People may find it hard to believe, but married women also get attracted to other men. After all, they are like every other human being, who can feel and want affection and attraction.

She may have been married for months or years but she still needs to be praised. Her need to be famous with the members of the opposite sex might still be alive.

But sometimes, it’s more than the want of praises and acceptance. Sometimes, she is sexually attracted to a man and wants to be more than just a friend or a co-worker.

Destiny plans to make the right people bump into each other at the wrong time. But sometimes, it’s not about destiny; it’s about mare attraction that can just after spending a couple of nights together.

To where this interest of a married woman will take you, what’s its purpose, you will get to know it with time.

But before knowing that, you should know if she is really into you, or it’s just in your mind. But how can you reach to a conclusion if she has never expressed her fondness for you in clear words?

Don’t be troubled. We are here to help you out!


How to tell if a married woman is interested in you?

1. She tries to be closer to you.

She-tries-to be-closer-to-you
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If a married woman finds you attractive, she will find all the reasons to be around you.

You will see her multiple times a day walking by your desk to get coffee. It will leave you astounded thinking how much coffee a person can drink in a day.

But let me tell you, it’s not about the coffee. It’s about you!

She is just finding reasons to cross your way.

You find her coming around your desk and talking to her friends. She will be extra loud and a lot of giggling can be heard. She will make sure to let you know how fun she is.

She will try to represent a positive persona around you by showing she is always laughing and people always have a great time when she is around.

2. What’s your relationship status?

“So what are you doing on the weekends? Spending time with your girlfriend, huh?”

“You look a little awful today… Had a fight with your girl?”

Her questions about your personal life can make you awkward and put you in a weird place.

It will leave you confused about whether you should answer these questions to a married lady who is almost unknown to you. But that won’t stop her from making personal remarks.

She expresses a keen desire in knowing your favorite sports and most visited places. Day after day, you can see her wearing your favorite color. You will find her boasting about how much she likes your favorite star and that she has watched your favorite movie for more than 50 times.

Hearing about your girl can change the look on her face and she will never talk about her husband.

But if you ask her, she will either ignore the question or she will share the unhappy stories of her marriage with an indifferent man.

3. You often catch her gazing at you.

You-often catch-her-gazing-at-you
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Your mind is immersed in work. You try to relieve your sore neck by quick neck rotations till you see a face whose eyes are fixed on you. It’s her!

Even though she is caught, she will break her gaze as soon as she finds your eyes on her.

She may fool you to thinks it just was a mere coincidence. But the pretense will end soon when you will find her staring at you not twice, but multiple times.

If the woman can’t keep her eyes off you, you are too tempting for her. And she is really inclined towards having a thing with you.

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4. She finds reasons to strike a conversation.

She will never drop a single chance to make a conversation.

“Hey! How you have been? Enjoying work? Let’s catch up during the break.”

If she is the mother of your child’s friend, she will try to insist you to take the children to the park and while they are playing, she will talk about all kinds of topics till late evening about the things you don’t give a damn about.

But what if she’s just being friendly?

While many women are just very social, this woman will show extra interest in you.

You will not see her going out of her way to approach other men and strike a conversation. If you are the only one, then you know she has her eyes on you.

5. Brother, what’s with the change in her voice?

Do you find a little change in her voice while she talks to you? Of course, it has to do with the attraction!

She is talking to her friends. You appear from behind and greet her. Suddenly her voice range experiences a change. It becomes much high and melodious. You will feel as if you are seduced by her almost singing voice which whispers at times and attains a higher pitch at the other.

A scientific study has proved that women change their voice voluntarily and involuntarily when she talks to a man she is attracted to. And that’s exactly the thing she does to leave you amazed.


6. Compliments you more than your Ex

Hey, your new glasses complement your blue shirt so well.”

“Just wanted to tell you, your presentation was the best.”

Be it your hairstyle or new shirts, she never misses complimenting any of them. She never fails to notice little changes in your attire that seem almost invisible to others.

Apart from complimenting your looks, she also compliments you for your work and the kind of person you are. Your behavior and personality are also admired. It can leave your cheeks blushed and you will feel cared for.

But be cautious before you fall for her, as being engaged with a married woman can give rise to too many complications.

7. “That was so funny!”

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

You crack a poor joke and receive a blank stare from your male friend. But this woman… She gives the loudest laugh she can, hit you playfully on your shoulders and says –

“Stop goofing around! You make me laugh so hard!”

Her comment leaves your friend confused and you proud of your sense of humor. But dear, praising someone is the easiest way to make a person know we like them.

The woman will laugh at your silliest jokes. Don’t take it otherwise. It’s not your great sense of humor that’s making her eyes squeeze and lips wide open; it’s the attraction that’s triggering her endorphins.

8. She is all smiles!

Have you noticed how the curve of her lips becomes wider at your sight?

Her most special smile is reserved for you. She flashes the warmest smile anyone has ever seen on her face when she looks at you. Her smile conveys she is showering you with all the attention she has.

And if you see her looking at you and biting her lips, you know the woman wants to arouse you. This is the most explicit sign of her sheer interest in having sex with you.

9. Flirt-game is on

Women often choose to tease as an alternative to flirting when they are too afraid to express their inner wild desires.

It will not be in the same manner you tease your friends. It will be flirtatious and extravagantly sexy. Her eyes will widen; she will be excited and ask you some really flirty questions.

She will say words that will amount to more than one meaning and leave you guessing what she really wanted to say.

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10. She is always making plans to hang out.

You will be confused when she will ask you your plans for the weekends and refer to certain cafes to hang out or discuss work.

It will be awkward for you if you are a bachelor and a lot younger for her age. But believe me when I say the situation will be no less awkward for a married man.

Asking you to grab a coffee at the cafeteria for “work purposes” will be common but you aren’t going to discuss work at all.

Yes, you can expect to hear more questions about you and a touch here and there on your hands.

11. Boy… You have changed her appearance.

A woman who likes you and tries all the methods to get close to you cannot be left behind when it comes to her looks.

She may be beautiful even before you entered her life, but now she will start making changes in her appearance to get your attention.

Though there is nothing wrong with trying new fashion and wearing deep neck outfits. But she will wear those dresses, put on an authentic perfume, and stand close to you and try to get your attention to her neckline.

Her hairstyle has changed. She will be seen in a hairstyle that can give her a younger look and she will never fail to flaunt her hair in your vicinity.

To make things more apparent, she will fondle her hair and toss it while you look at her. If you notice these signs, wait no more. The woman is totally interested in steaming up things.

12. Is there something magical in your touch?

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How often a woman craves your touch? Like they hold your hand while crossing the road and put her head on your shoulder when she is sad or tired?

None of her touches on your body are unintentional. Without a doubt, she is mad about getting close to you and wants to be intimate.

13. Doesn’t shies away from talking about sex.

“Hey Joe, have you watched that movie? I am so in love with their kiss at the end of it. It’s so passionate”

You can hear her talking about her favorite love scenes or sexual fantasies. Making sexual jokes and bringing out the topic of sex when alone is very frequent.

“What are you watching on your laptop so curiously? Finishing work or watching porn?”

Accept it; she wants you to kiss her like her favorite star from that movie. She wants to do the things that she can’t tell you outright.

14. Her body language says it all.

When in doubt, watch out her body language!

She is constantly giving you various subtle signs that you are failing to notice. But if you keep a hawk’s eye; you will be astonished to see how desperately she is trying to pursue you.

You can notice squeezing her hands to her sides to make an illusion of perkier breasts.

She will also copy your body movements. It may seem scary, but she is doing it unknowingly. It’s a common thing people do when they sit or stand with the person who they find attractive.

Crossing and uncrossing legs can seem as a result of being nervous. But it is not. She does it willingly to get your attention and as a movement to tell you the unsaid.

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Over to you…

Getting involved with a married woman comes with lots of risks and uncertainties. There is a high possibility that she is just bored with her sexual life and is looking forward to fulfilling her sexual needs outside her marriage.

If this is the situation, she will leave you as soon as her purpose gets served. Matters will become worse if you fall in love with her.

She may also have children whom she is never going to leave for your sake. Her love for her husband might be intact and she is here for you just for a temporary fling.

Even if she is dreaming about having a future by your side, it is advised to give your inner conscience a morale check and reconsider your decision to break a family.



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