A married man with a good education and civilized manners always respect everyone – children, elders, men, women, their co-workers, servants, etc. Being nice to you doesn’t necessarily mean that he is sexually attracted towards you.

Respecting and caring for others are common features of a good human being.

But do you find him more often around you than he should be?

Does the behavior of that old man towards you signify more than fatherly love and feels wrong?

Maybe you have made the correct decision by reading this article. First things first! If a married man is attracted to you, then the first thing you should do is – RUN!

Run away from him as fast as you can! Involving yourself with a married man brings several misjudgments, perplexed threads of relationships, hatred of the society, and often his betrayal‘.

You should never love a man who cheats his wife and instead lays eyes on another woman. The thought of leaving your kids just to sleep with a woman can just come from a man who has no morals and cannot be trusted.

He may be your boss or smoking hot! But believe me, you should prioritize your mental peace and future plans more than his good looks.

If you are already scared of his actions and you are suspicious of him being sexually inclined towards you… then you are at the right place.

Fasten the seat belts of your mental chair and let’s go and check whether that married man is attracted to you or it’s all in your mind…

Signs that a married man is attracted to you

1. All he seeks is “Alone time” with you

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Are you facing situations that make you spend more than usual alone time with him?

Is he finding excuses to send everyone out of the room?

If you find yourself in situations where you two are alone in a room or a park… Try to find the reason behind such moments.

Does your Boss ask you to visit his office to discuss useless business-related topics and never implement them?

Or your professor wants to teach you some extra math problems in his private room?

The signs of danger are clear. If you find a man giving you extra attention that he provides other women and constantly desires to meet you alonethen he is definitely into you.

It will be safe for you if you understand the situation and be safe.

2. Having the curiosity to know the personal

“So how do you spend your free time? With your boyfriend, huh?”

“Your face looks tired today… Who is keeping you awake at night?”

Aren’t these questions too personal to be asked by a married man you hardly know? Yes… They are!

If he is showing interest in your personal life, asking about your family, your hobbies and your favorite movies and Hollywood stars, then he is surely interested in you!

He shows no hesitation in asking you personal questions that should be a concern to him. Ofcourse, he wants to know you more. And he wants you to know that he wants to know more about you!

If he is talking about your dating life when you are alone with him, he imagines you more than just a coworker!

This sign is most important in deciding what his real intentions are!

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3. Eyes speak

He is finding it hard to blurt out the attraction. So, he will try to express with eyes what his lips can’t tell.

Notice the way he looks at you… And where is he looking at while talking to you?

His interest in you will be clear when he will be caught making intense eye contact. His eyes will refuse to move from your lips. They will even try to go down at your bosom. His facial expressions will convey he is admiring your beauty. His glued sticky eyes will seem as if they want to captivate you.

Do all these signs sound familiar? Then right… there he grins… trying to impress a younger girl!

4. Showers you with praises

Ever thought? Why does he keep complimenting you for the color of your top?

He is a senior… Then instead of complimenting your work or career plans, why does he choose to compliment your face or looks?

Like how he has never seen hair as soft as you possess. The smile that bursts on your face is the brightest and the most beautiful smile any girl can ever have?

If he has left sudden clues by saying the man married to you will be the luckiest person in the world… Or to go further, he compares you with his wife and how in every manner you surpass her, then…

You are intelligent enough to understand that!

5. His behavior changes when his wife is around

His-behavior-changes-when-his wife-is-around

Oh… Mr.X is so kind to me! He always makes me feel so special! Such a genuine honest gentleman! “

But hey! Why did he appear so indifferent today when his wife arrived?

When his wife is around, his eyes that normally stick to yours refuse to even look at it. He is standing some feet away from you and has not flashed a happy big smile yet… Why is it? Because of course, he is hiding something!

He is hiding his attraction for you from his wife.

He doesn’t want to show any signs that will make her suspicious of his true intentions.

6. You receive gifts from him.

You love gifts… Don’t you?

Then why do his gifts make you uncomfortable? That’s a question that needs not be even asked… Right?

From a luxurious handbag to a cute pen… It can be anything but the mere act of presenting you with something without any particular event… is a sign!

Gifting you is a way of expressing he considers you special and one of his closed ones.

It confirms a man is engaging himself in innocent flirting. He is trying to impress you and wants to make you the “Other Woman”.

Do not fall in his trap as giving in to his cues will only make matters worse!

7. Finds trivial reasons to text you.

With the impulse of starting a conversation, he initiates the talks even when you are not physically present – via texts.

You can know if he is flirting or just being nice by the kind of messages, he sends you and their frequency.

Are the texts just about business or work-related? Or they strive for more?

Asking simple questions like ” What’s up?” “Where have you been?” Or complimenting your profile pictures are all signs of healthy flirting.

If a married man wants to know the details of your daily activities, he is trying to accumulate details about you. He is also showing openly that he is interested in you and thus wants to know more about your life.

You may also receive flirting disguised in casual talks. And if he is stupid enough to send you a forwarded double meaning joke and then apologize… then it was not accidental at all!

He is trying to talk dirty to you and wants to check your reaction!

8. Sharing about his personal life is not his thing.

Asking details of your personal life comes naturally to him. He is not awkward doing that. But have you ever noticed; he just asks you questions about your personal life but has never shared a thing from his personal life?

Talking about his wife or children is not something he seems interested in. As if he is a bachelor and marriage has never happened to him!

When you initiate a conversation about his wife, he simply ignores it or casually answers in two words and moves on to the next topic.

9. Leaves no chance of having a conversation.

Leaves-no-chance-of-having a-conversation

He makes it a point to talk to you every time he sees you. Sometimes he goes out of the way to come around and start a conversation.

He will appear extremely friendly and will look deep into your eyes. He may ask what are the things you like, what are you doing on the weekends, and assure he will always be there for you.

While talking he might move slightly close to you. Extreme situations can be when he also changes his tone while talking especially to you and makes his voice deeper to sound more manly or sensuous.

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10. Brags about his accomplishments.

He wants you to know how special he is and how he is the master of so many successes. You are desirable for him, so he wants to show himself as a desirable man!

Even though he is NOT a bachelor…

The bragging of his wealth or current job will be visible. No stones will be left unturned to show how fun and strong he is. He will tell you how amazing and interesting he is considered in his vicinity.

He may also share his workouts and diet plans with you in an attempt to attract you.

11. He makes you uncomfortable.

Trust your vibes. Not every man makes you feel that way…

Trust your instincts.

His subtle actions, words, or his mere presence can make you feel uncomfortable. You may not know what’s wrong. Without any proof, you find it difficult to share it with anyone, but the many micro subconscious messages of his body language or tone of his words will make you feel different.

Does he touch your hands while talking? That’s a clear message now!


12. He will ask you for Favours.

Asking help from you is another gesture that he has intentions different than you think. He may ask you to bring some groceries while on your way to meet him or he may ask you to check his emails.

It gives him sort of some satisfaction that you are running errands for him. If you work for him, it will make you think more about him and that’s what he wants!

13. If he is on Social Media, he will stalk you

He will find you on Social Media and fill your notification list with his name!

He will go on a liking spree and heart your pictures as old as the primitive age. Comments will be made on posts which will shout ‘Flirting’!

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, he will spam all these platforms. If you don’t accept his friend request, he will text you asking what is the reason behind not accepting it.

He will make you know he likes your pictures by commenting on it and praise you with compliments of all sorts.

14. He is not happy with his married life – and he wants you to know it!


Such men are not happy with their wives. Many of them are perfectly fine and in love with their partners but cannot resist their dishonesty to find other women to be their mistress.

But firstly, he will let you know his married life is not as he wanted.

For gaining your sympathy, he can put false accusations on his wife of having an affair with another man.

He will tell you his wife doesn’t care about him or other bad things like she is with him just for the money. He will tell he is lonely and wants someone to share his moments with.

Well… I don’t have to tell you who that someone might be.

15. Tries to impress you

Your appreciation is very important to him as by analyzing all the methods he is trying very hard to woo you.

He will soon realize that you are much younger and he cannot be your choice. To change that, he may try to bring about changes in his looks you will not even notice. But if you give some extra attention (in order to be cautious), you will be stunned!

A change in hairstyle and constant touching of the hair to focus your attention on it. A new millennial shirt – the kind he never wears or just exaggerated body language and gesticulations to make you fall for him!

What to do in such a situation?

If you find a married man trying to come too close to you and reaches a point which makes you uncomfortable, then the best thing you can do is to share it with someone who is close and whom you can trust.

Sharing will calm you down and you may even receive important advice on what to do next.

Then the next logical step can be talking to the married man directly and politely tell him you are not interested.

It will be hard to face the awkward situation and it will take guts to confront a man like this, but that’s what you can do if you have to continue working with him or for him.

Getting involved with a married man is not a disastrous idea.

There will be complications and you will find it hard then to deal with it.

Also, some married men flirt and get involved with another lady just for the fun of it. They want to spend some time with or rather some nights due to boredom of his married life.

Loyalty is a thing you can never expect from him as he was not loyal to his married wife in the first place… Get rid of the man and save your time and previous feelings!



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