Have you noticed that nerd guy staring at you through his glasses from a distance? As soon as your eyes fall on him, he realizes you have disturbed his secret mission of secretly looking at you. He moves his eyes frantically and places them back on his books.

You like him, right? You find him hot.

His strong muscles are popping out of his T-shirt.

He has immense knowledge in each and every field and is exceptionally intelligent.

But you are clueless about his real feelings for you.

You are not sure if you are genuinely his crush or he is staring at you as a part of some experiment of his science project.

You want to know what’s going on in his mind and wish there was a machine to help in reading his mind… But that’s not possible.

But you know what’s possible? You can easily read his body language. Apart from body language, the guy is giving multiple signs of his attraction towards you that you are failing to notice.

Want to know if he has a crush on you and it’s not just in your mind?

Then let’s get started!

23 Signs to notice when he has a secret crush on you –

1. You make him fidget!

Photo by Minervastudio from Pexels

He was acting perfectly normal before you arrived on the scene and suddenly the guy starts fidgeting.

He messes up with his words, moves his hands in weird ways, and seemingly appears nervous.

“Girl… What have you done to him?”

Of course, none of his actions are provoked by you… (at least not intentionally!)

But the glow on your face and those twinkling eyes force words out of him that he didn’t mean to say and make him do things he had no intention of doing.

All this nervousness amounts to the intense attraction he has for you.

2. Your opinion matters to him.

“Hey, Riana! Do you like my new hairstyle?”

Your thoughts and advice matter to him. He asks about your views on his fashion sense or the design of his presentation.

Work presentations or personal choices, he will make sure you like them.

If you don’t want him to shave his beard off, he will not. If you compliment him when he wears a yellow colored shirt, he will wear it multiple times until it tears away.

Why will the guy make such efforts for you if he doesn’t like you?

3. He wants to pay for you.

When a guy likes you, he will want to pay for you.

He will offer to pay for everything – the burgers at the sideways, the ice cream you have had together, your dinner, and drinks.

This is just another way to show that he likes you and is ready to invest in the future.

You are really special for him and by paying he wants to walk the distance of formality between you both.

4. Staring at you is his favorite pastime.

Busy in your work, you are unaware of your surroundings. Suddenly you notice two sparkling eyes filled with love and utmost interest looking at you.

Can you guess who’s eyes, are they? It’s his.

Give yourself time and be patient before running to a conclusion.

If you catch him looking at you multiple times a day, he has a crush on you. No guy looks at you like that unless there’s something serious in his heart.

5. His name appears daily on your notification list.

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

“You received 2 new messages from Henry”

The need to carry conversations makes him slide in your DMs. You will receive messages from him every day.

He will make it a point to know how you have been… how is your health and what you are up to?

Daily messages from him is a sign that he wants to know you more.

6. Touches you while talking.

When a guy touches you while talking, you may think it is just a friendly gesture. But it isn’t.

He may touch you on your hands, on your shoulders, and can rest his head on yours.

This is an indication that he is trying his best to break the walls of physical boundaries.

When a guy likes you, the attraction is very much physical. No matter how much he tries to hide his desires, he can’t stop touching you.

And if the guy hugs you happily, it’s a win-win!

He is ready to take it to the next level, just very hesitant to express it.

7. Girl… you make him smile.

A smile can express a million feelings.

It is a sign that the person who has flashed a smile towards you likes you and is happy to see you today.

But is his smile just as a gesture of liking? Or is it more than that?

How will a man smile if he likes you more than a friend?

It’s easy to notice. His smile will be different and not the same as the smile he gives to others.

It will be more soft. His eyes will wrinkle more. There will be true happiness in it. It will be the widest smile you have ever seen.

If you are the only one to get this special smile… This guy has a crush on you.

8. Jealousy is a thing.

Photo by Ric Rodrigues from Pexels

You guys are having a conversation and he is so happy that he is smiling chin to chin.

You talk about the other guy who is your colleague. You say how funny he is and his jokes are so good that you can’t stop laughing.

Suddenly, the happy go lucky look of his face has vanished. His smiling eyes are no longer smiling and he doesn’t really answer to your declaration.

He acts like he hasn’t heard you and gives you a look that screams his total disinterest in what you just said.

Yes, you can say already, the guy is jealous. The other guy is just your friend, but it doesn’t matter.

The crush is jealous of all the guys that get the chance to erupt a laugh on your pretty face.

He clearly wants to be your one and only even if he tries to keep it a secret.

9. This guy respects you.

It is said that a woman wants nothing but respect. And if you give her the respect she deserves, she will love you with her life.

Seems like the guy knows it. He is a total gentleman around you.

Whether it is opening the doors or pulling a chair, he treats you with chivalry.

You are special for him and these are just the ways of showing you that you sit on a high pedestal in his eyes.

What else a woman wants from a man? You’ve gotta keep this guy in your life, because he is equally crazy for you.

10. Available for you 24/7.

“I just wanted to let you know, no matter when you need me, I will always be there for you.”

You will hear these words from him.

These words are so soothing to the ears. Knowing that someone is there for you whenever you need them is very comforting.

And mind you, these are not just words. You can really find him there when you need a helping hand.

You have worked late at the office and want someone to drop you home. It’s an awkward situation because you don’t want to trouble anyone.

But this guy will offer to drop you home and not just this, he will make you feel so comfortable.

After all, all boys want to appear as a knight in shining armor for their girl.

11. Takes real effort to look good

For you to like him, he will appear his best. He will wear nice ironed clothes and will maintain hygiene.

His hair and beard will always be in shape. You can hear a magnetic deodorant lingering from his body.

You will feel nothing but shock when you see him in shorts at a coffee bar with messed up hair while chilling with his friends.

12. Makes plans to hangout.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

We chose to hang out in the company of fun people. And if he is constantly making plans with you, this means he wants to spend time with you.

Even after having plenty of friends, the guy wants to spend his free time in your presence.

Making plans for just you two and leaving the rest of the company for no matter what reason, means that he wants to spend some alone time and be closer to you.

He likes you so much that he initiates all the planning and doesn’t want the meeting to end. This is another sign that you are his crush.

13. You know his future plans.

As a person who holds a prominent place in his life, he shares his future plans with you.

The real stroke of luck will be when he includes you in his future plans.

He will share his career goals, his family goals. All the qualities he wants in his future wife will be expressed. You will be astonished to know all the qualities of his future wife are very similar to your personality.

He can open up to you. Sharing securities and insecurities with you seems easy to him. This just says that he values you greatly and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

14. He talks about you to his friends

Who’s the first person to know when you have a crush on someone… ofcourse, your friends!

So, it’s highly likely that his friends will know you.

Even if you don’t know about their existence, they will know everything that is to know about you: your age, your favorite color, or even your office responsibilities.

This surely means that he talks about you to his friends and you know you are really special if a guy does this.

There can be many reasons why he discussed you: maybe he just wanted suggestions about how to woo you or maybe he just wanted to bare his heart.

But the key takeaway from this point is that: He is not at all shy to show you off to the world.

15. Likes. Comments. Stalks.

The new age has come up with new ways of showing care and new ways to make your presence felt: Social Media.

So, you upload a picture wearing a new dress or a very cool picture of chilling out with friends… And he will like all of them.

It’s just like he wants you to know, “Hey there! I am watching you in that shiny dress and I’ve liked it!”

Have you just blessed his feed with your beautiful picture? Yes, you have.

And does he too upload a new picture and increase the rate of your heartbeats?

Then let him know. After all, liking his picture will not cost too much.

16. Eye contacts are intense (very intense!)

Photo by Christin Hume by Unsplash

Isn’t intense eye contact the most romantic thing?

If a man has a crush on you, he will look directly into your eyes. Let me warn you, it will be intense.

You will almost feel like you are being hypnotized by him and break the gaze.

No matter how nervous he is around you, he will make the effort to hold a great eye contact.

His eyes will be fixed on you and then on your lips and then again on your eyes.

When this happens, it means he is sexually attracted to you and wants to kiss all of your face.

His eyes will be intense and to hide his nervousness he will start playing with his hair or start thudding his feet.

17. Compliments you a lot.

What is the best way to let someone know your love for them? By giving subtle compliments.

Complimenting the beauty of the color of your hair, the redness of your cheeks, and the dimples that appear when you smile… will make you feel very special.

That’s exactly what he wants, to make you feel special.

You can also receive compliments on your work and your dressing ethics.

But hey, unlike other guys, his compliments will feel real. And you will know the boy has fallen for you.

18. Tries to impress you.

When a guy tries to impress you, think no more. He is trying to pursue you and wants to make you his own.

Like seriously, who will work hard to impress other girls they have no interest in?

He dresses up for you when you meet outside the office.

Even in the office he tries to appear his best and tries his best to stop his friend when he is going to show an embarrassing selfie of your crush.

Talking things about his passion and hobbies is another way to get your attention.

He will even end up having the same interests as yours and boast about them.

He will try to impress you with his looks. Don’t you do the same things when you have a crush on a guy?

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19. Recalling Details? Not a big deal.

It is amazing to have someone in your life who remembers each and every detail and never misses any important day.

Your boyfriend may miss your important days like they never existed. But a guy who has a crush on you? NEVER!

On your birthday, he is always the first one to wish you. When you are on your way to present an important presentation, you hear him wishing you “All the best” and “ I know you will do the best. “

It will astonish you to know when he repeats the same words you said a month ago.

He remembers each and every word that you say and keeps it close to his heart.

This just shows that he thinks of you a lot.

20. Acts differently in private.

The usual fun-loving guy who messes with his friends and keeps hurling comments suddenly becomes quiet in your presence.

He cuts all the unnecessary remarks and is focused on listening to you.

He wants to show his best self in front of you, so he thinks before he speaks.

He doesn’t want to say anything that can accidentally hurt you or lower his image in your eyes.

Whatever he says, he wants you to laugh at it or be impressed. He wants to leave an impression in your mind that he is a great guy to have around.

In the need of looking perfect, he often makes mistakes and appears nervous, and seemingly silent than he normally is.

21. Guess who is your Biggest Fan?

Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

Girl… He is your biggest fan.

He likes the way you look, the way you handle things, the way you smile, the way your hands go up on your head to swipe a strand of hair… The list goes on.

He adores all of you. It’s his attraction that is causing him to picture you the most perfect girl in the world (even if you really are).

You can’t see him back bitching or talking a single negative word in your favor.

Can’t you see him proposing to you already?

22. There is no other girl in his life.

There is no one in his life that he is currently dating or has his eyes on, and you know this because he keeps reminding you of this fact.

Reluctant to express his feelings, he is secretly hoping for you to take the first step. And if not, you will at least not commit to another man as you will have him at the back of your mind.

It can be insecurity or uncertainty that is stopping him to make the first move.

But relax, if the guy so desperately wants you to know he is single, he is sure to ask you out on a date… very soon!

23. A little flirting will do no harm.

If the guy is into you, no matter how much he tries to maintain the good boy image, he will engage in flirting with you.

However, he will make sure he doesn’t hurt your boundaries because he is too scared to lose you.

Not-so-dirty texts, a few compliments or late-night calls – he will make sure that you know about his intent.

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