourself available when they call, don’t avoid them, and meet them often.

There’s hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t find effort attractive!

Moreover, only when you willingly take out time for them and enjoy being with them, it brings out the spark and makes them think about the possibility of having something more.

Time is the best soldier to have on your side.

Step 2: Light the trust

Love is a commitment; love is a promise and you can’t have that without trust.

I have to warn you that this could be the toughest move but also the most rewarding.

When you meet them more often, have deep conversations, or try out new adventures, you have to let them trust you.

Small signs or memories where you show yourself worthy of their trust, it can be your ace card.

Having a new beau without the commitment of trust can drown you, so learn to swim first.

Plan activities like treasure hunting, blind-fold games, or partner adventures, where they get to live the experience with you and because of you.

When they fall, they should know that you’ll be there to catch them, always.

Step 3: Plan a date


This is more of a test run.

When they see you outside of the usual sexual encounter, that’s when you know the real deal.

Convincing your partner-in-crime to go on a date can be a little difficult but you can also win a bet or offer to treat them as a celebration, just so that they don’t back out.

This way, you utilize your knowledge about what they like and plan a date with them. Good food, good music, and fresh air works like a charm for lovebirds.

Infact, go on a lunch date so that you can build a bond as friends and spark the romance, rather than going for a dinner date that can end in your bed.

Make them realize how amazing it is to spend time with you, even without the sex. Let your unpredictable side take over!

Step 4: Add a Pinch of Conversation

A casual relationship relies on just sex, especially if there hasn’t been a lot of talking involved.

Even though having a friend with benefit means that you have blindly skipped all the basic steps, it also means that you both haven’t ever had a genuine and honest chat.

So, find an opportunity to maybe sit down and talk, either over a midnight snack or an early morning coffee, allowing the moment to build.

Ensure that you have a conversation before your sexual hormones come in the way because talking is the only way you can develop comfort and understanding, both crucial to love.

Let yourself be seen as a priority and not an option.

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Step 5: Play the Act

Even though you’re head over heels for them and putting in all efforts to make them feel for you in the same way, you have to keep your calm.

Keep playing it cool because you don’t want them to overthink the situation. And certainly, you don’t want the sex to stop!

Everyone likes a cool partner, who appreciate individuality and boundaries but also knows how to work their charm.

Don’t make it all-work-and-no-fun when you want someone part-time to become a full-time part of your life. Try not to let your feelings take control, don’t overdo the texting and go with the flow.

The line between attention and desperation is very thin.

I mean, just don’t go broke while trying to look rich.

Step 6: Make them exclusive

Falling in love also means settling into each other’s lives and gaining importance in each other’s existence.

It is the both of you against the world not you against him/her.

Even though a friend-with-benefits relationship does not ask for a special place in your life, you have to take the wheel and not have anyone else in your life.

Be inquisitive and find out how things are in their relationship lives. The right time to strike is when they are single and you have a ship available to sail.

But then again, don’t cut yourself off from the world or give your partner all the attention of the world, it will only make you needy.

Don’t be a whore but don’t be a nun either.

Step 7: Keep the Cuddling-game On

Photo by Felix jr Serrano on Unsplash

The sex is great, the kinks are quirky and the timing is bang on, but when you want to stick around, you cuddle.

The entire established equation of having a quick round of sex and leaving the house has to come to an end, and there’s nothing better than a round of warm cuddles!

It makes you feel the warmth and your auras start to co-exist like an extended moment in time.

Oh, if they like cuddling with you and cuddle back enough, you’ll know your efforts are not going in vain.

Cuddling is usually a pre-stop before sex, a go-to move to spark a happy make-out session, but since you’ve jumped on the bandwagon already, you have to dial it back a little, to let that love shine.

Step 8: Get Social with Them

Most of the times, the friend-with-benefits is not a part of your social circle or your group of friends.

As per popular belief, we like to keep this part of our lives a secret, because of the thrill and to keep your equation safe.

So, now when you are trying to take it seriously, it’s time to break free!

Make them meet your friends at a part or during an occasion, create an environment where they can let their guard down and push towards a healthy attitude.

You don’t have to stop being mysterious, because that attracts the right vibe, but at the same time, you have to be open and welcoming.

Show them that you are proud to have them by your side.

What not to do?

1. Don’t beat around the bush

What’s the whole point of putting so much effort into it, just so that you can avoid when they finally ask What’s been up with you lately?

Don’t do that!

That’s your moment…

Drop your hints, investigate their feelings and when the time is right, hit the nail on its head.

When you love someone and want your love returned you have to find the guts to let them know about it.

2. Ignore the risks

Love amidst a casual encounter is a risky affair.

It is true, higher the risk, higher the returns,


Be careful, you don’t want to lose out on your healthy sexual life along the way.

3. Forget your confidence

Don’t let your feelings ruin the sex or make you insecure about the bond you share with him.

Confidence is the key to following the steps to make them love you back.

4. Say ‘yes’ to everything

Since now your sex-partner has started meaning more to you, you want them to love you for you who are.

Don’t let emotions make you say yes to anything you don’t enjoy or feel uncomfortable with.

Love means respect and you want them to respect your choices too.

How to Keep him Forever?

Now that you have sealed the deal…

Both of you have found solace in each other’s arms and committed about the deep love in your heart.

Most of the girls will have this question in mind: But, how do I make him love me Forever?

A woman desires a love so deep that she fails to remember the world.

Unfortunately, there’s a handful who receives it.

But, two relationship experts recently discovered the hack of a happily-ever-after and how and has compiled it all in the form of an online course with the name, Capture His Heart!

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