With time, relationships begin to settle down while the spark tends to fade away. Some people might observe this problem and work on it together while other partners may fail to cope with it and eventually, may drift apart.

But what happens if your partner begins to lose interest in you? There could be a lot of signs she’s losing interest in you and these will help you to analyze her before it’s too late.

Is she losing interest in you?

Before we begin to discuss the signs that indicate she’s losing interest in you, first, you must analyze the ‘why’ and check if it’s actually your fault.

Dealing with constant lies, undisputed arguments and stressful behavior are some of the very common reasons for the drift.

If you already know the reason, get back and get going for the desired fix. But if you are not sure, don’t worry, by the end of this article, you will know!

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10 signs that indicate the red-flag!

We change or rather evolve with time, just like our relationships – those you accept it gracefully, are the winner. While the others, fall on the pit-hole of the constant blame game.

The 10 major signs given below will help you to understand the indication and save your relationship before it ends forever.

Sign #1. Sex isn’t on the plate

There was a time when you both would have plenty of sex together and let’s admit it, it felt beautiful. But its quite the contrary now.

Not only is there ‘no sex’ on the bed, in fact, there is also ‘no talking’ about the sex also. Due to this reason, the physical intimacy between you both has degraded to a considerable level. With this, the excitement of the relationship is gone, the love is not given enough time to nourish and the bond between you two has started to fade away.

If your girl does not ask for sex either or doesn’t bother about the downgrading physical intimacy between you two, she doesn’t give a damn about it anymore.

Sign #2. No time for you

Couples who love each other, make time for one another. Both partners will take the initiative to keep the love ignited. If either of the partners stops making time for each other, the relationship begins to drift apart.

In many cases, your partner might not be able to make time for you due to their hectic schedule or other stressful reasons.

But if you’ve been constantly noticing their degrading interest in making time for you, it is high time you know what’s going on.

Most of us have heard the saying ‘You are never really busy for the people who matter!’ – believe it or not, but there is some sense of truth in this. If this is happening in your relationship, it’s a call for you to take action.

Sign #3. Cuddles isn’t a thing anymore

Healthy couples often indulge in cuddles. They hug each other, kiss one another, and show ample affection. Such gestures are an important part of every relationship and for those who are still as much into one another, this comes naturally.

But if cuddles, hugs, and kisses aren’t a thing between you and your partner anymore or if you cannot remember the last time, she kissed you to sleep, you can be very sure that she is certainly losing interest in you.

If you two aren’t doing anything to comfort each other, or remind each other of the undying love in between, the spark is fading out.

Sign #4. Initiatives have come to a pause

Every partner in a relationship must take equal initiatives to keep the thrill going.

Whether it is asking out for dates, going out together, physical intimacy, or anything else, initiatives help to show that both partners are interested in a relationship and want this to be forever.

The problem, however, arises, when this drive ends in either of the partners. When only one partner begins to do all the hard work while the other is unbothered, the relationship tends to become one-sided.

So keep a close watch – if she doesn’t dress for you the way she used to, if she has stopped creating those special moments like the sweet old times, you already know what’s happening!

Sign #5. Details about you, don’t matter

There was a time when your partner would long for you to come back home early after a long workday and sit beside you to know everything about your life.

Such things like waiting for you, wanting to know every little thing about your day, and ‘we’re in this together’ is not a thing anymore.

It shouldn’t be a major issue when she herself had a tough day at work or if she has been busy because of immense work pressure but if this problem tends to continue, it might be a red flag for your relationship.

Whether it is about your day or workload at the office, if your partner doesn’t ask you about your life anymore or hardly bothers to take peek into what you are up to, that’s a sign she’s losing interest in you.

Sign #6. Friends are above you

Someone who loves you and takes interest in you will keep you as a priority. Especially among partners who love each other, the priority is always the partner.

If your case is different and friends matter to your partner more than you, it could be a sign of trouble. This could be a thorough indication that your position in their life has gone down to a great level.

If she spends more time with her girl gang, and cancel date nights because of a Saturday party, well, I know it is harsh – but she just doesn’t enjoy being around you anymore.

Sign #7. The focus is everything else

Not being the focal point in your relationship or your partner’s life could be a major reason for stress. This isn’t just a cause of worry but also the fact that you are not as important in her life is disheartening.

If everything else for your partner is a crucial aspect of their life but not you, it’s a reason to worry This could also be an important indication of the fact that your partner’s feelings have just gone for a toss.

Sign #8. Sex is routine

Sex isn’t just routine for two partners in love with one another. It is a way of making love, a way of romance, and life. When two people stop enjoying sex, it can call out for a huge problem.

The intensely interesting sex life with so many surprises and adventures in bed have all gone down the sea. Physical intimacy is only formal now. Something that is basic bread and butter for you.

If this is something you can relate to in your relationship, it is a major cause of worry. If this has been happening for long now, you should be tensed already.

Sign #9. Alone time is the only demand

In the initial stages of your relationship, your partner was head over heels in love with you. There was so much fun together, she always made sure to give you all her time and it was all about you.

Over time, feelings for you have gone down the hill and the only thing she demands is some alone time. Some privacy is undoubtedly important, however, most of the time it is a silent indicator of losing interest in you.

If your relationship is, unfortunately, experiencing similar situations, its high time you should do something about it.

Sign #10. She isn’t jealous anymore

A sign of a healthy relationship is a tad bit of jealousy. But what happens when your partner forgets about being jealous at all? Is it still okay? Well, no.

Partners who do not get jealous of each other occasionally that’s because either it is casual or it doesn’t matter to her. If the possessiveness and jealously have long been forgotten, there are chances she has already started moving away from you

What can you do about it?

Reading these signs might have been very difficult for you. But what if I tell you that these signs can be eradicated with simple steps that you undertake to remedy the problem?

Here are a few things you could do to get their interest back on track and eliminate the unhappiness from your relationship.

#1. Communicate to understand her

‘She’s losing interest in me!’ – well, that’s not the conclusion. That is only the beginning. You need to know what is bothering her and do the necessary to defeat the odds.

Communication has the capability to work wonders for you even in your worst times. If you have never asked her why she has been behaving like that, its time you do it now.

Be patient while you speak to her. Recall the time when you texted her for the first time and how much you wanted her to be part of your life.

Tell her what is bothering you. Listen to her when she finally lets her heart out. Communicate with her without turning it into an argument.

#2. Fix the tangled

If you know the problem, then why haven’t you already fixed it? If communication works wonders for you and you know what’s bothering her, try and change it immediately.

Remember, the more you wait, the more you lose. If you take the initiative to fix what’s broken, you could save your dying relationship in no time.

Whether it is your behavior or anything else she doesn’t like about you, win her interest back by fixing the problem. Show her that you are the right person for her, and you’d do anything to keep her. I am sure, this time she turns around, it will be for forever.

#3. Reignite the spark

If the spark has faded away in your relationship, bring it back. Do the things that she loves and always wanted you to do for her. Surprise her. Make her feel special. Take her out for a date. Spend some quality time with her. Make her feel loved.

If you reignite the spark that faded out in your relationship, she will begin to gain her interest back in you soon again.

#4. Pay attention to the detail

Another major reason why she might be losing interest in you rapidly could be your neglect towards attention to the details. Girls love men who can pay attention to the little details and notice every little change in her.

If you begin to pay attention to the little changes in their life, it will make a huge difference. Notice her hair color, her nail paint, the tiniest change in her behavior, and other details that she might be wanting you to observe.

#5. Put the arguments on the backseat

Stop arguing for little reasons. We all hate that. Argues not only make the relationship toxic but also make it difficult for the partner to breathe in the relationship peacefully.

For this reason, always try to put the argument on the backseat. If you want to resolve matters, apologize instantly, or explain why you did not appreciate her at that particular moment. This can turn around the whole game for you.

At last, if nothing works out, just run back and give her a tight hug and do the proposal once again! I promise, she will melt, then and there!

Time to Win her back!

Is she losing interest in you? Are you worried that your relationship will end soon? Well, don’t worry. If you hit the right buttons with the solutions given above, you will be able to resolve the problems with your partner instantly.

Make sure that you go about the matter carefully and make every attempt to resolve the matters nicely. If you can fix the problems easily, the drift in your relationship will be gone in no time.

She just needs to be reminded that she’s the one in your life and how much love you have for her and you can get back to dreaming of the happily ever after. But, remember, you can’t just do anything you want and expect her to not drift away – it should reflect in your behavior that there’s no one in the world that can match the place she owns in your heart.


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