I’ve heard uncountable stories about office romances and I have to admit that it has its own share of spice and fun. 

You meet so many people at the workplace and spend the majority of your day around them. It’s natural that you feel romantically attracted to one of your co-workers. And if there’s a mutual spark, who knows you might have just bumped into your future spouse?

However, at work, it’s not so easy to figure out what she thinks about you. Women often send out mixed signals that leave you wondering about your real intent. 

What if she is just friendly? Or does she likes me more than a friend?

What if she is just being polite?

The fear of ‘I don’t want to make a fool out of myself’ holds you back. 

The good news is, if she is really feeling the butterflies in her belly, she is probably dropping some signs along the way. 

Pay close attention to her when she is around you because if she likes you, she is probably doing at least some of the things mentioned below. 

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You At Work

1. She can’t stop smiling at you

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Face is the index of the mind. It is rightly said a smile can speak a thousand words (and emotions!). So, when you find her lips curve every time you lay your eyes on her. The cue is yours to pick! 😉

2. She can’t take her eyes off you

When you are looking at her from a distance and spot her eyes on you. Bam! That’s where you know that she likes you. Mind you, she will quickly turn her head and try to act completely absorbed in work. That is where you have caught her red-handed

If you want further assurance, keep a mental note of the times you catch her in the act. I guarantee you; the total number will blow your mind!

3. She tries to talk to you

Now this clearly means that she is trying to spend a lot of time around you. Be it in lieu of some new project or to complete a new sales target – you will find her lingering around you with new reasons every day.  

4. She treats you like a special someone

From remembering your birthday and trying to make it special in all possible ways to sharing ideas with you of how a customized ring would light up your mom’s eyes on Mother’s Day. She tries to recall and recollect even the minute details to keep up with. 

Not just work, she also pays attention to your personal life stories.

5. She wants to be connected to your family

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If she hands over homemade sweet delicacies on Christmas and asks you to take it home. It is because she wants your family to know that she is a wonderful cook too and would prove to be a perfect partner to their son. (A bit too far but the cue is a sure-shot!) 😛

6. She wants to know more about you

You will often find her narrating childhood tales and what she fancied the most as a little girl. This is a trick to compel you to open up regarding your past experiences and teenage stories. Well, you don’t share childhood stories with a casual co-worker, right?

7. The more she knows about you …the more keen she gets

You will notice her getting nostalgic talking about her days as a teenager and reaching adolescence. She actually wants to connect with you over these topics as these sensitive and personal matters are usually for the inner circle. 

She will ask you personal questions and delve deeper into your answers with interest. Well, it doesn’t end there, she will also remember the minuscule details from your stories!

8. She often brings lunch for you

Now we have all heard the age-old maxim that says ‘’The path to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. When your female co-worker offers to spend lunch breaks with you, you know that something is cooking!

9. She shares her secrets with you

Women are often labelled as chatterboxes or gossip mongers. But they are tight-lipped about their deepest intimate details. If she lets you in on her unrevealed secrets that means you are really close to her heart. 

Women only bare their secrets in front of people they can trust with their eyes closed. Yes, you have got that right! You have reserved a special place in her heart.

10. She dresses up for you

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All of a sudden you observe a radical change in her appearance. She is always at her best with well-fitted clothes, exotic perfumes, properly tied hair, and subtle yet gorgeous makeup. Know that THAT is for you

You may also spot her flaunting a dress of your favorite color. Well, she’s keeping no stone unturned in enchanting the spell on you!

11. She wants to hang out with you

She would often tell you about a new café or restaurant opened in the city. If you reciprocate interest in the cited places, she will ask you if you want to grab a coffee after work hours or a drink later in the evening. 

This is another surefire indication that she likes you and is digging reasons to spend time with you.

12. She remembers everything about you

When a girl likes a guy – they pay attention. She will remember every detail of all the conversations that you’ve ever had. So, don’t be amazed when she orders your favorite ice-cream flavor just the way you like it even without you asking for it!

13. She touches you accidentally (more than usual!)

Do you often bump into her at the office? Or when she hugs you, the hug feels a different kind than any others. Or do you accidentally find her hand on yours during lunch breaks? Well, chances are that these are not just “accidents”. The liking deep-rooted in her heart unconsciously allows her body instinct to convey it via a gentle touch.     

14. She checks on you time and again

It might be in the form of a short message asking you about how you spent your day or a quick call in lieu of office-work – she wants to be informed about your whereabouts 24*7. That’s because she is constantly thinking about you and wants to be connected to you at all times.

15. Everyone in the office is talking about IT

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As the saying goes there’s no smoke without fire. Sometimes when you misunderstand these telltale signs as her nature, other colleagues are the best judge. It is much more easier for other coworkers to sense the difference in her attitude around you. 

Some of them might have also caught her off-guard when you were not around.

16. She tries to know about your relationship status

Obviously, she will not walk up to you with this question. But, if you have caught her stalking your social media accounts seeking more information or spot her curiosity about the special someone during conversations, it’s a cue!  

17. She always has something to talk about

‘Hey, do you know I fell off the stairs today, ‘Hey, have you binged on the latest season of Money Heist’… and it goes on and on. She will initiate conversations, trigger discussions, or might even just blabber when she is around you. That’s because she wants to hold your attention or maybe just be with you.

18. She seeks ONLY your help

If she has a long day at work, she will ask you to stay back because she needs some technical assistance on the report. Eventually, when you complete your assigned project after helping her, you will realize that it is quite late. 

She will expect you to drive her back home and be her knight in the shining armour!

19. She agrees with your opinion

When you propose an idea, she is the first one to say yes. She also backs you up in front of other colleagues. She appreciates your effort at work, respects your opinion, and makes sure everyone around acknowledges your perception. 

This is not because she is blindly in love with you but because she genuinely likes your approach towards work and you as a whole! 😛

20. She “coincidentally” matches with your work-shifts

If suddenly her work shifts have started matching yours when previously it was the contrary. – It clearly means that she cannot focus on work when you are not around. She will keep a tap on your work hours and try to stay back when you have a longer day than usual. 

Well, if she is ready to bear the brunt of long office hours, just to talk to you – she is in it for real!

21. She often compliments you

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Whether you wear a new shirt to office or simply catch up with a new hairstyle for a change. She never misses a chance to compliment you on your style. They are not just limited to physical beauty. She will also appreciate your intellect and social sense from time to time. 

‘Hey, very nice presentation in the meeting today!’

22. She is very vocal about you

All her family members and close friends know about you. She often posts pictures with you from office parties and doesn’t fear to tag you. This means she is not shy to confess her feelings and is interested to take this “thing” forward with commitment.  

23. She does cute-little things to surprise you

Did you find a note stuck on your desk that says “Thank you for helping me yesterday”? Did you just come back to a fully organized office desk? Did you find an unusual present in your office drawer? 

Well, if a girl likes you, she will go out of her way to make you feel appreciated and loved. In some cases, it might even embarrass you but hold it boy, because not everyone is as lucky as you!

24. She sits just beside you in meetings

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In meetings, you will often find her seated just beside you. It might appear as coincidence initially but trust me, it’s NOT. She experiences comfort around you and thus, constantly look for excuses to spend more time with you. 

She is more likely to use this opportunity to bond with you on a deeper level with various emotional deliverables like acknowledgement, appreciation, and some wit! 😉

25. She communicates with non-verbal cues

The most significant telltale signs to reckon if your female coworker likes you is her body language. Don’t just pay attention to what she has to say but also how she speaks or what she does. 

Check if she is constantly moving her hair or fidgeting with other things when around you – little gestures will show you the real picture of her heart. If you feel the same way, it’s your chance to reciprocate!

26. She remembers your coffee-specifications

Your work-mode needs coffee recharges from time to time. She will remember your coffee breaks and will bring you a cup without you asking for it. If you think she does this for everyone, no she does not. You are special!

27. She asks you out for dinner

Now that she knows that you are single (and ready to mingle! 😉), she will try to make greater attempts to drive this fling to a solid relationship, like asking you out for dinner. 

It might not be a date-date, but if she asks you out alone, it’s the biggest sign of all times.

If you are still confused, read this to find out if she is the ONE for you

If you were nodding your head while reading the traits above. Then, congratulations she is crushing over you and is really interested in you!

Although office romances are quite famous and are experienced by many, most people are scared to confront their feelings and take it to the next level. Insecurities pop up and people identify the need to draw a line between their personal and professional life.

Of course, workplace affairs can be complicated but if you both can steer it to a happy ending, it will all be worth it!


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