Bedtime stories for girlfriend? Really? Is that even a thing?

Well. Yes! Very much.

A couple who has been together since a long time often struggle to keep the flame of romance burning. Bedtime stories add the right amount of spark and reignite the lost love.

It sounds silly at the moment but goes a long way to keep your girl interested.

If you know the art of storytelling, there’s nothing that can stop you from ruling on her heart.

After a hard day at work and dealing with many difficulties that life throws at her, your stories will help her release her all the pain and fatigue as a lullaby.

She will fall more and more in love as your story reaches its climax and it will definitely strengthen your relationship.

And if you are lucky, maybe she will fall asleep in your arms after some fun! 😉

So, first let’s begin with,

How to tell a good bedtime story to your girlfriend?

How-to-tell a-good-bedtime-story-to-your-girlfriend
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1. The female protagonist of the story must correspond to her personality.

If the female protagonist is in many ways like her, she will feel more special. Describe the protagonist’s hair, eyes, and physical features as hers. Recall her many positive personality traits.

She must feel as if the whole story surrounds her. She will feel you are talking about her the whole time. Such love and attention will fill her heart with joy and she will love you for all that you are.

2. Know her genre.

Special attention to what she likes and dislikes is necessary. Reading a horror story is a bad idea if ghosts scare her. If she likes detectives, read mystery fiction but make sure there’s a romantic love angle to it.

It’s very important to know the kinds of stories that you should read to your girl, especially before she goes to sleep.

3. Pay attention to the tone of voice.

Your voice holds greater power than you can imagine. She loves the huskiness and the low and high tone that you hit. While reading a story, it’s important to change the voice according to the situation.

Make it really soft and huskier while reading a fairy tale. She should feel you are her prime charming.

When you reach a climax, produce a shocking voice. While reading erotic stories, make your voice seductive and sexy. It will take time to adjust as you are not a professional story-teller, but with time you will reach there.

4. There should be a pinch of flirt and romance.

You call her ‘baby’ but she is not really a three-year-old. She is your girlfriend and the romance should be kept intact.

Make it entertaining by being dirty at times. Add flirty twists and turns. Make it a romantic adventure for both of you by which you rediscover each other’s intimacy once again.

5. Don’t forget to add some kisses and intense eye contacts! 😉

Don’t you think long kept eye contact is the most intimate thing in this world? Do not get so lost in reading a story that you forget to look at her.

While frequent long eye contacts will make her realize that you are paying attention to her, it also releases oxytocin which is a hormone of trust.

Also, a few pecks and kisses when a romantic line comes is sure to make her weak in the knees. It will increase the levels of her trust and as a result, her love will know no bounds.

Tip: If you are long-distancing, bedtime stories will spice your relationship like no other. Spend your nights on calls and make her believe that distance can do nothing to the love in your heart.

12 Best bedtime story ideas for Your Girlfriend

While choosing a good bedtime story, you should keep a few things in mind like it should be romantic and light. Here are a few stories divided into several genres so that you can choose the best to experience the best.

Romantic Bedtime Stories

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1. The Notebook

A romantic novel by Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook is inspired by the love story of a real-life couple – the grandparents of his wife.

They were married for 60 years when he met them and this inspired him to think if two people are truly in love, nothing can separate them… Not even time.

The novel is based on this idea where a young couple falls in love and keeps their love intact throughout their life. Their family and society try hard to separate them but all fail as their love emerges victorious.

The story starts with Noah, an old man, reading to an old woman in a nursing home. He reads the story of Noah and Allie who have met one another after fourteen years.

They loved each other but were separated by Allie’s family as she belonged to a rich family and he worked as a laborer. Allie learns that after their separation, Noah wrote letters to her that never reached her as her mother hid them.

They start thinking about what would have happened if they were not separated and end up kissing each other passionately in heavy rain before making love.

But Ellie is engaged to Lon and didn’t want to hurt him so she leaves Noah. The old man stops reading at this time.

Actually, the old man was Noah and the old woman was Allie. She has been suffering from Alzheimer’s and thus can’t remember who he is. He reads to her so that she can recognize him.

Noah is also severely ill and diagnosed with many diseases. At the end of the story, he sneaks into Ellie’s room at night, and finally, Ellie recognizes him.

They lie next to each other thinking their love will make them go to another world together.

2. The Wedding date

The male protagonist looks for a fake girlfriend to join him in his Ex-girlfriend’s wedding.

The deal which started to pretend to his Ex that he is happy without her and not alone, has its own plans.

It takes him and his fake girlfriend for a day (Alexa) to a journey of adventure which makes them fall in the clutches of lust and then love.

The fact that they meet each other for the first time when they were stuck in an elevator, sets the mood of the story.

It’s a charming novel which deals with interracial relationships. The female protagonist Alexa is a fun, charming, and smart woman whom your girlfriend can relate to. Its storyline is STEAMY, flirty, and sweet.

3. Pride and Prejudice

A masterpiece of romance written by the most famous woman novelist of the Eighteenth century, Jane Austen.

The story gets better with time as a glass of wine. The fact that it is written by a woman, it makes it the best choice as it deals with the emotions of a woman at a deeper level of understanding.

It’s a tale for people who love happy endings and I bet your girlfriend is one of them.

It’s a classic romance that discusses how love grows over time by the love story of Elizabeth and Darcy whose hate relationship changes into a loving one and they end up marrying each other.

Fairy Tale Stories

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4. Cinderella

Cinderella is possibly the best fairy tale ever. Every little girl has dreamed of wearing the beautiful shimmering blue ball gown, sitting in the magical pumpkin turned carriage, and entering the ball in beautiful glass slippers.

But the most common desire that every girl has is meeting the love of her life, the handsome prince charming and dancing with him till the end of their lives.

To be honest, the dream of that little girl is still hidden in your girl’s heart and she still wants to live those moments. So, are you ready to be her prince charming?

Of course, you don’t know magic and can’t transform a pumpkin into a carriage. But you can surely cast a spell on her with your words.

Read the lovely fairy tale to your princess and she will feel the happiest. Don’t forget to mention that she is the Cinderella of your love and you will be her King forever.

She will feel like a princess and forget all her worries when you will take her to the dreamland with your voice. It’s guaranteed that reading this story will be a magical experience.

5. Beauty and the Beast

A classical romance, Beauty and the Beast has always been a girl’s favorite. The tale is about a brave girl Bella whose father is captured by a beast in his castle.

She finds the castle and rescues his old father and replaces his place to be a captive. The Beast and Bella did not start on good terms but later their mutual love for books and stories brings them close.

Later the readers are informed that the beast was actually a handsome charming prince who was cursed to convert into a beast. The only way he could return to his original self was when a girl will fall in love with him, despite his scary horrible looks.

The story is one of the best examples to know that true love transcends looks and other physical features. What matters for two people to fall in true love is the connection between soul and unconditional care.

The chemistry and love between the beauty and the beast is just pure love and nothing else.

6. Snow White

A story about a young, innocent, beautiful princess who lives with no one but her cruel stepmother who is a witch. This is a story that all of us has seen or read at least once in our life.

She suffers a lot due to her step mother’s cruelty until the prince comes and kisses her. The witch was jealous of Snow white’s beauty so she ordered her men to take her to the forest and kill her.

The huntsman refuses to kill her and advises her to hide in a safe place. But when the witch asks her magical mirror “Who is the fairest of all?” It again answers Snow White’s name.

So, the witch changes into an old woman and kills Snow White by giving her a poisonous apple. But the Prince comes and brings her back to life by kissing her.

While reading the story, you should make sure to describe your girl as beautiful as Snow White.

As snow white was called “the fairest of all”, you can choose to not mention this as women of all colors are beautiful and equally deserving of praise.

Your girlfriend can dislike this as there are a lot of races throughout the world and all of them are beautiful regardless of their color.

Leaving this, you can strike similarities between the kindness of the princess to your girl. Also, you can use the scene where the Prince kisses Snow White as a metaphor so she knows that you are her prince who saves her from all the worries and day to day cruelty of the world.

Erotic Stories

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7. Fifty Shades of Grey

Chances are there that you both have seen all the movies of this series together. If not, the book is no less to make you horny and reignite the fire.

The story is about a rich businessman Christian Grey and a girl next door Anastasia who meets him when she accidentally gets a chance to take his interview.

They keep meeting each other and Anastasia finds herself wooed by Grey and his good looks. But soon she finds herself in a situation which she finds hard to accept and even harder to let go.

She finds out Grey’s obsession with BDSM but still goes on with the flow. The book takes an erotic turn with the introduction of ropes, blindfolds, and various equipments to have sex.

But things go to an extreme and Anastasia can no longer take it. Will she leave Grey? Or her true love can change him? You will get the answers to this when you read the book. This is one of the best books to turn her on.

You should highlight the sensual moments by changing your voice and making it extra seductive so your girlfriend can feel it to the soul and have some good action beneath the sheets before having a good night’s sleep.

8. Beautiful Bastard

Lots of sizzling sex and attraction makes the novel a good option if you want to read erotic literature to your girlfriend as her bedtime lullaby.

It’s a romantic comedy office romance that sizzles up things even more as the couple have their first sex in the office.

Chloe Mills is a hard-working intern who works under her demanding boss Bennet Ryan. The story starts with the two not really liking each other but things take a complete turn when they stay late at office at night for preparing a speech and end up having sex.

This sexual encounter gives place to many other sexual encounters that take place at the office and other places like lingerie stores.

While Chloe considers the sexual relationship bad for her career, Bennet starts getting possessive towards Bennet. But Chloe’s father becomes ill and she has to leave work to take his care.

At this time, Bennet realizes that his feelings for her are more than just physical attraction. When she comes back, they continue having sex.

During a presentation, Chloe handles the client single-handedly but overhears Bennet taking the credit of her success. She decides to leave him and resigns. While she is on the way to her Bennet expresses his love for her and they end up together.

Stories for Long Distance relationships

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9. The Time Traveler’s Wife

The night is a time of magic and exceptions. When your girlfriend closes her eyes, she falls deep into the world of dreams that are full of magic and unusual stuff… stuff that is not possible in real life, yet feels so real, so enchanting. Such is the story of the Time Traveler’s Wife.

It’s unusual, but it feels so real and the love continues to work its charm. Henry suffers from a rare genetic disorder that causes him to time travel.

The places where he will go and the time when he will go time traveling is out of his control. This uncertainty causes problems in their relationship but they succeed in dealing with them. It’s a romance that transcends ages.

Henry time travels and meets his wife Clare when she is just six years old and keeps meeting her till she is eighteen. This brings them closer and they make love on her eighteenth birthday.

Then they are separated for the next two years and meet again when she is twenty at a library and ends up marrying him. They had a beautiful daughter.

Henry realizes that he will die when her daughter will be five years old. So, in the last year of his life, where he is forty-three, he is accidentally killed by Claire’s brother. Henry dies in Claire’s arms.

Though Claire is devastated, she finds a letter from Henry which states she should stop waiting for him. But she waits for him for the rest of her life.

In the last pages of the book, Clare is eighty-three and is shown still waiting for the love of her life.

10. The Great Gatsby

Considered as the best novels of all time by some critics, The Great Gatsby is one of the best novels for couples living in long-distance relationships.

Your girlfriend may have smitten by the character played by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie based on this book. But do you know? Books are always better than movies.

A young man, Gatsby falls in love with a rich girl, Daisy. He knows she is out of his league as there is a huge gap in these social standings. So, he chooses to fake his family background in order to achieve her love.

Daisy falls in love with him and they kiss. But Gatsby is moved to a different army post and leaves with a promise to come back and marry Daisy. Tired of waiting, Daisy marries another rich man Tom. But that could not stop Gatsby from loving Daisy.

He tries unimaginable tricks to get Daisy again. He becomes extravagantly rich and throws extravagant parties at his luxurious mansion just with a wish that Daisy would visit one of them.

His own dream of gaining wealth was nothing in his eyes, he does all that just to attain the love of Daisy… So, she could love him and leave Tom to be with him.

He tries everything to change the past and bring back the days when their love was innocent and there was no other man in Daisy’s life.

His power of imagination and dream was so colossal that he never quits loving and obsessing over Daisy until his last breath. If he gets Daisy to love him as once, she did, and if his dream changes into reality, is what the novel conveys with a very strong message.

11. Dear John

Dear John is a romantic novel which screams for long-distance and longing. It’s a story about a soldier named John, who falls in love with Savannah.

His father suffers from Asperger’s Disease and thus he lacks good communication with him. It leaves him lonely and with no direction so he decides to join the Army.

He meets Savannah and the mutual attraction grows into love. She waits for him while he goes for his duty but due to the event of 9/11, he realizes that he has to stay for his work.

The long-distance and longing break Savannah’s heart. When he comes back, he finds out she is already married to another man. Even though her marriage to Tim, a highly respectable and good man, her love for Henry could not die.

Short Stories

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Short stories are a good option to read at bedtime. As they are short, they will take less time in case your girlfriend is already sleepy and you can create your own short stories for her!

You do not need to be a novelist who writes hundreds of pages to read to his girlfriend. You just need to keep in mind the special qualities of your girlfriend which you adore. Just take the qualities and your loving relationship and make a good short love story around it.

Create a romantic story that will revolve around the good and positive moments of your relationship. Leave out the bad moments and fights.

You can dictate your own created fairy tale where she is the beautiful fairy or a sweet princess.

Erotic stories should not take much of your time. You can take a clue from your experiences and spice up matters and leave her wet.

12. The Daisies

It is another day at college, Chris is sitting at the last bench like always… not caring about anyone in the class. A girl is sitting today beside him. He has seen her for the first time. She looks lovely. She has asked Chris a question but he ignores her. She didn’t give up on him. She says,

Hello! I am Daisy. And you are?”

The words run like a current in his body and he looks at her. She has light brown eyes and she is wearing a yellow dress.

He sees her hands advancing towards him ready for a handshake, he trembles and shakes her hands and tells his name. Something very rare has happened because Chris never talks to anyone.

Chris’s life was never the same since his mother left him. He struggled with his studies, stopped playing football, and became distant with all his friends.

From a famous boy in school, he went to become an introvert who always sat on the last bench of his classroom and rejected social interactions. He was in college now. Soon his classmates started bullying him. It made his situation worse.

He spent most of his time in the washroom crying his eyes out. He always wanted to feel his mother holding his hand. But he knew she would never come back.

She was laid in the coffin to rest in peace in her favorite yellow colored dress a year ago. She loved Daisies. He remembered how she watered them every day and giggled when the new daisies grew on the tiny branches.

Once he has described a flower garden that he saw near the mountains. It was full of daisies. From that day, she always wanted to go there and asked him-

“I know you will take me.… won’t you?”

Being busy with his friends and girls, he always ignored her request. She took her last breath and went away… preferably to some heaven’s garden.

There must be thousands of daisies there. Here… the plants in her garden lie all dried. Father has asked the servants to not water them anymore. But they still lay there…. Waiting for her to water the soil.

But today, he talked to someone at college after ages. It was this girl, whose name matched with his mother’s love for flowers and she wore a yellow dress. Daisy told him

“I am new here.. Can you take me on a tour of the college and the city? Please?”

Before Chris could muster the courage to speak anything, Daisy held his hand and said

“I know you will take me… won’t you?”

So, for the first time in the last two years, Chris went to any other place except his college. He took her to all the main attractions of the city and lastly took her to the garden alongside the mountains.

Daisy’s happiness knew no bounds. She was chirping and giggling and running across the flowers like a happy bird. Chris stood in the corner… Still, he didn’t move an inch.

All the time he was thinking if his mother came to this place, she would have danced in the same way Daisy is dancing in the meadows.

Daisy saw him standing quietly. She asked him,

“I’ve never watched such a beautiful garden of daisies ever in my life. Why don’t you come with me and dance in the beautiful fragrance of flowers?”

Chris – “Daisy, the most beautiful garden of daisies is at my home. You know why it is the most beautiful of all? Because my mother watered it. But now, it’s dried and the daisies have died long ago”

Daisy – “Can you take me to the place?”

Chris took her to his garden. She took a sprinkler and watered the soil. As the soil started breathing with the touch of water, Chris and Daisy stopped their breath by kissing each other’s lips.

What makes a bedtime story good?

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1. The soothing and calming topics

The soothing and calming aura of the stories prepares her for a good night’s sleep. It puts her in the right frame of mind before she doses off to the world of dreams and helps her realize how calming it is to sleep while listening to her love’s voice at bedtime.

2. The cool and dark color palette of the story sets the tone

The color palette of the story should be cool and dark colors, like ‘blue’ and ‘black’. As the night brings with it darker shades of color and darkens the sky, the stories, if they consist of descriptions that are heavy, help to set the mood to relax and sleep.

3. The rhythm captivates her senses

All her attention will be on the rhythm of the story. A story with swaying or rambling rhythm will work the best. It gives the feelings of relaxation and suggests that there is no need to rush. The story will almost sound like a lullaby and your girlfriend will sleep peacefully in your arms.


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