The task of waiting for a text is really annoying especially when you are a girl and the guy you are crazy about takes ages to reply.

You have always wondered how lucky are the girls who don’t need to be the first one to send messages. Instead, the notifications of the texts of the guy show up on their phone without stressing their brains.

The guy can be your college/office crush or your partner who has been there for a while. Ever wondered why it is always you who sends the text first?

Why can’t he just miss you and shower you with the attention you have always dreamt of?

It’s not your fault.

Boys like to enjoy attention by showing unnecessary attitude. Some of them think being the “laid-back” one will make the girls desperate and they will make extra efforts to impress him.

And guess what, he is right… It works!

But it’s time to turn the tables. There are ways that can change the laid-back cool dude attitude he possesses into desperation. Want to know what are those ways? Check it out for yourself!

5 Ways that can make a guy text you first

1. Let him be the first one to text

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So, you want him to text you first…? Okay…

But how is it possible if the first thing you do in the morning is to send him a good morning message with lots of heart and kiss emoticons attached?

Drop the idea. If you want to be the receiver this time, then wait for him. Maybe you have tried it multiple times but gave up after a couple of hours.

Don’t. Do not GIVE UP!

Wait for a day or two.

It will make him restless thinking why you have not sent him a single text which will result in texting you first!

Let him miss you and your presence. If you are always available, he will take things for granted. Why will he make efforts when he is getting all the attention without even trying?

When you start reducing the number of calls and messages, it makes him tense and he misses you more.

Remember, boys are chasers.

They do not enjoy spending their life with someone who chases them. So instead of trying to catch him, be the catch… and he will be drawn towards you.

2. Provide him with reasons to text you first.

There may be chances that he wants to text you but is unaware of how to start a conversation.

The same old “Hello” and “How are you” may have bored him.

So, give him a reason to text you. Upload an interesting story on WhatsApp or Instagram and watch his reaction. If he is interested in you, he will surely reply to one of these.

If the scenario is such that you don’t find him interested in you, then this too is not a big deal. Making a man fall for you is not too hard after all.

Know where his interests lie and indirectly let him know you too like those areas.

For instance, you can share a song ṣ his favorite musician and mention how much you love it. Or you can post information related to fitness if he is into it. He will see that your interests match and his excited self cannot stop himself from slipping into your dms to talk about it!

3. Make him laugh.

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If a boy makes it a daily routine to text you and chat, then he is totally into you.

But what does it take to get a guy like you?

It takes a couple of things. Looks, popularity, personality – a lot of things matter when a guy decides you are worth his chase. One of them is humour.

Rarely you find a girl that can make him laugh his heart out while other chicks try to impress him by showing off their newly brought Prada.

He will not remember what is the color of your sparkling purse but he will surely remember the sparkle of his smile which you bring to his face.

So, the next time you are with him, make him laugh. Show your humorous side to him and have fun.

He will be impressed by this fun side of yours. After all, who doesn’t like a person who makes everyone around her happy and feels like warm sunshine?

The next time he is feeling down, your name will come first in his mind and he will text you!

Even if he is not having a hard time, he will still text you to check what you are up to. He will enjoy your company and will be hooked to text you daily.

4. Make his friends your greatest fan.

It is no secret that men often see their girlfriend/wife as an accomplishment and love showing them off to the outer world.

The popularity of a girl makes her more desirable to a man who is thirsty of social appreciation. And if his friends are your fan… the struggle is over already.

Spend more time with his friends. Do not try to act like a person you are not. Just be yourself. Just keep the idea of having a great time with them in your mind.

The more his friends will like you, the more his interest in you will increase. His friends will begin to mention your name more and more in front of him and it will make him miss you more.

Now that even his friends are in awe of you and the kind of person you are, how can he not be? 😉

Thinking about you all the time will be apparent when you will see his name on your chat list!

Just make sure to not act rude in order to show yourself as unachievable. Be the same fun person he is attracted to and just relax. Sit in your chair and see him texting you first each and every day.

5. Let him know you enjoy talking to him.

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Many times the guy stays away from texting you because he is shy and unsure of your feelings. Chances are that he likes you but refrains from texting first as he does not know if you like his messages or not.

The thought that his texts can disturb you plays the role of a barrier.

It is good to remove such barriers by breaking the wall of misunderstandings that stands between you and him. Let him know that there is no such thing to worry about and how much you like talking to him.

There’s no need to be desperate and send a long paragraph stating how much you love talking to him and always wait for his messages.

Just end the next conversation by telling him that you enjoy talking to him and you are looking forward to having more such conversations in the near future. That’s it!

It is enough to break the ice and convince him that his efforts are appreciated. He will no longer feel uncomfortable texting you first.

After all this, if you are still wondering why he replies to you every time but never texts first, read this: Reasons why he always texts you back but never first.

What if he still doesn’t text first?

If you have tried all the methods and the guy is still not texting you first, it is time to analyze if he is a “text person” or a “call person“.

Some people find texting a bit slow and a lot of hard work as minutes of typing is required to convey the things that take only a few seconds to say.

In this case, you have to check if he is not texting you first… Is he picking up his phone to call you?

Receiving his calls frequently means he may not be into texting but he is into you. But if he doesn’t even care to give you a call after all the efforts you have put in, it’s time to forget him and move on.

Life is too short to wait for a guy’s texts!



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