Does the sky turn in pretty colours when someone falls in love like they show in the movie? Or you just wake up one day and feel like you are in love?

Well, it depends!

Every person experiences love in their own beautiful ways. Falling in love is one of the most serene feelings where the world seems to be the most beautiful place to live in.

I have always found, girls put their love into words more easily but boys often struggle. To know whether he is in love with you, gestures are going to be the key to unlock his heart. For a girl, the whole situation muddles up in the head thinking whether he has really fallen in love or he is just behaving absurdly. Multiple questions start haunting during nights like:

“I have been dating this guy for the past few months but has he not fallen in love with me?”

“Am I just a fool who has fallen for him and he hasn’t?”

Needless to say, that you would desire to know whether he has feelings for you so that waiting for his confession of love becomes pleasant.  So, the bottom line is, how to understand that he has fallen in love?

Let’s check out!

1. You become his number 1 priority

When you start realizing that he’s choosing to spend time with you over FIFA games, a dinner party with friends, or watching his favourite Netflix shows; you’re his choice.

How wonderful is it, to be someone’s priority, right? 

2. He likes to be close (really close!)  

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When there is hardly any physical distance between you both while sitting in a cafe or standing in the queue to collect your favourite McD burgers, you would know, he’s allured by you, both emotionally and physically.

Warning alarm: If he does this on the first date, it does not indicate falling in love unless it’s love at first sight. But a true gentleman would try to come physically closer to you only after knowing you well and understanding your boundaries.

3. He constantly smiles looking at you

When he looks at you or talks to you, have you ever noticed him smiling from ear-to-ear?

It must be making him feel stupid but he can’t stop smiling around you because he loves spending time with you.

If your presence makes him this happy and the curve on his face stays a little longer than usual, you have him already!

 (High time, girl! Can you just please confess love, first?)

4. Together is a wonderful place to be!

You would know that he’s been hit by a Cupid’s arrow when he prefers to do something with you rather alone.

When together looks far more beautiful than his own freedom, you know he wants to have you his entire life. From little things like grocery shopping to big decisions like changing cities for work, you both are together in this.

5. He kisses you on the forehead

Photo by Mari Lezhava on Unsplash

During moments of quietness, he kisses you on the forehead.

If you’ve achieved something, he kisses you on the forehead and says out loud, “I am proud of you.”

When you sob while watching your favourite movie, he brings you close and plants a kiss on your forehead.

Not very often, but forehead kisses become seasonal when two people are in love. A forehead kiss indicates that he’s going to be there with you through thick and thin no matter what and you’ve already secured a special place in his heart.

You gotta take this sign that he is bestowing you with one of the most graceful gestures of love and affection. (Why am I not the lucky one? *winking eyes*)

6. He keeps his arm around you in public

When he’s all willing to mark his territory on you and thinks protecting you is his responsibility, you know he is smitten by you. If the public display of affection (referred to as PDA in today’s world) toward you becomes comfortable, he might also be ready to label the relationship now.  

Remember: He’s doing it to show others that this amazing woman, that is you, belongs to him and only him

(I’m going all gaga over him already!)

7. He is vulnerable in front of you

Men, most of the time, do not like being vulnerable in front of others. But both men and women find vulnerability striking in a partner.

When sharing feelings to a woman becomes as comfortable as an old shoe, the man has let that woman peep into his soul. Vulnerable men allow women to understand them better and also give rights to be aware of their emotional side.

If your man feels calm in curling up on you with all his insecurities and taking a nap, he is truly in love with you.

(Never, I repeat, NEVER let him go!)

8. When his only agenda is to make you happy

Photo by Lethicia Matos on Unsplash

“Hi! Here’s your most loved blueberry cheesecake from your favourite restaurant. I hope now your face lights up like sunshine.”

How mesmerizing is it when someone desires to make you happy and cannot see sadness crawling up on your face! If he does little things for you like cracking the stupidest jokes to make you laugh till your stomach hurts or surprises you with home-cooked food that you’ve been craving for, you know you have the most special room in his heart.

After all, “it’s the little things that make a big difference.”

9. He strives to hold random conversations with you, every day

If your moods and daily whereabouts matter a lot to him and if he makes an effort to do small things to make it even better, you know he is trying to warm your heart. (So why don’t you let him?)

Random conversations become even more important as that’s how he is trying to delve deeper into your life and also give you insights about him.

When the only thing he can think of, is you when he falls off to bed, you know he’s waiting to refer to you as ‘my beloved’ or simply ‘mine’.

A quick tip: Why not surprise him with a phone call or asking him out for a dinner date? (Even a guy deserves a surprise, ma’am!)

10. Missing you becomes customary when you are away from him

When you see “I miss you” texts from him coming your way, you got to pay attention. When togetherness becomes a safe haven then missing each other becomes a sweet pain. 

If he surprises you time and again by coming to visit you when you least foresee it or send in lilies with “Get well soon and I miss you” messages, you know he is constantly thinking about you.

If you are on the same road, there’s no better day than today to confess your love to him.

11. His lips are desperately wanting to utter those 3 words

“I…I… wanted to say something. Hmmm! Naa naa! Nothing. Sometime later, maybe.”

Often people fail to catch signs where the right words struggle to come out of the mouth (of course, here the right words are ‘I love you!’); where he leaves a few words unsaid or stutters when he is about to say something to you while you both are alone.

Does it sometimes seem like he’s on the cusp between confessing his love for you and waiting for the perfect moment?

Hey here’s a secret, he is head-over-heels in love with you.

Start to communicate your feelings to him through actions and mind you, he will go down on his knees very soon.

(Aah! I’m frantically waiting for this moment now!)

12. The look in his eyes has something in store for you

If looking at you or hearing your voice makes his eyes look like a cluster of constellations holding a million feelings, he wants to drench you in his love for at least this lifetime.

Usually, you will find that his eyeballs seem diluted while he is looking at you. That’s because he is so lost dreaming of the future with you, that he has forgotten about the present.

If for you, looking into his eyes is the purest form of pleasures, why would you want to hold those three beautiful words?

13. You both are a part of each other’s family and friends’ group

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

When he becomes a member of your girl club and he tries every possible measure to make you a member of his boys’ gang, you’ve got each other’s back.

Not only will he try to make you a part of his close circle’s members, but will also try to cast a good impression of you on others.

Furthermore, he will put in great effort to impress your loved ones. When “do your family members and friends like me?” matters the most to him, you know he is preparing himself to be a significant part of your life.

14. He is potentially the Tower of Strength for you

“Hi, I’m going to stand on the chair and be your loudest cheerleader when you deliver the speech.”

If you feel protected under his shelter of love and always find him sticking to your side, you cannot afford to lose him. Love him till the world doesn’t fall apart and maybe even after that.

15. He cares about you more than anything in this world

Love has an insane relationship with care. They always come in a bundle.

When someone cares about you, your well-being will be his primary concern even if it causes him pain. He might desire to fix things for you so that no amount of hurt or pain touches you.

He will also put in every small piece of effort to help you achieve your goals so that you make a larger than life living for yourself. Hey you, sharing your life with him would be worthwhile!

Surely, you’ll be having a lot of stories to share with your grandchildren about how their grandfather wooed you. 

(Okay, maybe that’s too far! :P)

If you are wondering, whether your signs are visible to him or not, read this to find out: signs to know if she is the ONE for you

Listen to your heart!

Let me tell you this, nobody can tell you if he is truly in love with you. You have to believe in your intuitions and follow your heart. If you have a feeling in your gut that he is madly and deeply in love with you, you need to trust yourself and it’s high time you do something about it.

Start preparing yourself to show him that you feel alike and reciprocate the love each step of the way.

How to KEEP him in love with me?

Photo by Shaira Dela Pena on Unsplash

Once you have ascertained that he is in love with you, this question is sure to pop up immediately.

It is usually accompanied by “what if he stops loving me?” or “what if his love for me fades away?”

Well, here’s your answer: Love never fades.

Yes, true love actually never fades easily; people just forget to reciprocate or show it. However, sometimes, love is clogged with unrealistic expectations. Expectations that are built on the concept of “ideal love”.

Let me tell you, there’s no ideal love.

Love is still love, even when they don’t show it.

To keep the love intact, expect less, and give more; give emotional space to him so that in the long run, he does not feel claustrophobic.

Together should be a happy place but having an individual identity is equally important for mental peace. Let him not completely lose himself in you that he forgets himself; help him thrive in life and finally, be real, and don’t forget to keep yourself happy because as it’s said you can’t give from an empty cup.

A life lived for love and with love, is truly fulfilling!

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