It is a no-brainer that relationships require a hell lot of effort!

There comes a phase in every relationship when couples just stop trying to make their significant other feel special. Especially, when the honeymoon period is over, all the I love you too’s appear less magical and least meaningful.

With the absolute certainty that their beloved is not going to leave them, the partner puts an end to all extra efforts that were gallantly visible in the beginning.

Everyone wants to feel special and cared for. Watching someone cross that extra line for you puts a beautiful smile on the face. On the contrary, the feelings of being left out, unwanted, ignored, and undistinguished divides the heart into two pieces.

Has your relationship reached the same stage of indifference?

Are you going through the same thoughts?

Do you want to bring the vitality of your love back?

Then you need to show him what a life without you looks like.

You need to make him realize that he needs you.

Wondering, how?

The ways listed below will come in handy! 

15 ways to make him realize he needs you.  

1. Trust him and his dreams

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Trust is the fundamental base of all kinds of love that exist. Ups and downs of the romantic phase of your relationship that has recently ended may have made you suspicious of him and his actions.

Unnecessary blows of constant mistrust make your man indifferent to your emotions. There will be a time when his tolerance levels will break and he will no longer care for your constant nagging.

It’s time for you to renew the trust you once had in him. The trust of his woman is very important to a man.

Once your man knows that you trust him, the invisible load on his heart will melt away.

2. Make solo plans

Drop the idea of taking him out everywhere with you.

Remember the times you forced him to visit your parents? Or the night he was extremely tired but gave up on your wish of going out to the party?

Hey, girl… he need not accompany you in all your trips!

Make plans with your friends. Want to go to your favorite city? Pack your bags and go solo. Lend yourself a chance to discover experiences alone! Do not have the will to enjoy the beauty of places by someone else’s acceptance but your own eyes!

The shopping sprees, the movie nights, the salon appointments – you are going to enjoy them so much with your girl gang!

Your man will also get to realize he is not the only one in your life and the chase to be the ONE will begin.  

3. Let your confidence steal the show

Undo the habit of clinging to him every time you need a confidence boost.

Come on… You were confident before you met him and maybe that’s one of the reasons that made you so irresistible in his eyes!

Do not make him the source of your confidence. He may be failing in complimenting your beauty and the absolute fire you are.

But there are other men who recognize it and are dying to make you feel special… You know them, right?

Plus, confidence must come from within not from the others. Believe in yourself. Stand straight with pride and know your worth!

A confident woman is a hundred times more charming than a woman who doesn’t know her worth. Your confidence makes you beautiful!

This confidence will make him realize how different you are from others and how badly he wants your shine in his life!

4. Win his family and friends

Be sure to maintain good relations with his friends. The desire to want a woman strengthensṣ when other men want you too. He will feel overwhelmed when his friends will admire how lucky he is to have you!

Try to befriend his close circle of buddies. At the same time, do not forget his family!

Plan frequent trips to his mother’s place. Accompany him when he visits his Grandma. Gift them meaningful presents. Never miss a chance to make them realize how special they are. Cook with them once in a while… and make your presence felt.

All these things will make him weak in the knees. He will realize how you take care of his close circle and he will be left with no option but shower you with love.  

5. Give him some space to breathe.

If you are present for him all the time, how will he know your absence makes him crave for your presence?

Give him some alone time. Do not be mad at him if he plans another golf match with his friends. Let him attend the night-stay with his guys without throwing tantrums.  

Leave his phone undistributed with your notifications for a few hours of a day. Let him miss you.

After some time, he will realize he is missing something and that is ‘YOU’.

Let him be the first one to call or text. If he doesn’t, do not be hopeless. Eventually, he will!

Accept the fact that no matter how much he loves you, his personal space is as much important for him. He will feel blessed to have such an understanding partner like you. 

6. Drop the caring nature for once!

Caring comes naturally to women. As if they are born to spread the joy of happiness!

You often find yourself cleaning his dishes and ironing his clothes. You aren’t his mother… Are you? Then stop pretending like you are!

You have made it such a routine to help him in his daily chores that he has almost forgotten that you don’t owe it to him.

Instead, he has been accepting your services without anything in return as if it’s your responsibility to pamper him like a child.

When you will stop doing the chores you have been doing without his notice, he will have to do those works on his own.

While doing the chores he will realize to what an extent he has taken you for granted!

7. Make him realize that your real strength is your HEART.

Nowadays women invest dollars in assembling their outfits and enhancing their looks. Though they hold an important place in today’s world obsessed with exterior beauty… they forget that what makes them unique and remarkable is their inner beauty and grace!

A man will not pay attention to the price tag of your branded mini dress. He may forget the color of your bold heels.

But, he will always, I repeat ALWAYS remember how you treat him and others in your vicinity!

He will always remember the beauty of the kind smile of your face and how you made him feel! Your integrity, kindness, intelligence, and wit make the most of your persona and charms everyone you meet.

Never forget, a gorgeous woman may attract him but a woman with ‘beauty and brains’ will capture his heart. 

If he realizes that the woman is you, he is too lucky to let you go! 

8. Indulge in self-love

Photo by Juan Camilo Navia on Unsplash

In this fast running world, we find ourselves so busy in work and duties that we have forgotten to take care of ourselves. The idea of loving yourself may come as a narcissism. But let me tell you… IT ISN’T!

The best thing you can do to yourself is to love yourself. Self-love is about treating yourself with your favorite candies when you are feeling down and having scented bubble baths in a while!

It’s also about being focused on taking your career on a journey of successes and overcoming obstacles.

The rat-race has made us competitive. We try to compete with others even in terms of happiness. Try to understand that the definition of happiness is different for everyone. Love yourself enough to not compare your life to others.

Just loving your man will not work. It is often said if you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else. A woman who loves herself shines differently.

The shine will express itself to everyone you will meet, including your man

9. Be bold in expressing your feelings 

Be bold in expressing your distress at his negligence and nonchalant behavior. If he commits a mistake, there’s no need to choose the path of silence just because you love him!

Tell him when he is wrong, when his actions hurt you, and his behavior shouts ‘irresponsibility’.

Tell him he is equally responsible for the daily chores. The task of grocery shopping is not only your job.

He should know your feelings matter too… and if he doesn’t, make him realize! Stop accepting his rash behavior.

Tell him he has to change his habits otherwise there’s no reason to put in so much effort in the imaginary future!

Respect and admiration is your right. Confront him with the truth. He may realize his mistakes and try to bring changes.

Or if he doesn’t… he is not worth the time and consideration.  

10. Cherish the world that resides outside your relationship

To remain confided in a relationship is to devoid yourself of the excitement the world offers!

Make new friends. Engage in your hobbies. Meet your childhood buddies at brunches. Have an exciting social life! He must know you are not dependent on him to be happy!

11. Support him in his bad times

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Who doesn’t like a person who supports him in his bad times?

Who doesn’t want to have a person in his life who unconditionally believes him and is always there to offer a shoulder of help?

Support your partner in his bad times! When the whole world is against him, he will find you a divine intervention of God when you will hold his hand and say – “I trust you. I believe in you.”

Tell him you are always there for him and you believe him. Tell him “You can do it!”

Tell him to not lose his hope. Tell him he can do everything he sets his mind to!

Support his dreams… No matter how big they are. Remind him every day he is a Winner. Make him know how much faith you have in him and his dreams. Ask him if you can do anything and how you are always there for him.

Every person wants a friend who supports him and believes in his vision, his aims, and his determination. He will be grateful when he will find out that this person is his partner! He will see an angel when he will look into your eyes. ♥️

Be the source of his power. Be his mental strength.

A supportive person is a precious gift from God that he can never afford to lose. If you support him, he will treasure you and love you as one of the best things ever happened to him

12. Get more experimental in bed

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Sexual compatibility is one of the major building bricks of a romantic relationship. When love seems to fade away, sex holds the partner. With admiration and support, care will mark its existence which brings back the lost love.

Men are dominated by sexual desires. As a result, they desire a woman who is compatible behind the sheets.

Either to win over your man’s heart once again or to make boring things exciting, be experimental in bed. Show him you are not afraid to try new things and surprise him by being truly innovative!

It will excite your man and soon his new developing interest will sneak through his heart!

Show him some new moves and challenge him to try them. He will be more than delighted and surprised to see your enthusiasm

A woman who excites him and awakens his sleeping sensuality is possibly going to last longer or even forever in his life.

He will begin adoring you for what you are and what you make him do!

There are a lot of times, men take you for granted because the sexual spark is gone, To be sure, you must give this a read – Signs your boyfriend is NOT sexually attracted to you.

13. Learn to say “No”

The first rule of any relationship – Do not forget who you are when you enter a romantic relationship.

If you are not comfortable doing something, learn to say “NO”… without any hesitation!

Do not lose your individuality. If you have already, try on gaining it back! Love doesn’t mean you have to accept everything that comes your way.. you cannot accept shit disguised in the mask of love.

He must know you will not be able to make those sacrifices. Tell him you have commitments to your work or you want to visit your friend, and cannot accompany him to his friend’s place this time!

A direct “no” to any signs of manipulation or “gas-lighting” will end his game right away.

Refrain from being the abused one just because you are too shy or in too much pressure of saving a relationship or in the thought of gaining love from him!

Plus, your absence will make him realize how much he needs you even in his daily life schedule

14. Appreciate his efforts.

Appreciation is one of the things people often undermine, in a relationship.

Do not be one of those ladies who denies to appreciate his actions of love.

He brings you your favorite flowers… Appreciate his efforts! Thank him and in return buy him his favorite colognes!

He came to pick you up from work because you were too tired to take the metro… Instead of hurling abuses to your boss or co-workers on the way back, tell him how much you love him and how his presence makes you feel at peace!

15. Put yourself first.

If you put yourself before him, you will notice the changes in his behavior.

He will treat you as a woman of worth who knows her value.

He will start to respect you more and fear to take you for granted because he knows you value yourself and wouldn’t tolerate shit just for the sake of the relationship.

Why you should make him realize he needs you?

Woman, you have put your heart and soul in this relationship. Your care and love deserve more than “Oh, I know that”.

You deserve every bit of love you give him.

But if you are still thinking about why you should make him realize your worth, here’s your answer:

1. The love you have for him

True love is rare. Not everyone has the privilege of meeting someone they can call their own. If you have found that person, you must try every positive way to make him realize you are the one for him. And if you were there for him… he must do the same!

2. For the memories and the future

The past has been alluring and the future holds the same. The love is still there, it’s just that the routine has made you two forget to make each other feel special, which makes your love seem ordinary… but it’s not! Just a little fix here and there… and it will be alright!

3. You two are made for each other

Your conscience and ideals are the same. Your goals and aims may differ, but your morals are totally identical. Conversations are never forced with him and his arms are the safest place in the world… He is worth the fight, Girl!

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