Trapped in a boring 9-5 job, trying to cope up with the never-ending work, listening to Boss’s taunts – Office can be really boring. It can be bad if you do not like the same routine life. The only good aspect of your office is a young man…

…the one with the chiseled looks who comes wearing the white shirt on his gym body, and takes your breath away while passing around…

Or you are devoid even of the privilege of having a young man you can crush on! An extra clingy man is troubling you by his unending desire to come close?

Either way, office romances are a sign of trouble. Majority of the offices have an agreement of “No-dating” between coworkers. Dating a coworker can cost you your job!

Even then if you are involved with the man in your office vicinity, things get no easier. If things go wrong, facing your Ex in your workplace will be a nightmare!

There will be fights or subtle shows of aggression that can totally throw you out of your job!

But what if it all works out?

It’s pretty natural for people to find love in offices as they spend major parts of their days together. Most of the time the same kind of difficulties is faced which brings you two closer. Having to see a glimpse of each other every day also contributes to the fact.

It’s also good to have a partner who understands your work and is there to help you in need…. Isn’t it?

Found a friendly man who makes you daydream of dating life?

Does he want to date you back?

It will be hard to know as an office fellow, he smiles at everyone and also takes interest in their lives.

Don’t worry! We are going to discuss the signs that will prove if he likes you!

20 Signs that a guy likes you at work

1. Finding reasons to talk to you.

He makes it a point to talk to you. Notice his tone, he will be very friendly and soft in his conversation. He will show care and closeness in his talks.

But there can be another side to it. He may be an extrovert. He is good friends with almost half of the workplace!

Then, you can be one of those people for him. Do not mingle his friendliness with his attraction.

But if he tries these things, he is definitely into you –

“When having a coffee, does he fetch coffee for you too?”

“Is he trying to be good friends to the person sitting next to you?

If he is just finding reasons to stay close to you so he can strike a conversation, he is totally into you!

Also, if he doesn’t chat with any other female in the office as much as he does with you, then keep no doubt!

2. Appears as the “Knight in a shining armor”.

Facing any problem with your work? There’s something you don’t know and can’t find solutions?

You are looking for someone to help but there’s no one that can come to your rescue.

But there he is, charming and gorgeous, coming towards you with accelerated steps.

Even if he doesn’t know how to solve it, he will try his best to be your Knight in shining armor. Leaving his own work for helping you to fix something appears as a no big deal!

He will be very caring and protective. One of the ways to let someone know our interest in them is to help them in their difficult situations. He does it willingly and with great pleasure to let you know he likes you!

Helping you will also give him some extra time to be near you. If he is not shy, he will talk to you, and many of his talks will not be work-related.

3. His eyes are on you – always.

How many times have you caught him looking at you across the room?

Are there emotions in his eyes that give a strange sense of warmth?

“Does he hurriedly move his eyes sidewise when you catch him looking at you?”

He fails to keep his eyes off you.

He pays special attention to maintaining eye contact while talking. His eyes are so personal that it can almost make you feel loved.

During meetings or events, you can catch him looking at you. He just can’t stop adoring your beauty and your presence. His eyes speak louder than he can ever say.

He likes you, trust me.

4. Shares glances of his personal life with you.

Your coworker sharing his personal feelings with you?

Then surely, it’s not a common thing!

Being professionals, coworkers give out information just related to their profession. If he talks to you about his life outside of work, shares his problems as well as goals, aims, and ambitions, then he considers you more than just a colleague.

Men don’t usually share private feelings with everyone. If you are one of those who are privy to his secrets, then you are really special to him!

5. He tries to know about your relationship status.

Has he often asked indirect questions about your dating life? Like “What are you doing on your weekends? Hanging with your boyfriend… Huh?”

As a coworker, he is already scared to get in a romantic relationship with you, as his work doesn’t allow it.

But still, he can’t keep the thought of you out of his mind. He will often fire you with indirect questions related to your relationship status until you tell him the truth whether you are single or not.

Of course!

He has his eyes on you, and he wants to make sure if there’s already anyone who has taken your heart!

6. He makes you laugh.

When he is with you his eyes suddenly start smiling and he becomes a goofball.

Silly jokes and some humorous ones come out of his mouth and you find yourself always laughing with him…

Sometimes at his jokes and in the other at his stupidity. But mind you, he is not stupid. He is behaving a certain way to see a smile on your face.

7. Makes plans to meet you after office.

Makes-plans to-meet-you-after-office
Photo by Shawn Fields on Unsplash

“Hey! I wanna discuss some important topics we discussed today. Isn’t it a great idea to discuss it after work over coffee?”

You will be asked on coffee or lunch to discuss work-related topics. When you go to attend these discussions, you will find that there’s more personal talk and friendly chit-chat than work-related discussions.

If he is confident and friendly enough, he will not hesitate to ask for a movie or dinner.

He will just say he wants to meet you to have some good time and you will know it, your coworker is interested in you.

8. Compliments you freely.

You are feeling numb about performing not satisfactory in a presentation. Just then he will come around and say.

“Hey! That was a good presentation! Well tried! I know you can surpass this performance in your next.”

You often receive compliments about your work, presentations, discipline, and even looks!

It seems that you are the receiver of his attention and he pays special attention to all your accomplishments and great qualities.

To maintain the decency of a coworker, he may not be upfront with compliments on your looks. Instead, he will notice your new dress or new pair of spectacles and compliment them.

9. Your Social Media is full of him

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

People working in the same workplace or office don’t really like to be on each other’s social media. The need to know what’s happening in other’s lives is not important to them.

You will rarely see any of your coworkers sending you a friend request on Facebook or following you on Instagram unless you are an Instagram celebrity, or they are seriously interested in you.

If the guy you are suspicious of having a crush on you wants to connect with you on social media.

Then there remains no doubt!

Along with liking your posts, he may also comment on your pictures. It’s also a good way to start a conversation as the next day he will try to talk about the status you uploaded or something else he noticed on your social media.

10. Jealousy is a thing.

His eyes will no longer shine and will be filled with an unknown emotion you have never noticed when he will see another young male coworker coming close to you or simply talking in a friendly way.

If there is a guy who is really close within or outside the office, and you talk to him about it, suddenly his chilled-out expression will vanish and his tone of voice will vary.

He may also ask indirect questions related to that guy in order to know your feelings for him.

If you don’t give any compulsory details and instead talk about how wonderful your friend is, it will seem as if he is upset.

11. His friends tease him by taking your name.

Can you hear a small laugh from his group of friends when he talks to you?

Your coworkers often tease him by taking your name and say directly to you about his feelings for you in a joking manner.

There’s no fire without smoke!

If you are in doubt, your colleagues will not fail to notice his fondness for you. If he behaves a certain way when he is with you, it’s going to give out a message to the office.

If you can relate to the above-mentioned points, then your coworker likes you so much that it can’t be hidden from others.

12. His body language says it all.

Does he lean towards you when you have something to say?

His body suddenly stiffens and he starts mincing words when you look into his eyes?

He will smile more.

When his eyes will fall into yours, it will seem to immerse in it.

He can try to conceal his feelings. But these facets of body language are unconscious and not under one’s control. It may cause him to mess up and you will know the truth.

13. He has memorized the special events of your life

On your birthday, his good wishes will be the first from your office.

He will treat you special on your birthday. On occasions like New Year or Easter, his wish will show on the notifications of your phone.

How can we forget the special days of the person we like?

14. “May I drop you home?”

Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash

You have heard that before, haven’t you?

Offering to drop you home after work is another sign that he wants to spend some more time with you.

He rarely gets a chance to find you alone in the office. Dropping you home in his car will be a great excuse to spend some alone time safe from anyone else’s eye or any kind of distraction.

By offering you a ride, he can help you and be noticed. It will also give him the opportunity to talk to you longer or even personal talks that he has rare access to in the workplace.

15. He calls you by a ‘Nickname’.

He often plays stupid harmless pranks when he is with you, and have used this opportunity to give you a cute nickname.

Or he is extremely impressed by your work and confidence and gave you a nickname like “Boss lady” or “Wonder Woman”?

That shows your relationship is not just professional.

Nicknames are given to special people and he wants to make you feel special.

16. Mirroring means Attraction.

If you cross your leg, after a few seconds he will cross his legs too. If you keep one hand on your lap, he will do the same.

Mind you! He is not doing it consciously. It is all subconscious.

When a person is attracted to the other, he/she often mirrors the person he is attracted to. If you want to know what’s going on in his mind, when the next time you both are sitting near each other, pay attention to whether he is mirroring you. It’s a great way to examine his intentions!

17. He engages in subtle flirting with you.

If your coworker likes you, then the otherwise disciplined, focused and a man of serious demeanor will playfully tease and flirt.

You will receive compliments that will sound cheesy or naughty.

He will text you to know how you are doing and continue the tease and flirt there. If you show him care and indulge in fun banters, he may directly ask you out on a date.

That’s enough proof of his attraction!

18. He finds his seat beside you.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Why is it that every time there’s a meeting or event, he gets his seat beside you?

Is it accidental? No, it’s NOT!

While sitting next to you, he will try hard to appear as an intelligent, generous gentleman or a powerful Alpha male.

All of this is to impress you.

He will shower a lot of attention and treat you the way he never treats any other woman at the workplace.

19. It makes him sad if you leave.

The thought of you leaving the office and moving out somewhere else to work will shock him deeply.

He will be sad.

If it’s possible he will try to convince you to continue in the same office. It will seem as if you have some dream, he was working on to convert into reality.

20. Vibes are everything!

Women are good at understanding vibes.

If he is interested, he will behave and treat you differently.

There are a thousand micro unconscious movements and vibes that will let you know he thinks of you more than a colleague and he really likes you!

Analyze the above-mentioned signs and with it believe your sixth sense.

Now that you know the guy at the work likes you

Do you see all the signs in the guy that crossed your mind before reading this?

By now, you must be sure about his feelings.

Do you like that guy too? Then it’s a happy revelation to you! But before taking any steps, be sure that he has genuine feelings and not mere attraction.

If he is just attracted by your beauty, then with the other beautiful woman who joins your office his fondness for you will fade.

Spend some quality time with him and take time to fully analyze the truth and intensity of his interest.

Here’s how you can drop subtle signs and make him feel that you will the same for him: 27 Signs that a female coworker likes you

It will save you from future problems and complications. If the guy asks you out, say yes to him.

In the midst of the date, ask him boldly about what he feels about you. It will give you some clarity.

If everything goes well, there is nothing better than finding a partner who shares the same dreams and workplace as you.

All the best!


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