Texting a girl for the first time has always been an awkward moment. I remember the first time I texted my crush, I hardly knew what I wanted to say to her. It was an uphill battle for me.

So, how did I cope up with it? Did this battle drown me into a pool of guilts or lifted me to speak to her regularly? If you are in the same situation as I was back then, you must be craving to hear my part of the story.
So, here’s me sharing the ultimate guide that tells you how to text a girl for the first time. Watch out for this one!

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First Text to Send a Girl with Examples

My first conversation with my crush was a nightmare in my mind but when it happened, I couldn’t have dreamt of it better. Here’s what I did to make it work between us. Trust me, if you take this challenge, she is yours to keep!

#1. Pause for a bit, analyze for some time

Rushing towards a conversation with a girl and hoping to go with the flow might sound like a safe idea in the beginning but wait until it fails miserably.

An unprepared conversation from your side, will not lead to a careful conversation, which will eventually leave it hanging between a do or die.

So, it’s always better to think first. Think about what you want to tell her. How do you wish to start the conversation? Do you think that she will reply properly or maybe leave the message unread? When is the best time to text her? Will she be available?

These are some of the questions you must ask and prepare yourself for the next step and then another, to finally reach the end.

#2. Make the move, take the lead

Once you’ve analyzed the questions and prepared yourself accordingly, its time to make the move. But what should you text to start a wonderful conversation that leads to a meaningful bond between you two? Here’s are a few scenarios to act accordingly.

If you’ve met before: If you’ve already met this girl before or previously talked to her, believe me, it’s far easier for you. Since you’ve already sparked a conversation, you have a decent idea about the kind of conversation that will be safe to start with.

You can text her with a “hi, how are you?” for the starters, and then follow ahead just like you did when you met her. If that wasn’t sufficient here’s another excuse to talk and initiate the conversation –

You: Hi, I was wondering if you have Ray’s number? It’s urgent!
She: Oh hi, sure you may have it!

Now when she sends you the number and you say thanks, you might feel short of words. But don’t let it stop there. Instead, you could keep it going in this manner:

You: Last night was lit though! Wasn’t it funny to see Ray dance like that? LOL!

Questions, comments on third parties you both met in common, or sometimes even compliments can lead you a long way. Don’t dare kill the conversation with monosyllables like Yeah, Thanks, Okay!

• If you are speaking for the first time: Your first conversation with a girl might sound awkward initially but if you know the right techniques, it will bread and butter to get her glued to her phone, simply because they can’t resist but reply to you!

Jumping to a flirty conversation or a hi babe kind of tone is a strict ‘NO.’ Such sentences are creepy, and she will rather choose to avoid you than respond at all. So, your first impression has to be as decent as it gets.

If you got lucky and got her number from one of your common friends, the excuse factor could work wonders here too.

Something like this might help –

You: Hi Lara! I got your number from Alex. I was wondering if you could help me understand the tuition notes since he isn’t being of much help you see. 😛

By adding a pint of humor and the desired intelligence, you can win the race and the girl!

#3. Watch out for her response

Receiving her response isn’t the only thing that matters. In fact, in most cases, it could be highly deceiving. She might be compelled to reply to you because she knows you or she can’t ignore, but the reality might contrast with your perception.

While you speak to her, keep a close eye on the way she responds to your messages. If she is too eager to speak to you, she will use several emojis or respond immediately. If the conversation is random to her initially, she might choose to consume a few minutes to reply but she will respond decently.

On the contrary, if she just doesn’t appreciate your messages, she will either ignore, leave the message as seen, or simply reply in rude tones.

Usually, you are one of the casual guys she met in a bar. In that case, keep the conversation going, if you want to creep into her daily life. Crack some jokes, share a few memes, and don’t let the spark die. But remember, never force the conversation on her. Take it light and smooth, and I can guarantee you will soon be seen everywhere on her smartphone.

#4. Trump up with compliments

Now when the conversation is going well, a few minor compliments will improvise your chances for the better. If you are wondering whether complimenting would be a safe option on the first attempt, don’t worry! Unless you are straight off like ‘You are the most beautiful woman, I have ever seen!’ everything else works wonders!

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Start with something light. Here are some examples:

By the way, that’s a pretty display picture.
• You looked very pretty last night at the party!

Although compliments won’t hurt much, you should stick to minor compliments that don’t talk much about personal stuff. “Your smile is so mesmerizing” or “I love that shirt on you” might be extremely risky for starters.

#5. Avoid the long stuff

If you are one of those who draft an essay long texts at every instance, you got to step back. While a concise two-liner text might sound direct and not needy, large messages can create a creepy impression, wanting her to keep you at an arm’s distance.

If you don’t want to sound like a creep when you first speak to her, make sure no matter how interesting the conversation gets, keep it short and crisp. But that doesn’t mean you need to reply with mere one words, or keep rotating around ‘how are you’ and ‘what are you doing?’ In fact, level up your game with some fun, some questions, some games. Like for instance ‘I know this really fun game I play with my other friends on texts, would you like to try!’

Make her feel comfortable and show that you are interested in her. If she is showing you the same amount of enthusiasm, use of emojis and gifs can be your next step but remember you gotta play it safe here or else if you go too wild, it can immediately restrict her attention.

#6. Keep the expectations low

Expectations can hurt. If you are expecting to have a gala conversation and making her yours in the first instance, I might not want to stop you but imagine what happens, if this expectation leads you to a massive heartbreak when your first conversation isn’t as happening as you wanted it to be?

Keeping your expectations at lowest are one of the wisest pieces of advice, I can give you at this point. Although she is sure to fall for your messages with these steps, low expectations will help you to cope with any situation bravely no matter what it might be.

Don’t mistake low expectations for low self-confidence. That’s not what I am trying to say. So, type that message with your head held high, and perform your best to win over her. Bet, she won’t want to give up on you so easily if you strike the match.

Wrapping up!

Texting a girl is undoubtedly very risky and can make you shiver in the bone, but with these steps above, you are sure to ace your race and win over her heart in no time. But, don’t forget to keep calm and stay patient while you text her.

Over excitement with instant replies, will make you sound too easy and needy. And you sure as well don’t want that. So, put up a charming display picture and bring your A-game on. She is waiting on the other side, make it worth the wait!


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