He’s wanting IT a lot these days…

A lot of women try to find the answer to this confusion, especially when you both met on a dating app.

While some men are honest about their intentions, the others try to hide because faking it increases their chances of getting a one night stand.

Well, the good news, either way, you can easily identify if he is just looking for sex in a relationship.

So, if you have also been confused about the way your man has been going around with your relationship, don’t worry, there are flags that you can spot and be sure that he’s actually here for just one thing – getting in your pants!

12 Signs He is Just In It for Sex!

1.     His call is a booty call

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You know what I mean… calls that hint you about how his longing for sex!

If you don’t hear from him the whole day or even the whole week, but your phone is flooded with his desperate texts on weekends and at nights, he’s definitely not interested in knowing how you’ve been, he just means to ask you if you’re free to get laid.

Spontaneous plans do happen, but if you’re frequently asked about being free after 1 am late at night, he is only eyeing at a physical relationship.

2.     You just don’t get his friends

If you really want to know a man, talk to his friends – that’s where the deepest darkest secrets are hidden.

Someone who wants a progressive relationship with you will want you to gel well with his friends. He will want you to know the kind of person he actually is without the guard.

Yes, your mind is on the right track. You haven’t met his friends and he hasn’t met yours ‘cause who wants to risk it for secret dating.

If he’s got something to hide, you’re never meeting his friends and neither is he.

3.     Every conversation turns sexual

Words often reflect what goes on in the mind.

Have you had experiences, where you’ve been talking about your day like any girlfriend, would do and he’s already wishing to give you a relaxing bath and if you’ve been talking about your problems, all he can think of is solving them by having sex?

Irrespective of what you are talking about, if he finds a sexual angle to every message you send out, trust me, the guy is not there to stay.

4.     You look hot (not beautiful!)

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Every woman feels amazing when her looks are complimented, but if he has been too observant about how the dress fits your body, it could be a dangerous sign.

Pay attention to the way he flatters you. If you look hot instead of beautiful, if your figure is more looked at than your eyes, and if all he can think about how he is going to rip you at night, you could be in for some serious trouble.

The guy who just wants to get in your pants will surely make a comment that will be border-line creepy and uncomfortable, and if you’ve felt it already, you need to make a move.

5.     Public outings? No. No.

You can easily suspect a man’s intention with this point.

Someone who is really interested in you will take his time and give you time to establish your relationship – he will take you out on dates, initiate conversations, and want to know you.

But for him, the idea of hanging out is either Netflix-and-chill or order-in. When he is only interested in sex, you’ll be pushed into a hush-rush relationship, finding it tough to cope up and mostly spending time at either of your places or sexting from your own places.

6. Oh, she is just a friend!

Of course, you have heard that before!

He keeps explaining how all the other women in her life are friends. Well, here’s a secret, chances are that he has already slept with them in the past or wants to in the future. (Don’t want to believe me? Read what exactly friends with benefits mean?)

It’s natural to have friends from the opposite gender, but they don’t behave like friends (do they?) when around him.

Don’t be blinded by his words, instead pay close attention to his action. The truth lies there!

7.     Not interested to know you (besides your sex interests, of course!)

Women have great gut feelings and sixth senses, and you’ll obviously know if he is making an attempt at knowing you better because that’s what a guy is supposed to do if he is looking for a relationship with you.

So, if he knows nothing about your tastes, choices, dreams, personality, or family, you know, he’s not interested.

8.     He says ‘I am not looking for anything serious right now’

There. That’s the end of the story.

Trust me, when a man says that he is not looking for anything serious, he actually means it. He has decided for something casual one-night thing and no amount of care and love is going to change that.

If he is not up for anything serious, it simply means that he is casually dating around – he’s only in it for the sex. If that’s not what you want from him, you better let go of him immediately.

9.     Gets grumpy on dry days

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When sex is the only thing that he wants, he is bound to get grumpy when he doesn’t get it.

If you are with a man who genuinely likes you, he will be looking for excuses to spend time with you. In fact, after spending the evening, even if you want to call it a night, he’ll be happy to kiss you goodbye.

But for I-want-sex guys, you’ll get a list of a thousand ways of how you can quickly sneak around, even if that’s not what you want. You’ll feel as if you’re being forced to have sex with him. And if you’ve given in before, you know what to do next.

10.  What did you say?

Let’s be honest: Men can be very patient listeners.

But not when he has sex in his mind.

If he looks distracted or bored, while you are trying to discuss something really important, it clearly means that he’s not into it. Of course, until it’s not about your favorite position in bed or your wildest fantasy to date.

Hey girl, don’t be fooled, this is not because he has his own problems – if that’s what he tells you.

11.  There’s no foreplay!

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A relationship does not progress overnight. It takes time for two individuals to understand each other.

Even when it comes to physical intimacy, both of you need time to explore each other, kissing and hugging your way to the final action.

Real men who like you will never skip foreplay.

But that’s not the case with your man (or, is it?).

If you feel that your guy quickly gets over the foreplay and is already banging away, it is definitely not love, it’s just… that!

12.  He does not care about your emotions

If a man is with you just for sex, he will not make any efforts to emotionally connect with you.

You won’t find him by your side whenever you’re having an emotional breakdown or a rough phase.

He’s always going to make excuses for how he wasn’t available for you when you had something very personal or sentimental to discuss.

And if this is right, you need to leap and run away.

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Back off!

Guys can be just built this way or are coping with heartbreak through casual flings.

Whatever it may be, you don’t want to get caught into an emotional turmoil with a person who is not going to reciprocate your feelings.

If you could relate to most of the signs listed here and you have a constant uneasy feeling around him, you need to break it off as soon as you can to avoid that painful stab in your heart.

Trust me, you deserve better!

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