The term “Female Led Relationships” is becoming quite famous in today’s date.

Women are subjugated to extreme societal pressure for ages. Even after having talents similar to or more than men, she is expected to stay indoors and listen to the orders of men.

In such situations, female-led relationships are the much-wanted change we need in the society.

But What exactly are female-led relationships?

A relationship where the woman is the bread-earner and the man washes the plates?

Or is there more to this?

You want to know everything about what female-led relationships are, you are at the right place.

In this article, you will know the different types of female-led relationships, why women and men prefer such relationships, it’s pros and cons, and how you can enter into such a relationship which advices on how to make it work.

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What is a Female Led Relationship?

Ever imagined a relationship between you and a man where you are valued the same, your views hold the same importance and you can help your family financially as a man does?

This is what Female Led Relationships are about.

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Unlike the old societal norms, the woman is not the submissive one. She is allowed to live her life on her own terms and doesn’t have to ask her husband’s permission while making her life decisions.

It’s where the woman takes the lead.

She dominates her marriage/relationship and the husband drops the idea of being the authority figure and lets her take the charge.

Any relationship between a man and a woman where the woman is not considered and treated as the inferior one can be considered a female-led relationship.

But not all of them are the same.

There are various phases of such relationships. Depending on the various types, the extremity of such relationships is decided.

Like in some Female Led Relationships (also known as FLR) the woman and man are equally responsible for all the household chores and working outside to keep the finances running.

While in some FLRs, the man is totally the submissive one and the decisions are taken entirely by the lady. She is the sole breadwinner and the man does not have a say in her decisions.

To know it in detail, it’s better to let you introduce to the different kinds of FLRs that are relevant now.

Types of Female Led Relationships

While most of the male-led relationships are the same where the man is the supreme authority, FLRs can be much different and can be categorized into four types depending on their different intensities.

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1. Lower Level FLR

Lower Level FLR can’t be called the real female lead relationship because here the woman is not only the one who controls.

In such relationships, the men and women participate equally in taking decisions and daily work. Like the men and women decide to divide the daily chores equally and the woman is also allowed to work and earn as much as the man.

But she can’t make the decisions on her own will and has to discuss it with a partner before finalizing anything. Sometimes, the man allows her to take the lead.

2. Moderate Level FLR

A moderate level FLR is not very different from its lower level but it’s the relationship where the woman knows she has greater control than the man in some aspects of the relationship.

Like in the lower level, the woman knows that she is equal to the man and can walk shoulders to shoulders with him but she also knows that she is not greater than him.

In moderate level FLR, the woman and the man are equal and she does not dominate the whole house or make the decisions solely, but there are some areas where she takes the charge as the superior and it’s under her control.

The man also allows her to take the charge and be the authority from time to time, but it’s not permanent.

Such relationships help the woman to increase her self-confidence and know her self-worth. The feeling that she is capable of taking charge and being brilliant in every field despite what society says is one of the best feelings a woman can feel.

3. Higher Level FLR

To understand this level of FLR, the best way is to swap the normalized gender roles.

Here the woman takes the place of the man in running the house. She is the primary breadwinner and takes the initiative in everything.

The woman also takes the lead in the bedroom.

She is the head of the house, the authority in charge of making the decisions related to family and work, and looks after the family and pays for their needs while the man takes the role of the normalized woman.

He does the dishes, keeps the house clean, and raises the children. Basically, he does all the household work and is not at all dominating.

In spite of the gender roles being swiped up the man stays happy and satisfied in the relationship with his wife.

4. Extreme Level FLR

This is the extreme level where the man has zero authority and the female acts as his absolute authority.

She takes the decisions for him and he has no say in her opinions. The woman demands respect from her partner and he has to obey her to keep things going.

Every aspect of the male is controlled by the woman. There is no level of relationship that gives women more power than this.

But this level of FLR is unhealthy.

It’s almost like the old age man dominated relationship has been swapped and the man is treated as an absolute inferior as women are treated in toxic households.

Rules of a Female Led Relationship

Everything needs a list of rules to function properly and FLRs are no different.

So, what are these rules? Keep reading and you will soon discover.

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1. The female has equal or more control than the men and she takes most of the decisions.

2. The man has to do household chores like cooking, cleaning, and looking after the kids. Of course, both of the partners can engage in these works equally but the man plays an equal or more superior part in doing the chores than the woman.

3. The woman is the primary breadwinner for the family or earns as much as the man. She is the one who deals with finances.

4. The Woman possesses control over social life as well.

Why do some Women seek a Female Led Relationship?

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FLR is a favorite of the Alpha females- the females who want to reach a high height in their career and are the face of leadership and strength.

Women like these relationships as they can work for their goals and aims without the stress of juggling both household work and office work.

She doesn’t have to worry about making the dinners and preparing breakfasts as she knows her husband is there to do the required things.

Her children are not deprived of their father’s love as he looks after them while she is away.

A woman loves this relationship because she doesn’t have to be a person who lives her life on someone else’s directions. She can be a mother and a career-driven woman both at the same time. She doesn’t have to mold herself the way her husband wants her. She loves the fact that even in the house, she is her own boss.

Why do some Men seek a Female Led Relationship?

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Times have changed and men have realized they need not act rough always and appear as an alpha. They can give the control in the hands of their wife and that will not make them any less of a man.

Some men respect women and don’t underestimate them. They know the women are capable of doing great things, sometimes better than the men.

It gives them relief from the lifelong burden of being the only one taking responsibilities and working hard for being a good breadwinner for their families.

Some men just like doing the chores that are traditionally meant for the women. They find joy in homemaking and taking care of the house instead of carrying the pressure of taking responsibility for everything and being in control.

The fact that the woman is on the driver seat while having sex is also a plus point. Men like women when they are dominant in the bedroom. It’s always very sexy and satisfying and men enjoy every aspect of it.

How to Start a Female Led Relationship?

1. Be specific with your needs and don’t settle for less.

When you will go in the search of your Dream man who will have no objections with an FLR setting, you will find many bumps on your way.

Even after the times have changed the dominating quality with which the men are naturally born is still there.

Be expressive with the kind of life you want. If you are on a dating site or on a first date looking for a man for an FLR, mention that you are highly ambitious and do not want a man to put restrictions upon you. Say that you want a man who can help you achieve your dreams and not try to put you down.

This way you will find men who are willing to enter FLR relationships.

2. Take the charge in your own hands.

If you want an FLR to work, you can spice up your sexual life by being the dominating one.

This is not important for an FLR to work but it can help you a lot.

If you are highly dominant in the bedroom and take the full charge in your hands it will show in the different aspects of your relationship too.

3. Know how to settle with a Beta Man.

Women often desire a man who is stronger than them – physically and mentally.

Some research also proves that women want men who can dominate them. In various workplaces, if a highly talented woman falls in love with a coworker, she unconsciously starts downplaying herself so the man can be shown as the dominant figure.

If you want to be the dominating one in the relationship, you have to settle with a Beta man.

This man is not as successful and highly ambitious as you are, and you have to make terms with that.

You can’t accept a man to be highly ambitious and over-achieving while he is at home caring for the kids and looking after the house.

Many Alpha men may agree to this but it’s very rare that they will be able to continue for a long time.

The pros of a Female Led Relationship

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1. Both the man and the woman break the societal norms and live their life as they want.

Many people find it hard to believe, but men go through a lot of pressure as they become the primary earning figure. This has been going on for centuries.

A man is expected to provide the best life they can to their wife and children and fulfill all their needs while ignoring his own.

Not every man likes to do business or job and take each and every decision and take care of the family. Sometimes they just want to stay home and enjoy their life by looking after their mansion of love.

Not every woman wants to stay at home and feed their children and clean the house. Sometimes, she wants to go outside and rule! They want to conquer their business and reach the heights of success.

FLR gives both the genders a chance to break the barriers and live their life as they want, not as the society wants them to.

2. Improved Understanding.

When two people are in an FLR, they know their roles and responsibilities. They know what they ought to do and don’t throw the baggage on their partners.

Also, there are no fights over who is the greatest or who has the most power.

They know their boundaries and roles and who is the dominant one in the relationship. They know where they stand with each other and that cuts the struggle that couples often face while working with a relationship.

3. Improved Sex

In FLRs, the main focus of sex life is to satisfy and give pleasure to the woman. But men find pleasure in dominating and satisfying their women. This way both of them have a great sexual life.

Sometimes, the women like to dominate over the man and drive the man crazy! Because men like when they are given the chance to be submissive while the woman makes love to him.

In short, the sex life of FLR couple is very fruitful and steamy.

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The cons of a Female Led Relationship

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

1. Social Stigma

Even if you and your partner are happy with each other, doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Society is always there to poke their nose into your personal life. You and your partner can receive a lot of societal pressure.

The woman can be termed as selfish as she is going out to work and has given the responsibility of caring for the home to her husband. She will be accused of not being there for the children and can be called a bad mother.

While the man can be taunted and called a “lesser man” as society has always thought that men should dominate his wife and keep her under his control.

He will also be made to feel inferior as he is at home and doing the house chores.

At the end of the day, it’s you and your partner who has made the mutual decision and know that no role is small. There is mutual respect and love for each other and with mutual support, this phase will pass.

But this will be the toughest phase for the couple to deal with and societal pressure is the primary drawback of this relationship.

2. Over Dominance can be fatal.

Overdominance can be fatal and can ruin the roots of the relationship. If the woman becomes too dominant and doesn’t allow her husband to take any decisions of his own, it will be toxic and a man may choose to end such relationships.

The worst drawback of this is when the man is dominated in such a way that he loses all his self-esteem and even when things go wrong, he can’t take a stand for himself anymore. The lack of belonging makes him feel traumatized and he starts feeling stuck.

It is similar to the conditions where the woman is tortured in a marriage and still sticks to the side of her husband.

3. Lack of mutual decision making always drains relationships.

If the woman doesn’t take advice from a husband in any of the decisions she makes for the family and for him, then things will surely go wrong.

She may make wrong decisions if the responsibility is just on her own, just like male led relationships.

The drawbacks are too much to handle. But what if you really want to work on a Female-led relationship?

Then nothing must stop you. Here are a few ideas you can bring into action for your relationship to work-

How to work a Female Led Relationship?

1. Treat him with Respect

For a Female Led Relationship to work you have to give the proper respect your partner deserves. Let there be good communication between the two of you so if your partner experiences feelings of inferiority – you can talk and figure out a solution.

2. Ask for his Opinions.

Also, the Man should not be treated as inferior. Ask for his advice from time to time and encourage him to participate in various aspects of the relationship. Do not take decisions for him solely and take his contribution seriously.

3. Maintain a Journal.

A better way is to maintain a journal and revise it from time to time. This way all the misunderstandings will be cleared and he will feel cared for.

4. Be clear with the Rules and Regulations.

Also, the rules and regulations of the relationship should be discussed beforehand so there is no confusion and fights once the relationship begins.

5. Maintain the power with responsibility.

You should also pay special attention to the power you have received. Don’t misuse it and consider your husband as your other half. Make sure the love is still intact and you don’t become his mother in the pursuit of dominating him.

Romance should never fade away as it is the most important aspect of any marriage or romantic relationship.

What if it’s not my thing?

Read the article and realized this is not your thing?

What made you think so?

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