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Best Secret Dating Apps and Sites of 2020

Single, Married, Committed, or Divorced everyone needs a breath of fresh air (or sex!).

The spark of your sexual desires is often lost in the daily routine and must be rekindled. That’s when secret dating apps come into play!

From singles to groups, kinks to winks, casual hookups to one-night-stands, every course of action is a possibility on such platforms.

If you’re willing to take the leap, join these best secret dating apps each with a strong reputation of finding a hot date for you.

Best Discreet Dating Apps and Sites

1. Ashley Madison

When you want to use a dating site that truly understands your endeavor to find a steamy connection, Ashley Madison becomes the best choice available. It’s a wingman for everyone who wants to get laid ASAP! (and Secretly)


Why to use?

  • With over 54 million profiles, Ashely Madison can introduce you to sexy strangers who are looking for some hotness in their lives just as much!
  • Anonymity is the true essence of the dating site. You can prefer to keep your identity hidden and blur explicit content while sharing, all in order to find the right partner in crime.
  • You can make an account with absolutely zero cost and filter matches as per your preferences of gender or other features.
  • It’s one of the very few sites that have travel-friendly features to help you get laid in multiple cities.

2. Heated Affairs

If you want to meet someone, have a dinner date and then release some of that pent-up sexual energy, Heated Affairs is the most desired place to find the right mix of people. Single, married, or group, all of you can sign up for steamy encounters.

Why to use?

  • The platform has a high user base and everyone is on the same page, that is, to heat things up even though they are already in a serious relationship.
  • All types of sexual preferences are valued here and there are no barriers of commitments, it’s like a paradise of secret dating.
  • Their matching process is very detailed. With various personality and sexual quizzes, it helps your potential matches to know your deep, dark hidden wishes.
  • Allows you to link your profiles from friend finder networks and expands your reach multiple times.

3. Victoria Milan

To find the hottest chick in your area or a handsome hunk nearby, Victoria Milan hosts an extensively large number of profiles for casual hookups. Married, singles, and ready-to-mingles, you have about 6 million options to find your best fit!

Why to use?

  • Quick and easy registration, Victoria Milan offers total privacy and anonymity of the users. You can even partially blur your display picture on the profile.
  • They have a panic button that acts as your life-savior for the times when you are afraid that your dirty-little secret is on the verge of getting exposed.
  • You can send virtual winks to get the attention of the member that matches your dream-sex partner profile! 😉
  • They give you the freedom to blur your photos to ensure complete privacy and safety of the users.

4. Adult Friend Finder

Secret Dating can be tedious if you don’t know where to look. Adult friend finder is meant for those individuals who are in a hurry to hook-up and explore their sexual desires. After all, everyone deserves a breather from the daily corny sex.


Why to use?

  • Adult friend finder is highly known as an adult-only community, where the fake profiles are at a bare minimum and the available singles list never ends. If you are being selective in using your charm, you can match with a golden bird.
  • Adult friend Finder is available on any device, giving you the freedom to be horny while using any device.
  • Operates on a point system, via which you can tip other members for nudes, videos or any type of explicit content.
  • A paid membership can buy you access to dating forums, live chats, live cam, chat rooms, and so many more exciting features.

5. Affair Alert

Everyone wants to spice things up a bit, especially long-term couples who have hardly had the opportunity to have sex with someone else. Affair alert is the best rescue to fork you out from this boredom and get you hooked up just for some casual fun.

Why to use?

  • Affair alert is extremely couple-friendly that helps you find ideal short-term dates for a good time.
  • With the modern interface and a free basic search filter, Affair Alert lets you start easy in order to find a steamy date.
  • With casual dates available, this secret dating site lets you decide how much information you want to reveal on your profile keeping your anonymity the top priority. However, as sexual fun goes, the more the better.
  • Paid membership will allow you to access advanced filters and messaging which is totally worth the money.

6. BeNaughty

If you want to be naughty and lash that whip of yours, flaunt a hickey after a date, or not spend a night at home, BeNaughty finds you the right short-term romance to fulfill your needs.


Why to use?

  • BeNaughty is one of the largest all-single user base who is looking to fulfill their long-drawn sexual fantasies.
  • To make secret dating easier, BeNaughty has a ‘Flirtcast’ feature where you don’t have to worry about spending time in getting your flirt game on. One single message is sent to everyone that matches your standards and then you can reply to the ones who are available and interested!
  • It’s ‘Cute or Not’ game in ‘Like Gallery’ puts you in the game right away and makes it so much more fun.
  • Paid membership can buy you access to incognito browsing and messaging alerts.

7. FuckSwipe

Adult dating is more about cut-the-small-talk and gets straight into business, and FuckSwipe accounts for all of them. You can find partners based on your requirement, be it something like a group date, a casual hook-up, or even a sugar daddy. You light the fire where you want to!

Why to use?

  • Unlike other dating sites, FuckSwipe gives a very advanced search tool for all its free members, where even a rarely found filter on body type exists.
  • For those who would want a snippet of fun before asking someone out, live videos are available for all users.
  • The platforms deem it fit to offer you 24/7 support so that nothing can hinder your good time.
  • Profiles are informative and detailed so that you don’t have to blow time in knowing your secret partner.

8. XMatch

If you appreciate competition in your dating game and want to use it to your advantage, XMatch is your heavenly aboard. Right from the easy registration process to their free features, you get to find your perfect match (for some serious fun)!

Why to use?

  • XMatch has a separate kink section for each profile that allows you to test the waters before you dive deep.
  • Enables matching in bulk with their basic filters of your cupid preferences. This allows you to interact with more potential matches with different scores to indicate how compatibility can work.
  • Hosts an online hotness voting system and mostly uncensored newsfeed, just in case, you want to take things a step further with someone who is rocking the charts.
  • Access to a community section where you can discuss your experiences, seek clarifications about some sexual topics, or even enroll for sex academy training! 😉


For a quick make out to a steamy sex night, is discrete in finding you a pair. With over 70 million dating profiles, it guarantees 100% authenticity and all-real profiles.


Why to use?

  • There are enough chat rooms to let you have sexting on their website and even find some adult photos along the way.
  • As the name goes, you can search and browse as many profiles as you want to and satisfy your hunger for some secret flirting. 😉
  • Whether you are looking for a casual hookup or a serious fuck buddy, is the best place to be and fulfill sexual needs.
  • You can also chat via locked messages that are automatically deleted in the next 24-hours.

10. Gleeden

This secret dating platform that personifies everything that defines romance is my personal favorite. Right from being a French community to the unique name that means ‘Garden of Eden’, it’s sure to light up your eyes like the Eiffel tower when you see the platter of arousing profiles.

Why to use?

  • Available in five different languages, across the globe, Gleeden hosts more than 4.5 members worldwide.
  • Their credit system allows you to pay a small amount to ignite a chat but requires no further payments to continue and build the bond.
  • Igniting a sexy time is not a challenge on Gleeden, because their environment has been made ‘harassment-free’ and operates on a need-to-satisfy basis.
  • Add your favorites in the ‘favorite list’ and allow them to view photos in your ‘Private Gallery’.

11. WhatsYourPrice

If you want to look beyond the general boring game of texting and video calls, WhatsYourPrice turns things into a deal for the money. You get to pay for whoever you find worth the shot, in a bidding war with all your competitors.

Why to use?

  • Due to the bidding, WhatsYourPrice claims that the average time to find a date is 3 days. Talk about being speedy and this is your best bet!
  • You can choose to be a bidder or offeror. Never underestimate your price and you’ll find many who are readily available to pay you.
  • Your registration always gets verified and since the payment happens on the date, there is a thin chance of someone creepy or fake turning up with the money.
  • Bids begin from 5$ with no upper limit. They can also be countered any time before the date.

12. GetAnAffair

Launched as a married dating site, GetAnAffair gives wings to your deepest sexual desires and fulfills your wildest fantasies. If you are discontent with your spouse or partner, there’s no better place than GetAnAffair to find a new date.

Why to use?

  • It enables you to make ‘Friends’ and keep your dirty little secret safe, but also allows you to block them if something goes wrong.
  • It brings social dating to life, where you like photos of eye-catching profiles and connects with them to stir the pot.
  • No-strings-attached is the motto of this site so that you can find exquisite sex and active dating life, once again.
  • Full privacy, easy-to-use interface, and a long list of options are some of the other features that make it an ideal choice for secret dating.

13. Tinder

The awareness and fame that Tinder has across the globe, makes it the perfect place for anyone to find the right date, especially when no other application has worked for you.

Why to Use?

  • Every single or taken individual is an avid user of Tinder, from all types of backgrounds and races, you can explore options based on your location.
  • An app that leads with dating as its prime focus, it has a safe space to chat with someone you like and to heat things up as time goes by.
  • It’s swiping feature is world-famous, so much so that there’s a movie called Swipe Right and a number of Tinder-centered songs.
  • It also has robust safety features to help you dodge the online dating scams.

It’s YOUR dirty little secret! 😉

…and now you know where to keep it safe.

The basic fundamental of secret dating apps says What’s Happens There, Stays There, so don’t shy away from exploring your options.

Remember, they are not the best place to go looking for long-term relationships but it will surely add some spice to your otherwise dry dating life.

So, hurry, make your best pick from the list and register yourself to start your search for the best partner for some serious fun! *If you know what I mean! 😉*

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