The beginning of the new world with the Internet and Social Media has definitely changed lives. It has made a lot of things easy, and one of them is ‘Flirting’!

Flirting with a guy over Social Media is a great way to come closer to him and spark the fire of chemistry especially when he is far away.

Even if you meet him daily, flirting with him over text will make him think he is more special to you than he thought. And, let’s be frank… Flirting with cute emojis makes things so exciting!


Flirting over texts can make you anxious. You have no knowledge of how your texts will be received… if he is enjoying your flirting or not… if you are doing it right and not making things awkward!

You can’t know what’s going on in his mind because his facial expressions are not visible!

But let it not stop you from taking the first step, as I am going to introduce you to several tips and tricks that can make you a pro and make your flirting as smooth as his lips! 😜 (I think I’ve already started!)

Flirt with a guy using these tested simple steps [with 15+ text examples]

1. Start the conversation by giving ‘Implicit’ hints

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Starting a conversation that involves flirting with a guy who is your *crush* is hard as it requires a lot to control your senses and so many other things.

A great way to start flirting will be to send the guy a text that involves implicit hints. It can be:

“I think I’ve seen you before this! Can’t recall exactly when and where, but can’t take you out of my mind since then…”

“Your profile picture looks great! Is that the same shirt you wore today at work?”

Such texts can make him know your interest in him.

If he is attracted towards you too, he will use this opportunity and arrive with a comeback.

2. Try to be Yourself

People often forget that they can show themselves as highly intelligent, bold, and fun people over texting. But if in the real world, it’s not you… you will invite great trouble at your doorstep.

So, refrain from making up a totally different recreation of yourself and be as you are. Talk as you do in real life. Ofcourse, you want to impress him, and for that, you have to show your best self. Just show your best self… Don’t copy that uber-cool girl you know just to win him over. That will be a great turn-off!

Long story short, do not over-act. Do not use those hilariously extra emojis of laughing if in real life you tend to be serious and laugh a lot less!

” I saw you today and your smile…. Is everyone smitten by it or is it just me?”

“You are so Intelligent! That makes you much more charming!”

3. Talk about interesting topics

Boring him on texts will be a huge turn-off. Drop the cliché typical ways of flirting… He has heard it more than a hundred times!

Experiment! Think of interesting topics to talk about! Do not start the conversation with “How are you doing?” Instead, ask –

“How many people you killed today with your gorgeous smile?”

“Is your cute face happy or sad?”

You may sound kinda cheesy. But don’t go overboard with it. Talk about the fields he is interested in. It can be sports, gaming, or science. Share the things that excite you!

Make him go on a roller-coaster ride as you text him! The most interesting the conversation, the more interested he will be in you!

Note: Stay away from gossip and bitching. Boys/Men do not find it interesting. It will bore him and he will lose interest in continuing the conversation. Instead of talking about the things you hate/dislike, talk about the things you love! It will instantly make you sound more interesting.

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4. What is flirting without compliments?

It’s no secret, Flirting and complimenting go hand in hand. What’s a better way to let someone know about your attraction other than complimenting?

Everyone loves compliments.

If your compliments are genuinely wrapped in a bold cover of flirting, he is going to love it. It can also be naughty! 😉

As you like it!

Text him compliments on his chiseled face, strong body, blonde/brunette hair, or his dressing sense. Compliments on his mind and favorite gadgets will also be appreciated!

“I wonder if there is a competition of cuteness, who will win it? Your dog or you?” 😜

“I don’t think I’m gonna watch another movie with you. Your eyes don’t allow mine to move anywhere else.”

4. Love his name as much as he does.

Scientists have proved that the most loved and favorite word of person is his/her “name”.

He loves his name more than anyone else’s. It also makes a person more alert and interested when their name is called. They find themselves inclined to give more attention to the person calling their name.

Use this to your advantage!

“You make me feel so special… Tom.”

“Nick, I need to tell you something.”

It also gives some personal touch to a conversation!

5. Choose the time in your favor.

Pay special attention to the timing.

What’s the time when your thoughts wander freely? When emotions seem to overpower you? When it’s all cozy and intimate?

Of course, it’s the NIGHT!

Text him at night.

Make sure you are not texting him very close to his bedtime otherwise he may sweep to sleep and the conversation will remain incomplete.

Know the time when he goes to sleep and text an hour before it. He will be more free in expressing his emotions and will also flirt by opening his guards.

If your texts are interesting enough, he will drop the regular time he goes to sleep and stay awake longer to continue the flirting game!

“Lying half-awake on the bed in my cozy pajamas… What are you doing?”

“I don’t know why but when I talk to you, my reality feels more beautiful than my dreams.”

6. If he laughs with you, he falls for you.

Females are impressed by good humor, men are impressed by it too!

If you make him laugh, he is definitely gonna remember you for long…

Do your flirtatious texts sound funny too and are able to impress him and make him laugh as well?? Viola! Most of your work is done!

But do not try to stress your mind by trying too hard to sound funny. You are not a stand-up comedian. Just be yourself and take it easy!

“Gosh I feel tired even after sleeping for 8 hours… Give me some rest. Please stop chasing me in your dreams!”

7. Nothing makes flirting as sensual as Emojis!

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A lot of emojis are present on your phone and you’ve gotta use them!

It makes a conversation much easier and with the right use of the emojis, it gives the other person a better perception of what you are feeling.

Instead of typing ‘LOL’ type a few 😂😂 emoticons. There are multiple options to choose from flowers to sunrise and love!

Make them come to your rescue!

“Good morning, I suppose you are already shining today.🌞”

“You make me smile❤☺☺”

Recognize the motive behind your text and use the right emoticon.

8. A little teasing makes things better.

Tease him and spice things up more!

Just make sure your jokes are not hurting him. Use emoticons to let him know you are not being serious.

Flirting with healthy teasing is one of the best ways to make flirting better. You know him well to know what hilarious things he does. Pick one of them and joke about it!

You can joke about how girls are mad over him, or how his good old ways will make him a good Grandma! 😜 You can also tease him on his typing mistakes!

Keep in mind to not go too personal. It can turn things upside down!

Call him silly names that sound cute.

Engage in the kind of teasing that contains hidden praise for him.

“Your old landlady is definitely crushing on you. That’s the only reason I can see for her to let you stay in her home!”

“I can’t stop myself from talking to a jerk who has sea-blue eyes and oh so sexy muscles.”

9. Stay away from One-word Replies

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One-word replies will instantly kill the longevity of a conversation. Stop texting him “Yes/ No” to simple questions, try to make your texts fiery!

Also, do not ask questions whose answers will be no more than a word. Give him the chance to elaborate that can make the conversation stand till the last. If the conversation seems to end, start a new interesting topic!

If he asks your favorite color, do not answer in just one word. Instead type,

“My favorite color is yellow. I think I’ll like it even more if you show up in a yellow color shirt on our next date.”

If he texts “I don’t like pizza. Do you?” Instead of replying with a one-word, try this –

“Yes. But don’t worry. Burgers will make us close. 😉 “

10. Play flirty games

Engaging in flirty games is the best way to flirt. Games like “Truth and Dare” and “Would you rather?” will give you the opportunity to ask personal questions without making him awkward. It is fun too and he will enjoy it!

Playing these games with him will also tell him that you like him… without uttering even a word!

It will keep him hooked to the flirting and you!

While playing “Truth and Dare” you can ask the following questions –

“When was your crush? What you liked about her?”

“What you like more – cuddling or kissing?”

“What’s the first thing you notice in a woman?”

Some flirty dares you can give to him:

“Write my name on your chest and kiss it. Send me the picture.”

“Take out any fruit from the fridge and lick it. Show me over FaceTime.”

Some questions you may ask while playing “Would you rather” –

“Would you rather get sweaty in the gym or get sweaty in the bedroom?”

“Would you rather meet your crush over coffee or call her to your place?”

11. Say what’s on your mind

Do not hesitate to say what’s on your mind if it isn’t hurting him or if it’s not straightway vulgar! (Let him start that!)

If you are missing him, let him know. If you liked what he said over text and you can’t take it out of your mind, let him know.

Show him that you care for him and like him. If he is interested, it will make him happy to know you were passing your day thinking about him!

If it’s comfortable, tell him all the qualities one by one. Ask him when you both are meeting to continue this conversation face to face.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day!”

“I wanted to let you know I’m in love with the way you spoke to me when I was feeling down.”

“Don’t you think you are too late already to ask me out on a date?”

12. Make plans

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The possibility of meeting the person in real life and continuing the flirt to the event feels so thrilling!

Flirt and plan a date for the two of you!

Mutually decide where you will meet and what you will wear. The planning will make the flirting feel magical. The process of planning will also make him excited which will be a clear indication he is attracted to you.

To make him ask you out, talk about the bars or restaurants. If he says he has gone there, ask him about his experience. Chances are he may ask you out to visit those places with him.

“Ever checked out that restaurant? I’ve never been there. Wish some handsome guy would accompany me…”

“I’m tired of working all day long… Wanna go get some drinks. Who wants to join me?”

13. Make him feel special by a ‘Nickname’

Who doesn’t like Nicknames? It is so personal. It gives a sense that people calling each other by nicknames are really close!

Giving your crush a name that is innovative and cute will play a huge part in making your flirt game a success.

It will make him feel special and chances are he may also come up with a cute nickname for you…

You can make a nickname out of his qualities or likes/dislikes. If he wants to buy a Ferrari, you can call him “Mr. Ferrari”. If he has just bought a new I-phone, you tease him by saying it’s yours and call him ” My I-phone“. If he is into superhero movies, calling him “Future Spiderman” will incite him!

To sound more cute, you can give him cute names by simply calling him “Cutie” or “Charmer“. Sexy nicknames can be “Big fella” or “Sexy pants“.

14. Go through spell-check

Wait and go through the spell-check to avoid any spelling mistakes. In excitement, you may lose your concentration and type wrong words in a hurry.

People are not very fond of spelling errors – be it men or women.

It can be a turn-off to the guy you are flirting with.

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Ready. Set. Flirt! 😉

To flirt with a man will be fun and interesting if you know how to correctly imply the steps!

Flirting over text can trigger the inner feelings of a man for you.

You should pay special attention to keeping things fun and not very serious. No matter how desperately you want him, control your feelings!

Do not write long paragraphs dictating your love for him. It will bore him out. Let flirting do the thing for you.

Men like women who are bold and have an element of fun in them. It’s also necessary to know if he is interested in you or not.

His disinterest can be recognized by his late replies or negligence of the flirty texts you sent him. If this is the scenario, then do not act desperate and respect his decision.

It will be best to cancel the decision of flirting with him. There is no lack of men out there, ladies!

If he is interested and you still can’t find it easy to flirt, then there’s a solution to your problem!

If you are new to flirting and do not have any experience in this world of romance, then you may need professional help to make you aware of the tricks and nuisances of flirting.

I advise you to try “Text Chemistry“. It’s a famous program by Amy North, a well-known dating and relationship coach. It’s a guide to coach ladies into effective flirting over texts. It consists of many tried examples that have helped ladies around the world. By using the ideas mentioned in the guide, you can make a man fall for you just over texts!

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