A romantic relationship is an emotional agreement between two people to care for each other and always be there for your partner.

But, are you the only one who looks after your partner’s needs?

Is your relationship not about ‘give and take’ but just ‘give and give’ and ‘take and take’?

Do you feel that he is not putting any effort into this relationship?

Well, the good news is that you are not alone and the bad news is that he has started taking you for granted.

The loving fragrance of your love cannot reach the guy if he is unwilling to savor its essence!

A relationship is made of two people and if he refuses to bear the responsibility, how is it gonna work?

Is there anything you can do to save your relationship?

Yes, definitely. There are a number of ways you can make him realize that he is losing you.

But the question is, are you ready to give him a taste of his own medicine?

It is well known that the value of a person is known when we are on the verge of losing them. So, let’s make him realize that his unconcerned attitude is not working and he is losing you!

How to make him realize he is losing you

1. Stop texting him, first.

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“Good morning, sunshine”

Stop being the first one to send those “good mornings” and “good nights”. It gives him a clear indication that your day starts with him and ends at him. And when he is getting all that attention without even trying, why on earth will he try to put efforts? 

Do not call him when he forgets to reply to your messages. He has taken you granted long enough. Time to teach him a lesson!

Wait and see if he texts you first.

For the first few days, you might still not find your phone buzzing with his name. But wait. Don’t give in just yet. Soon he will start to realize that you haven’t texted in a while and finally drop you a text.

But if he doesn’t, he is not the one for you!

2. Focus on other things in your life (that’s not about him!)

Do you sit all day with your phone just to get a glance of him? Then stop it right now!

Get back to your own life, set new goals, and try your best to achieve them. Stop obsessing over him and instead of a whole paragraph, comment with just a heart ❤ on his social media upload.

Focus on your career and your daily chores. No one wants a partner who has got no life of her own!

Plus, he should know you are a responsible individual who has her priorities and he is just one of them. Do not make him the leader of the whole priority list. Or in the worst case… your only priority!

Do not be available for him, all the time. Let him realize your absence and come back running.

As the saying goes – Do not try to catch him. Instead, be the catch!

3. Act chilled around other girls!

Chicks buzzing around your guy pisses you off the most. Of course, it should! You don’t want wannabes trying to treat your boy like their own!

But it’s time to put a pause to it. Men enjoy when women are jealous of their female friends. It feeds their ego and at the same time makes them feel wanted. Many times he makes you jealous intentionally just to make you try harder and gain more attention without deserving any bit of it. So, shut it!

If he really loves you, there’s no way other girls can collar him. A true lover is always loyal.

4. Do not include him in your plans

I know you like to show him off to your friends. His presence makes you more at ease.

But it also sends him the subconscious message that he is the only source of happiness you have got. That’s the reason you include him in your all-girls plans too!

This time, plan a girl’s outing and leave your phone and the thought of him at home! Let him know there are other people too who matter in your life and he should respect your personal space. Go on trips and make new friends. This will distribute your time and affection. It will make him feel devoid of the undivided affection he was neglecting.

5. Don’t fight for his attention (or anything else!)

You only fight with those you really care about.

Indulging in a fight with a person you don’t care about is absurd and totally not happening. And right now, you gotta act indifferent towards him.

I know it’s exhausting to not care about the man you love so much. But, don’t worry it’s not going to last too long!         

When you wouldn’t care to fight no matter what he does, it will make him feel uneasy. He will compare the ceased fights with the ceased fire of your love.

6. Let your social media scream fun without him

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Make him realize that now since all the unnecessary drama is out of your life, you are enjoying more than ever.

Do the things you love and go for adventures. Reconnect with your college buddies, set up a shopping spree, and sign up for Friday parties. Wear his favorite LBD (little black dress) and dance away while you look an absolute bomb in it – Don’t forget to share the picture! 😜

Your beau should know how gorgeous his girl shines, even with his unsent flowers and pending dates!

and all the drools and flattery from other guys will make him jump out of his seat! 😜

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7. Hang out with your male friends more frequently.

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“But I’m a one-man woman… I can’t cheat him!”

Girl… a few night outs with your male friends will not make you a cheater. Their respect will make you feel more feminine. You will reckon your self-worth when you will look at the crowd of males dreaming to have you by their side.

Your otherwise indifferent man will soon realize there is an army of men ready to give you the special treatment you deserve. The thought of losing you to one of those will drive him mad!

8. Stop doing his daily chores

How frequent is it that you do his dishes or park his car while he is busy lifting a cigarette for himself?

You decide to iron his clothes? You do the shopping for him all because he had a tough day at work… Did you not?

It’s time to sign out from these free services. He is your partner and you are expected to stand by his side in his bad times. But if your support is taken as your responsibility, it’s high time you put an end to this.


This will answer your question: When was the last time the said thank you because you cooked his favourite dish while he was busy playing video games?

There. Now you know it!

A person habituated to be pampered unconditionally without giving any love in return deserves none of this. He must realize his lack of gratitude and appreciation.

Answer him back when he questions the sudden change and see how he comes crawling back – only this time with a lot more love in the eyes and in the heart!

9. Make a world of your own

He said you were his world when he first proposed to you. But now it seems he lives on another planet.

You miss those confessions. You dedicate him songs with lyrics you’re my world but don’t get a and you’re mine in return. You post pictures with him with the caption “my world” but your compliments are not taken seriously.

It’s time for you to make a world of your own!

Take time to reconnect with all the friends you forgot with the course of time and those you ghosted just because he felt uncomfortable around them.

Find a hobby that gives you the opportunity to be social.

Be in contact with your family and best buddies. They are the people you can always look at.

10. Make yourself a priority!

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“Did she just refuse to meet me for her yoga classes?”

Yes… She did!

Show him that you have a routine of your own and he can’t bend it according to his own timelines. He has already done a lot to you. He has refused to show on planned dates for trivial reasons. At least one thing you can do to yourself is to not let him come in the way of loving yourself.

Attend those yoga classes! Get your favorite haircut! Buy that dress! Meditate! Journal! Get yourself the pizza you love all by yourself!

You don’t need a half-hearted person who decides to show up whenever he wishes and fails to meet your needs. 

Remember the times when you dressed like a doll for him but he failed to notice. Now dress up for nobody, but for yourself. Do not wait for anyone else’s compliments. But look in that mirror and take pride in the goddess that you are!

Look at your glowing hair, your twinkling eyes, your elegant lips, your seductive figure, they make a woman out of you who is purely exceptional and heavenly!

Drink water. Complete your daily goals. Work on your career. Strive to be the best version of yourself every single day. Because that’s who you are… beneath all those insecurities and filthy judgments!

Here’s a little secret: Men love women who can love themselves, in case you want to look beyond him! 😉

11. Show him that you don’t need him.

Nothing excites a man (and also scares) more than a woman who is confident of herself!

When he will see your eyes that once looked out for his acknowledgment and love are now filled with confidence all by itself, it will scare the hell out of him.

When he will see you radiating with hope even in his absence, he will realize you no longer need him to feel safe. He will realize that you feel sufficient even without him. He will realize he is losing you!

Let all the constant nagging and praying for attention stop. That will irritate him further.

Yes… you can sleep without face timing him! You can book your tickets on your own. You can go on vacations on your own. You can look after your own needs.

You are worthy and he should know it. Always remember, a Queen is always a Queen… even without her King!

12. Stop sharing secrets with him

He is the “Mr. Know-it-all” of your life. He is aware of all that you have lived in your life and dream to live. Right from your childhood memories to old-age dreams.

He knows what annoys you the most and what can light up your face almost instantly. He knows what pisses you off (though he continues to do those stuff) and he knows what you are afraid of but still acts unaware!

He knows that his love and care is all that you need and yet, his attention is what you are craving for.

Sharing a lot of your knowledge will assure him that he is your human secret diary and that you hold him dearly.

But did he care to act on all the information that he possessed or at least comfort you when you feel lost?

Trust me, he is not worth it!

Stop doing it and he will soon feel the vacuum.

Earlier, he used to get pissed at you for sharing too much information but now when you will stop, he will crave it!

He will be clouded with tons of questions: Why do you not share secrets with him? If not him, who do you share it with? Is there another person in your life who is more important than him? Has he been replaced? Is he losing you?

13. I-don’t-care

No, not in real but at least act like it.

He needs to know that you are not bothered only then he will feel the void.  

Do not spam him with messages and calls when you see him commenting on his childhood crush’s pictures. Do not ask him for explanations when he acts more than just friends with his ex or calls him names. Let everything pass by!

Your indifference towards him will make you irresistible. He will start thinking what’s making you so cold, stress on it, and finally break the wall and ask.

He will surely realize you have reached the limits of coping with his behavior and then make efforts to mend the crack.

…but if he is indifferent to your indifference, realize that there’s not a thing you can do to save your relationship and move on.

14. Make him beg for SEX

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Sex is VERY important for men.

And the minute you say a NO to that, you will have his attention.

Keep him devoid of the soft kisses and the bear hugs and your touch will become divine for him. He will suddenly go in a frenzy and he may realize that he has failed to take care of your emotional needs.

To devoid men of sexual pleasure is the oldest way to make him realize his mistakes. And it still works!

He will also feel a setback when you no longer need him for your sexual needs and will finally realize his mistake.

Trust me, the puppy face and the wanting eyes will be worth the watch! 😉

Always remember, if his love is not real, it’s better to move on!

You love him. You cannot afford to lose the person he is. You are still holding on to the early memories of the honeymoon period of your relationship. You want your proposal days back.

But hey, do you see that happening?

If not, then here’s a piece of butter truth for you: Whether you like it or not, people change with time.

It’s always better to move on from a toxic relationship where you do not feel loved than to feel disgusted and disrespected.

It is also satisfactory to give the last shot to save the beautiful bond you have nurtured with so much love.

If your love is true, he will realize his mistake. His fear of losing you will be greater than anything else. He wouldn’t be hesitant to say sorry and the comeback will be stronger than ever.

But if he fails to see these signs, he is not the one for you. Trust that you deserve better and put an end to this toxic relationship. Find a man who loves you with all his heart.

But first, learn to love yourself! ♥️



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