Relationships need to be a happy place. A place where you can be yourself and stay with someone in the long haul and cherish her more than your own life. We all need someone who makes us feel like our lives only get better when we are with them.

If you have a partner who makes you feel like she is ‘The one’ for you, you are lucky! But if you still aren’t sure if the girl you’re dating is just who you have been waiting for, it’s time to analyze already.

How do you know that someone you’ve been dating is a keeper for you? Well, here are some of the best signs that she is the one you’ve been waiting to hear.

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How do You Know She is the One?

Certainly, love and laughter aren’t the only two things you need in a woman who will stand by you till the end. With this, let’s dive straight in and unravel the signs.

#1. She is the better-half

Finding someone who supports you in the dark and gives you the last push in those hectic days, is a daunting job. Not everyone is willing to do it. So, the handful of people who actually do it for you, are invaluable.

She stands rock-solid beside you, irrespective of anything else. Whether it is during your vulnerable hours or when you just need a shoulder to cry on, she makes sure that she is THERE, all the damn time!

Apart from this, she is also your biggest cheerleader. Whenever you want her to hold your hand and support you in your biggest achievements, she doesn’t walk away.

#2. Every moment is rainbows and butterflies

A relationship that is really perfect will make you feel on top every day. When you find someone, who is willing to love you till the end, there is practically no end to those happy moments – they keep popping in the tinniest forms.

Whether it is about the way they treat you or what they do for you, there is no room for discomfort. Every little thing in life turns out to feel like the carnival you’ve been waiting to go to.

If your partner makes you feel the same way and gives you memories that you just cannot stop cherishing, she is totally the one for you.

#3. A home of comfort

A healthy relationship is where comfort is. Whether it is about being-at-peace or having the time of your life, it should make you feel like home.

A relationship cannot seem beautiful alone or with one person taking the lead, it has to be the effort of two people put together. If she is doing everything to make you comfortable and tries to extort your real self, she is a true keeper.

With such people, you can try every walk of life, do whatever you want, but they will always remember to make you feel like you are sheltered, loved, and cared for.

#4. The feeling is unusual

Every relationship you’ve ever been wasn’t anywhere like this one. This relationship is a lot more fun, a lot more colorful and a lot more realistic.

It’s like everything you ever wanted is right under your nose. With all of this in mind, it does feel a little different. And why does it feel so? – It’s because she makes it worth the while for you.

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This woman isn’t the random chick you dated before. She is someone who is worth cherishing, worth keeping and worth loving for the rest of your life. If you feel the same, we are on the same page!

#5. The bed-experience is unforgettable

Apart from the love and the laugh, the intimacy in bed is something to relish. It doesn’t feel like a random fling or a hook-up kind of thing. With her, it’s different, it’s not just the sex, it’s making love! And of course, both these terms, are poles apart from each other.

The intimacy between you both is fabulous. In bed, she shows you how she has been craving for you all day long, she highlights her love and the romance sets it apart.

#6. You are the hero

Men often want to be treated like the hero in their relationship. They won’t show, but deep inside their hearts, they sometimes want to earn the power between the two of you. Whether it is on the bed or the win on a small argument, they love being the king.

If your woman makes you feel like you are her number one, the happy place, and the better half forever, why are you even re-thinking about it?

If she is ‘the one’ for you, she will treat you like her hero and show you why you deserve to be called one. If she does this, mate, you just got lucky!

#7. The entertainment is bang-on

This relationship isn’t just about passion. There is a lot of fun and laughter that draws you to spend time with her over and over again. She instantly draws positivity in your life with trick loads of joy!

A woman who knows how to keep her man happy is true idealizers. In fact, happy women are also a major turn on.

If she makes you laugh your ass off without any regrets and entertains you without judging you for anything, congratulations, she is ‘the one’ your one!

#8. No need for secrets

A healthy relationship doesn’t believe in keeping secrets. There is nothing to hide from your partner rather it gets difficult to sleep at night if there’s this one statement you unconsciously didn’t appear to tell them.

Whether it is sad news or an embarrassing childhood memory, if she tells you every little detail and listens to you without judging you, or fighting with you over it, she really loves you. This means that your relationship is loaded with respect for each other and that there is enough understanding between you both.

Such qualities are rare and only are a part of relationships that are worth keeping. You got lucky if it’s relatable!

#9. The ego is a strict ‘NO’

Ego is a devil hole for any relationship. It only shreds the love between two people. When the ego takes a large share of your relationship, it eats away all the affection, making the bond a game for two people to win over another.

It is important to keep the ego away anyhow and if two people in the relationship are willing to do it, they are making a wise decision.

If your woman too keeps this silent bug away from your relationship, and always comes back to talk to you after every fight, she is not only in love with you but also embraces the patience and tries to understand the situation.

Ego has a track record of destroying millions of relationships on not just romantic angles, in fact from all the spheres. And believe it or not, not everyone is ready to compromise on this, so if she does – you know she is the one!

#10. She respects your close ones

Not everyone is willing to love and respect your dear ones just the way you want them to. Some women just don’t care about doing it at all but those who do, what are you waiting for? Get down on your knee and propose her right away! She is meant for marriage, not just DATING.

They know how to win hearts and love your family just the way you do.

If your woman makes the effort to get closer to your loved ones or know them a bit more, she values your privacy and loves everyone you love.

Moreover, if you notice that her equation with your friends and family is perfect, you have every reason to keep her closer.

#11. The change is for real

A wise woman will force you to change for the better. She will compel you to make the right choices, be a wiser one, and stand out amidst all others. Above all, someone who is a keeper will make sure to be there for you while you struggle to get closer to your career aspirations.

Does your woman often encourage you to touch the heights in your life? Are you becoming a better person with her by your side? If yes, she is worth the catch.

And well, the change is not just erratic, it is here to stay. You can feel the change transforming you into an improvised version of your previous self and the constant praising from the ones around you gives you the validation.

What if she is the one?

Finding someone who loves you dearly and tries to be your better-half every day isn’t easy. The effort that she will put together for you is a very special feeling indeed.

If she is doing her best to be your happy place, love you like your dream and cherish you forever, what are you waiting for?

After scrolling through the article, if you feel that she caters to each sign of being ‘the one’ in your life, don’t give up on her easily. Be with her just the way she stays with you through all your thick and thin.

You must not forget why they deserve to be in your life and how your life has changed for the better ever since they’ve walked in.

All the best!

All this while if you have been wondering if your woman deserves that special place in your heart, I am sure you have got your answer!

If she is a match to all the signs mentioned above, well, you are one in a million. Because we all know there are millions, around the world, ready to trade billions, for what you already have!

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