The stories about best friends turned to the best partners are real.

A lot of times, amidst all late-night conversations and birthday parties, the line between friendship and love seems blurred.

And before you know it, the whole scenario is changed –

She starts behaving weirdly…

and sweet.

and needy.

and everything else that she has not been before.

But that’s not enough to be sure that she is seeking romantic adventure with you. You need more. You need more before you reciprocate. After all, your friendship is in the line. A friendship you don’t want to lose. Not for anything or anyone.

Fortunately, women tend to drop some subtle signs when she feels for you.

It can be tough to decode but I am here to help.

14 Signs she wants to be more than just friends

1.  She is extremely nervous around you

Unlike before, she now stammers in between conversations and leaves the sentences halfway. This is because she is utterly conscious in your presence and does not want to utter a single word that doesn’t make sense. She always desires to have an image of Ms. Perfect in front of you, now that she has found the man of her dreams.

She might also come up to you with a lot of tech help and would expect you to patiently listen to her queries and resolve the problem with utmost enthusiasm. Of late, she also appears confused and lost. You ask her about something and you get a reply which is absolutely unrelated to your question. 

If this is not “something more”, I don’t know what is!

2.  Her look and makeup is different (but beautiful)

The usual casual wear with the general makeup is gone. She is glammed up with sexy clothes that complement her figure with bright red lipstick and smokey eyes. She might have also begun experimenting with a lot of cosmetic products. From a variety of perfumes to tiptoe stilettos she is all set to turn heads.  

Here’s a secret: All this is for you. So, if you are equally interested, don’t shy away to drop compliments. She is going to LOVE it! 😉

3.  She is trying to be your best friend

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Now we all know what best friend means. Back in school, they were our secret treasurer and a day would not pass without discussing every minute of our lives with them. So yes, if she has started telling you, how she spends her entire day and what she does on weekends, then this might be a green signal.

Also, it is said that best friends make the best life partners. 😛

4.  Over texting you on social media

Regular conversations on WhatsApp, followed by sending a request on Facebook, liking everything you share, and swiftly following you on Instagram to maintain close contact with you. The trail is never-ending. Constant urge to stay connected to you is the most surefire experience that you will observe if she has entered the love zone.

Not only that, but your profile will also be flooded with her updates and posts. It is a clear sign that she wants to know about your whereabouts and keep you updated with hers.

5.  You are the center of HER world

If there’s more than friendship, she will find ways to spend more time with you and will put off everything that distracts her while you both are talking. When you speak to her, you will find her keeping her mobile phone aside and listening to you patiently.

She will pay attention to every word that you say, tries to comprehend between the lines, analyses your tone of speech, and offers you some great advice. She also stands up to the expectations of being an extraordinary listener. 

Trust me, we don’t do that for “just friends”.

 6.  She gets jealous when you talk to other women

Jealousy is rarely found in friendships. So, if she behaves weird when you are around other girls, you know it’s a green flag.

Women are very competitive beings and try to keep her territory to herself. This is because she is scared of losing you to another woman.

7.  She laughs a lot with you

Photo by Baylee Gramling on Unsplash

Every joke you crack tickles her even when others find it lame. It might be the silliest joke of the decade, she still laughs. Why? Because, she doesn’t want to make you feel bad and thus keeps up with a burst of nice laughter despite having a tiring day at work. 

A partner who laughs at your lame jokes is worth it!

Note: We also curated a blog on How to know if she is the one. You might want to give it a read!

8.  Compliments you more than usual

This beard suits you.

Nice watch, Uh-huh!

You look nice in this shirt.

She will notice even a tiny little change in your appearance and will leave no chance to flatter you. From your new haircut to your new profile picture – she will make sure that nothing goes unnoticed.

But the story doesn’t end there: She is also expecting some compliments in return!

9.  Eye game is on!

She intends to make a lot of eye contact with you in between meetings and also during the break. She leaves no stone unturned to catch a glimpse of you. She frequently visits your cabin with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and indicates wanting a light conversation with you. 

If she is a college mate, she might also bunk classes to spend some extra time in the canteen with her beloved that is you.

This is a key feature indicating that she wants to share something deeper with you than just friendship.

10.  All your interests are also hers

Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

Did you just find her sipping on the same milkshake you ordered at a lunch party last week? Did you just saw her keeping a track of the live football tournaments and realized football is your favourite sport too? Well, it’s not just a coincidence

Women usually do not fancy sports much but if she is now taking interest in it (for you), then you know that she wants to spend every minute of her life with you. 

11.  There’s no other guy except you

Or even if there is, you know she is clearly not interested in them.

Girls who like you will make sure you know that she is single and there’s a line of others who are hitting on her. But she will also remember to mention how none of them interests you.

Long story short, she is just trying to see if “other guys” make you jealous but deep inside it’s just YOU. 

12.  Your opinions matter

Whether it is about her career choices or private life – she will always seek your advice.

Infact, nowadays she also asks for your opinion on silly matters like her dress at a common friend’s wedding. That’s because you matter to her and she wants to make you feel special.

She will also invite you to her family functions and introduce you to her friends. This is a great cue because no girl will ever introduce a guy to her family if she is not serious about him.

13.  She is always by your side

Photo by Anna Claire on Unsplash

In a meeting or a casual team outing, for a movie or lunch, you will always find her sitting beside you.

If you are in college you might have experienced those awkward moments when other friends in the group tried to ship you both together. As office co-workers, it is mostly silent stares and a few hushed giggles.

Well, there’s no smoke without fire! 😉

14. She ALWAYS wants to know your whereabouts

Where have you been yesterday?

What are you doing after work today?

How was your meeting with the boss?

A girl who is “just friends” with you wouldn’t care about your daily life. She would not bother about where have you been or what have you been doing. 

So, when she constantly wants to know about your whereabouts, you know there’s something more special than just friendship

Bonus: She is REALLY concerned about you

If she gives you a call on a sick day, sounds sincerely concerned about your health and keeps texting you every little while to ensure your good health. Then, this is it! “Just friends” will not call you every few minutes just to check on your health. 

If you are experiencing all these cues given by your “friend” on multiple occasions, she deserves a chance, even if she has not confessed her true feelings to you (at least, not yet!). 

One last piece of advice!

Remember, there’s a very thin line between friendship and relationship and if you step on it without concession, you will end up losing both: a treasured friendship and an unfiltered relationship. So, don’t assume. Even if all the cues are a perfect match, don’t be afraid to seek further clarification.

And if you feel the same way, gather some courage and ask her out. I promise you won’t regret it!

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