Players…. They are often hard to understand at first.ṣ

There are many layers beneath them and no matter how hard you try to uncover the layers; you will never succeed.

Yes, he is mysterious. And that makes him even more attractive, isn’t it?

He knows all the right words to impress, and you can’t beat his excuses.

Basically, he is a bad boy, but you love him for his rashness.

Of course, not every handsome guy is a player. But with no intention of judgment, all the players have looks that can sweep you off your feet.

You may have met players in your dating life, who come and go like a disaster.

No one likes being played by. It’s the worst thing to trust and get deceived.

You can save yourself from this trauma just by recognizing the signs the playboys possess. Want to know what they are? Let’s go!

12 Signs to look for in players

1. There is a sense of mystery

Photo by sebastiaan stam from Pexels

When you are dating a player, there is always a sense of mystery.

You never know what he truly is, what he thinks, what he likes, and where his interests lie.

A lot of times you will find him contradicting his own self. Like one day he talks something, and on the other, his own view on it has changed.

These boys always leave you confused. He hides a lot of things and says a lot of things that he didn’t mean.

You will feel as if you are solving a puzzle, fixing all the pieces one by one but the portrait never gives a clear picture.

Something just doesn’t feel right. You know it, but you don’t utter a word because his eyes are too intoxicating to make you feel high on his love.

2. He is a great Story Teller

Now, being good at telling stories is not bad at all. It’s a great talent one can have.

But what happens when a person forgets to mention what he narrated right now was a story and not a reality?

Yes, you are right – A player is born.

He is so good at telling stories that people believe him 100 out of the 100 times.

Want evidence? How many times have you caught him telling a lie when he receives a call when he is with you?

You are sitting in his arms and he says on the phone “I am here to buy groceries” when the lie wasn’t even needed! It was just his friend asking where he was!

Apart from the small white lies, he can say an entire story that doesn’t even exist without flinching his eye a bit.

Professional liers can even fail Lie-detectors machines. Even when they say the truth or a lie, their impulses remain the same throughout and they can’t be caught.

And this guy you have got… can do the same.

3. Commitment is more scary than the Demons.

You can’t be mad at him for missing to show up on the last 3 dates you have planned mutually. Because in his words – “You are being too demanding”.

It’s not just about the little decisions like dates and scheduled phone calls to which he fails to commit, he can’t even commit the future with you.

Just make a joke of being pregnant and see his face go pale then red and then purple.

Planning about the future? It’s too much pressure. He will always cut the talks of the future by saying what he wants to eat for dinner tonight.

4. He can discover pills for learning the art of making excuses.

Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

“Why haven’t you texted me for the past 4 freaking days??”

“Babe, I was so busy at work that I didn’t even get a chance to have lunch for the past 4 days! I was not even taking pee-brakes! Don’t you believe me?”

“It’s​ over! Your Ex has sent me the sexts you shared with her just 2 days ago! How dare you cheat me?”

“Babe! I don’t know what happened! Someone has definitely hacked my WhatsApp! If you don’t trust me, it’s okay. No one ever does.”

This guy has excuses for everything. It’s not at all difficult for him to come up with innovative excuses that you have never heard of. They are always on the tip of his tongue.

What’s more? He can even make you feel guilty for doubting him. The proofs are all against him but this guy doesn’t accept defeat.

A puppy face with puppy eyes and overdramatic words – and there you are blaming yourself for doubting an angel who has just banged his ex-girlfriend.

It’s like he takes sweet pink colored pills every day to come up with the not so sweet but sympathy gaining lies.

5. Your talks are not important.

How good it feels to have someone who listens to each and every word of what you speak.

More than anyone else, if it’s your partner, you feel like you are on cloud nine.

But what if your partner is not listening to you when you are speaking and moves his eyes on the other side?

Or does he interrupt you when you are speaking and starts talking on a completely different topic than yours?

This is an alarming sign. It’s a sign that the man doesn’t love you. He is not interested to hear what you say.

It has a direct connection to what he feels about you. A lover wants to know each and everything about his beloved but if he doesn’t show his concern, this means your relationship is a dead one and he just wants to get in your pants.

6. You can’t get access to his phone.

The player is so afraid to show you his phone that he locks it whenever you try to peek into it.

You are talking to him and he is busy on his phone. It confuses you. What is more important than paying attention to you when you guys are on a date?

You try to take a glance at it, but bam! He throws it hard on the table.

His phone goes inside the warm cave of his pocket whenever your eyes fall on it.

Of course, he is hiding something. So, he thinks you are hiding something too. As a result, he will ask you to show him your phone.

You don’t know his Facebook password, whom he comments on Instagram, and if he keeps deleting his WhatsApp texts.

And when your friend sends you a screenshot of your boyfriend’s account on Tinder, understand that it’s the playboy trying to trick you.

7. Apology? What’s that?

It would not be wrong if we say this guy doesn’t know anything about apologies.

Yes, he will say a genuine sorry to you if he mistakenly stamps on your feet or spills wine on your white dress.

But when it comes to the real deal? He is not the person to be considered accountable.

So, what if he asked for the number of the chick in the party and face timed her shirtless late at night?

According to him, it’s not a big deal! It was just a friendly encounter and you are being insanely suspicious and should totally stop over-reacting.

So, what if the girl he calls his best friend kisses him on his lips while bidding him a goodbye? Don’t be an old school nanny and do not dominate him.

If he is really good at it, you can find yourself apologizing for being so jealous.

8. You have not met his friends and family.

We all know how much a guy loves showing off his girl to his friends and especially, to his family.

He is proud of his girl and wants his loved ones to accept her but this guy rejects the idea like it never existed.

Whenever you bring up the topic of meeting his family, he says “Darling, I don’t think this is the right time”.

He can also come up with a better one – “I don’t think you will like them. I don’t share a very good relationship with my family. I don’t want them to treat you bad or make you uncomfortable”.

Ohh dear…. how much this guy loves me..! His love leaves me teary-eyed.


He is making you a fool the whole time and you are making him score very high on the PLAYER’S scorecard.

He is probably afraid of his parents calling you by the name of the girl who accompanied him home last week.

9. He can turn into a completely different person in seconds.

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell from Pexels

“You know what? John is a dick! I hate his face.”

“Hello, my brother John… Let’s go golfing!”

His feelings for people change as per his needs.

As stated earlier, this person has many faces.

If you want to know if he is a player and he is not leaving any signs that prove it, pay attention to how he treats his closed ones.

If he bad mouths about his best buddy to you and posts a picture on Social Media with him with a “Brothers from another Mother” caption, no wonder he talks the same way about you to other people.

10. At night, his love knows no boundaries.

The typical indifferent guy at times becomes so loving that you think you are the luckiest girl in the whole world to have him.

It happens two times.

● When you are alone and at his friend’s house.

● When it’s night.

There will be a huge cloud showering romantic lines and expressing the depths of his inevitable love.

Yes, he can give you the taste of both heaven and hell and that’s what keeps you hooked and booked.

If you are not so innocent that it will be better to call you a fool, then you will know the reason behind this – sex.

The guy is horny.

His senses lose control at night and he comes to you so you can give them direction.

For some reason, if you can’t reply or are late at giving a response, the guy will quickly move and send 10 more messages to other chicks who can send him nudes and talk dirty.

11. Desperate for sex

Photo by W R from Pexels

Players are desperate for sex. And they want it from not just one girl, but a lot of them.

It almost like he has prepared a bucket list where he has mentioned he wants to have sex with all body types.

This guy will try to persuade you for having sex each time you meet him. There will be a lot of “Don’t you trust me?” and your mood will not affect him to do what he wants.

It’s possible that he will be extremely nice to you after spending a night at your home after which his regular, cold, and indifferent self will return.

The guy is sexually attracted to you and does not value you at all as a person.

A true relationship is based on love and attraction but apart from the attraction, the love part is totally absent here.

12. He treats you differently in private and in public.

Possibly when you are at an unknown place and enjoying some private time, he will come excitedly and kiss you when he sees your face.

There will be a bright smile on his face that will make you fall in more and more love.

But when you meet him in public you will notice that his mannerisms have changed.

He will not be the same loving person and will pay less attention to you. He will not touch you like he does and his voice will lack the soft affection.

It’s just a sign that he is not ready to accept you in public as that can damage his chance of getting involved with other hot chicks.

What’s more? If you see these signs in a guy you are dating or a guy whom you think of a potential date, then pick up your heels and run as fast as you can because your feelings are not toys you can offer to a boy to play and scramble.


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