A relationship requires a strong root to keep their beautiful world of love and intimacy upright. The root is made up of a lot of things – trust, loyalty, sexual compatibility, and your conversations.

What is love if it is not the connection between two souls? And how can two souls connect if they can’t communicate the right way?

Apart from having the right conversations, a couple should never be out of topics to talk about.

Everyone requires personal space. We all want a little silence. But the silence should never be allowed to uproot your relationship and drain its essence.

You may have seen many couples out there who are always immersed in their partner’s eyes and never run out of topics to talk. They look so much in love. Your relationship can be like theirs too… Or I’ll say, much better.

Taking to your partner in the quest of knowing her more and loving her more helps to keep the love alive. A healthy relationship requires healthy communication. Conversations that make you gain her trust, love, make her happy, and provide her a safe place.

You also have to add a bit of fun and silliness to your talks so she is never bored and enjoys her time with you.

So now the question is: What to talk about with your girlfriend?

Just wait till you read this piece until the last! Trust me, the never-ending conversations will make her weak in the knees.

1. You should always know how her life is going.

She is your girl and is there in your life for a reason. She is not the girl you can talk to when you feel like it, share your sorrow story, some silly jokes, and talk horny.

You have got to know what’s going on in her life and what she is up to.

When a woman commits to being in a relationship, she expects her partner to understand her and care about her.

If you really want to make her happy, ask her how her day was and how is she feeling. If she is struggling in her hard times, then support her. She must know that her lover is there for her, even in the darkest of times.

P.S: A hug can earn you some brownie points!

2. Ask her to share her Bucket List.

hoto by energepic.com from Pexels

The girl has got millions of dreams in her pocket that you do not even know about.

It’s her little world with big dreams and she expects your support, encouragement, and appreciation in this journey of life.

If you really love your girl, you must know her Bucket List. You will be surprised to see how the tiny little things like buying an orchid bouquet or stargazing on a chilly night can make her happy. Apart from that, you can also share your own to bond over the conversation.

Talking about Bucket Lists can be very fun and interesting. If you choose to talk on this topic, you know that it’s going to be a great one. It will introduce you to several things you never knew about her.

3. Share your secrets.

Sharing secrets is a very personal activity that we don’t do with everyone, right? We share secrets only to the people we love and are also trustworthy.

You should let her know that she is that someone to you.

It just makes people feel special and very close. As a result, she can also end up sharing her deepest secrets with you which will bring you two together.

Everyone wants a person with whom they can share their deepest secrets – including you. Knowing that a girl will keep them safe in her heart’s vault is very satisfying.

It makes a connection and forms a level of respect that is not attainable by any other thing.

4. Talk about the things she is passionate about.

What are the things she is passionate about? What are the things that make her heart smile and fill her life with joy? What are the things that she loves and wants to achieve?

What are her dreams, goals, and desires?

As a boyfriend, you should have an answer to all of these. Maybe she can’t express it herself. So next time when you talk, bring up this topic.

There are chances that many of her dreams and passions will match yours. It will make your relationship stronger.

If her passions and dreams are completely different from yours, then you will learn many new things and will get the chance to see the world with someone else’s eyes for a while.

After all, opposites attract.

5. Make plans about the weekends and trips.

Your job and daily chores definitely don’t allow you to meet her every day. Even though you crave to see her, you know you can also see her on the weekends.

But don’t let this distance get the most of your love life. Instead, use it for your benefit.

Plan about your weekend plans throughout the week. Discuss all the things like the place, time, and how fun you both are going to have.

This way, she will also remain excited to meet you and the longing will increase the love.

Planning trips is also a great topic. Make sure you don’t just make plans for the sake of it and cheat her on the last day. Make plans that you both know are possible and feasible.

6. Family is important for her

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Family and friends are very important for a girl. They are her backbone. Apart from you, she loves them the most and their opinions matter very much to her.

Make sure that you talk about her family and friends. Ask if they are okay or how they are doing and what they are up to nowadays.

It will be better if you meet them with her too.

Knowing about her family is good, but you should tell her about your family too.

Introduce your mamma and daddy to her. Talk to her about how silly your brother is and share the fun stories. She would love to know what the fun that you have at your dinner table and it will make you more interesting as a person.

This will also strengthen her trust in you and your love.

7. You can always talk about Childhood memories.

Childhood… The best phase of human life. And childhood memories? They are always funny, happy, sometimes sad, and full of nostalgia.

Remember how mischievous you and your friends were when you played stupid pranks on teachers? She would love to know them.

A woman always loves your inner child and wants to care for it.

As interesting they are, they are also symbolic of what you are from your heart apart from the show you put on for people. She will love you for the real person that you are behind the dressing.

Plus, women have a tendency of making dreams of having a child with their man when she listens about their childhood memories! 😉

8. What about sharing your food and cinema interests?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

Oh… Who doesn’t love food and cinema? They are not interconnected, but they are very much the two of the most important choices of a person’s life.

You will get to know what her choices are. It will be a feast if you are both crushing on the same celebrity. If not, have a healthy conversation about why you are crushing on him/her and ask her the same.

Talking about food will connect you further. You can also visit her favorite restaurants and taste her favorite foods. You can take her to your favorite food places and let her have a bite of your favorite piece.

After all, love is this, right? Sharing food, sharing love for cinema, and sharing Life.

9. The most important part- Talking about the future.

Darling, for what even are you guys together if it’s not for the future?

Okay, you may be just casually dating each other. You may not be that serious… But you never know when her smile will make you fall for her so deep that you can never come out of it.

Future always seems full of promises, full of fulfilled dreams… It’s so beautiful.

You should know where your relationship is going. If it is prepared for a long journey or it is just a page of a chapter.

So, talk to her about it. Know her intentions. Know her dreams.

Your future plans will help you prepare you to fight the dark nights that will come in your way of happily-ever-after.

10. Talk about what are the most important things in her life.

You may think you are the only priority she has got. But no, that’s not right.

No one has got only one priority. And if they have got, then it’s a very toxic relationship where the partner is overly dependent on the other.

Talking about her priorities will help you reckon the special place her family holds her in life, what she wants to make out of her career, how far ahead she wants to go in her career, and what is she willing to give up to reach there.

Priorities define choices in life. So, this conversation will also tell you what governs her life choices and what is gonna pick in ‘choose-one’ kind of situations.

11. Make her laugh.

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

Want to keep her heart forever? Make her laugh.

And you know what, making her laugh is not at all difficult. She loves you so she will laugh even at your poor jokes. Just make sure you are not always cracking poor jokes around her, otherwise one day she will just be tired!

Do not be always serious and do not bore her by talking deep intense shit or asking her about her family, friends, and job.

Everything is limited to an extent. Don’t overdo it. So, if you want her to go crazy (for you), make her laugh and give her some fun times.

Don’t let her find another source of happiness. Be her laugh therapy.

12. Let her know how much you love her.

You two are together because you love each other. But if you will not open up your kingdom of love for her to visit, how will she know?

Of course, showing care and treating her special is a way to say “I love you”. But sometimes, she needs to listen to it out loud.

Just don’t say the three words like it leaves your tongue without any meaning. Make her feel that it is real…

Go on to discuss why you love her and what qualities of her you adore the most. Mention the things that make her special and count all the things that has changed positively in your life since she has stepped in.

It will leave a beautiful mark on her heart and your name will be written permanently in the pages of her life.

Now that you know the things that you should talk to her to make her feel loved and keep her interested in you. With that, it’s time to know about the things that you should not talk about to her.

5 Things to not talk about with your Girlfriend

She loves you so she listens to you with all her heart and takes it seriously. This means you can’t afford to talk about things that puts her off, which includes –

1. Manipulating her or Gas-lighting

There will be many instances when you and she will not agree on the same subjects. Your opinions will differ.

There might be some decisions that you want to take and she is not ready for it. There will be times when you will want to sleep with her or try out new sex positions and she will not agree.

Don’t force her for that. Boys often manipulate their girlfriends when they are not ready for something. They try all kinds of tricks – feigning cry, gas-lighting, lying, gaining sympathy just so that she agrees to his words.

Don’t be that boy. You are better than that.

It will not be very long since she comes to know about your real intentions and then things will be over.

Women have a very convincing evolved sixth sense and they trust their instincts. So, don’t prove yourself a fool around her.

2. Asking about her past sexual experiences

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Dating her doesn’t mean you have rights over her. Maybe you can have certain rights on the “present her”. These certain rights include loyalty and staying true to the promises she made. Other than that, she doesn’t owe you a thing.

Whom she dated or slept with years or months before meeting you is none of your business.

If she is comfortable and wants to share her past experiences, she will do it herself. You don’t need to ask her. And if you did, well it’s only time when she comes back with ‘It’s over!’

3. Making jokes on her insecurities

She has shared her deepest secrets and personal feelings with you. She has shared her strengths and insecurities with you because she thinks she can trust you.

Never in your life make jokes about her feelings and scratch her insecurities. You will lose your respect in her eyes and slowly her love. Don’t stoop to that low level, even if you mean it as a joke.

Don’t use her weakness for making jokes. You may not know this, but there are hundreds waiting to give her the respect she deserves.

4. Comparing her with other females

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Okay, she may not have big boobs like the girl who keeps hitting on you or green eyes as your former crush.

But she is the girl who loves you and has accepted you as you are!

Do not compare her to other girls with whom you can have a chance with or ANY OTHER FEMALE.

She will not play with her self-worth to justify her love. So, never talk about how much more sexy the other girl is than her or how that girl at the bar was so much more amazing than she can ever be.

Then she will find a man better than you. Period.

5. Talking bad about her Family and Female Bffs

Her family was there for her before you came into her life. You are hot, sexy and everything amazing, but you are not her girlfriend with whom she gossips and shares her lipstick.

Okay… Dealing with her family and friends can be difficult at times, especially if they are judgemental and put their nose in other people’s business.

But you can’t change the fact no matter how bad they are, they are her people. If you bad mouth them it can hurt her.

So, in place of nagging and hurling slangs, you can be a gentleman and talk to her calmly with a peaceful posture about the things that you don’t like about them. Tell her how it affects you and it doesn’t feel right.

No extra drama and no dangerous stare from your girlfriend. Instead, she will consider your thoughts and will try to work on them.



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