The vitality of a relationship depends on the amount of love and attraction the couple feels for each other. But with time, the boredom can make its way to the loving nest. You impressed her with flowers and candle-light dinners. It showed your care and need of her.

But are you doing the same now?

I am sure most of you answered NO! Because well, familiarity breeds contempt!

So guys here’s an eye-opener for you: Just because a girl is interested in you today, doesn’t mean her interest will remain intact till tomorrow.

You also experience fleeting attraction, don’t you? It’s similar to her.

If you want her to be crazy for you forever – you’ve got to do things that make her feel that way. There is no relationship without effort. You can’t expect her to drool over you by keeping your hands in the pocket.

It can be any stage of the relationship. You can be newlywed or just started dating, or in a marriage since a decade or in a live-in relationship – Keeping a woman hooked to a guy is easier than you think.

To make your work easier, here are 5 tried and tested ways that can make your girl interested in you forever:

Ways to keep a Girl interested in you

1. Maintain a Mystery

Women like mystery… And mysterious men. What keeps the interest going is the desire for more.

If you give her details of everything about yourself – your life, qualities, accomplishments, talents, hobbies, aims in the first few days of your relationship, then there will be nothing new to tell her or excite her later.

She will be left to enjoy the things she already knows and already had. She will gradually lose interest and this will lead her to look for the new in other men.

Take your time.

Do not spill out everything on the first day or the first month. Let her ask about your hometown and then tell her the interesting stories about the time you spent there.

If you know how to play guitar, let it not be the first thing you tell her to impress her on your first date.

Instead, dedicate her a song by recording it on your phone/camera and send it to her at night when she falls asleep.

So, the first thing she sees early in the morning is your new talent and your love! It will surely excite her and she will want you more.

Your relationship is no longer new? You know each other for years and now she knows everything about you? Don’t worry.

Make new hobbies and invest your time in something she will like but you don’t know how to do it. Like, if she loves baking… You can learn baking for her and surprise her with a cake!

You can plan dates without giving out any details. Just ask her to be ready at a fixed time and you will pick her up. Of course, let her choose the restaurants or bars sometimes. But not make her the only one to decide the place. As this will not leave a question of surprise. Decide the place and give her a surprise! She will be overwhelmed by the preparations and your concern.

It’s the small things that matter. Make sure to do small special things for her every day so she is constantly thinking about you.

2. Make the other girls jealous of her.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

In a world where guys are busy making their women jealous of other chicks that hover around him, be the change.

Be the guy that makes other girls jealous of your girl!

She will love it!

Treat her well.

Plan surprises for her.

If you can’t afford luxurious gifts, surprise her with her favorite flowers – women love them. Remind her every day how special she is. Respect her. Be a gentleman. Pamper her with so much care that when other women see you, they will be forced to think they want a man like you in their life.

It will raise your standards in your girl’s eye. She will feel blessed to have you.

Amidst that, it’s also important to care for yourself. Work hard for getting more and more success in your work. Your physical looks also make a difference.

It’s not important to hit the gym every day for 2 hours and be muscular like the guys on the posters. Instead, keep your focus on just being fit and proper grooming. Women love cleanliness. Keep your body clean and smell nice. Maintain your facial hair and focus on your hairstyle. Do not show up as a grumpy drug addict with all those unmanaged hair and clothes that are not ironed. Dress neatly and be organized.

A gentleman with groomed hair and neat ironed clothes is much sexier than a guy with a chiseled face who has not taken a bath for weeks.

If she is proud of you, the thought of leaving you will NEVER cross her mind.

3. Keep her close (very close!)

Sex and intimacy is a crucial part of a relationship. It’s a need that can’t be avoided. It determines your attraction and compatibility. A relationship goes a long way if the sex life is good and passionate.

Other than being fun, it provides you to be affectionate to your girl. It’s also an opportunity to bond with her well and close.

Keep the fun in your bedroom alive. Other than that, maintain the feeling of intimacy outside it too. Kiss her with immense love when you are bidding her good-bye, not for just the sake of it.

When walking on the alleys or entering into a party, hold her hand with utmost care as that shows you are proud to have her in life. While sitting close to her, play with her hair and touch her fingertips (or kiss it!).

With the passing time, couples tend to forget that their partners have physical needs and emotional needs as well. Small affectionate ways of touching her will make her feel secure. She will not feel the need to be loved by another man.

Show how innovative and passionate you are in the bedroom. And let your caring loving side reveal itself outside of it. Treat your woman well, and she will be forever yours!

4. Make your relationship the most adventurous and safest place for her

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In failed relationships, the partners fail to make their significant other feel secure. Do not let this be the breaking point of yours.

Talk to her about the topics that matter. Talk to her about your relationship and if anything is bothering her. Pay heed to her needs.

Be there for her always. It can be anything. If she feels nervous about her career, take her hand and tell her you trust her. Encourage her to pursue her passion. Be the name that comes first on her lips when she needs someone to count on in her difficult times.

If you see her losing confidence, remind her about all her accomplishments and make her believe she can achieve much more. The most favorite person of a woman is someone who supports her and shows tremendous belief in her values.

Also, make your relationship an adventure. The daily routine and the never-ending pile of work can make anyone feel detached to the excitement and adventure life has to offer. The boredom can cause one to find adventure in other people. But what if you are the one who takes her out of the boring routine life and reminds her what life stands for?

Take her to adventures. Go on a summer trip or just go out to witness the beauty of nature. Visit historical places with her and click her photographs. Try new dishes together. Go hiking or visit the beach. Be interesting and make her life a reflection of it.

5. Give her space and at the same time let her crave for you.

Being so close with someone that it doesn’t leave them with the space to breathe is not advisable. Give her space.

Let her live her life on her own terms while you live yours. You can surprise her by booking tickets for her and her girlfriends to the latest movie. This will give her some time with her friends as well as she will be so happy with your actions that she can’t stop thinking about you even while she is with them.

Surprise her with massage or spa appointments. She will have a good time and, in that time, she will miss you. On her way back home, she will hurry with excitement to see your face.

And also crave for you.

This will build excitement and she will feel the butterflies in her stomach. It will keep her interest alive.

6. Do not repeat the same routine every day with her.

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One of the main ways to make a girl not lose interest in you is by being innovative.

Keep bringing changes to your love life.

Go to a different bar this time and show different dance moves. Instead of the same old flowers, gift her a bouquet with a bunch of beautiful flowers.

Ask her out as if it is the first time. While you are it, do not be as soft as a flower to her. Women like men who dominate.

While you respect her, do not become her puppy. Show that you also have needs and your life consists of other important things too… But of course, she is one of the most important of them.

Be an alpha and protect and love her like a real man. Do not be a coward to get jealous of her success. Cherish her success with her.

Bonus: Mate, she is already dropping signs of her losing interest. How will you know? Well, read this: 10 Signs she’s losing interest in you

Don’t Rush – Good things take time!

You love her and that gives you the license to do everything fair to keep her in your life. Try all that you can to treat her special but in return, you deserve to be loved too.

If she doesn’t love you back after you have successfully applied all these steps, have patience.

Things take time if they have remained the same way for a long period. Continue ṣthe efforts for some more months. She can take some time to readjust.

But if she really loved you, she will be more than delighted to see the man you have become.

If you are a guy who has started dating a girl and wants to make her your forever, try the steps mentioned above and love your girl truly. Surely her interest in you will not fade away.

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