So, your boyfriend broke up with you? As bad as it seems to call your ‘Babe’ your ‘Ex’ now, there’s always a question in the back of your mind – how can he be so cold-hearted?

Does he ever regret his decision?

Or is he perfectly fine?

No matter how attention-starved you are now, he is not going to come back just right after the breakup. He may be enjoying the illusion of his newly received freedom.

With time, he is going to process his feelings. He will realize he did wrong to you and want to come back.

But how are you gonna know he regrets hurting you? The boy is showing many signs.

Want to know them? Let’s go!

Signs he regrets hurting and losing you

1. He makes efforts to know what’s going on in your life.

He-makes-efforts to-know-what’s-going-on-in-your-life
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If your Ex keeps asking you and your friends about your well being, there is definitely something in his heart that is slicing it into two pieces.

The fact that he misses you has made his life miserable. He is desperate to get you back and thinks you are going through the same trauma to restart the relationship with him.

To know what is going on in your mind, he can’t help but try everything he can that will give him the information he wants.

Aside from that, if he is a good human being, he regrets the pain he inflicted upon you.

The guilt is killing him inside.

And if he will know you are doing well, he can have a breath of relief after which he can continue with his life.

2. You can sense his jealousy for your male friends.

In his eyes, everyone getting close to you is a potential threat. If he ever gathers the courage to talk to you after what he has done, one of the first questions he will ask is “Who’s that guy you are hanging out with nowadays?”

All your male friends are a threat to him. You may have never thought of them romantically, but he will be successful in giving a different angle to it.

“I heard you are not dating anyone. Show me the picture of your crush”

“What’s this guy’s name?”

“What does he do to earn a living?”

“What’s his address?”

Creepily he will turn into an FBI Agent and will want to know the background of the guys who have the privilege to hang out with you.

The regret of losing you to a new guy can’t be hidden.

3. Drinking is his go-to pain reliever

Drinking was not an alien to him. But after breaking up with you, he became a pro drunkard.

His nights are spent drinking at pubs. Sometimes, he starts his day with a beer rather than a morning coffee.

He may fool people into thinking that he is enjoying his life and has no guilt of leaving you, but that’s all a show for the world.

And you will know that once you receive drunk calls and texts from him.

Either he will shout in agony or cry in pain saying nothing except hundreds of sorry.

Whatever it is, you know the guy is not at all happy with the decision of leaving you.

4. Long apologetic texts have become mainstream

Photo by Marcelo Chagas from Pexels

Receiving long texts of apology?

That’s a good sign!

Then let me tell you, he is really ashamed of what he did, he is not going to make it obvious so easily that he wants you back.

Instead, he will send long paragraphs stating how sorry he is for what he did and that he only wishes the best for you.

Saying things like the fault was yours but his… And the time he spent with you will always remain in the golden pages of his memories is expectable.

The guy is trying to gain sympathy as he really regrets, he has lost you by his stupidity.

But by seeking forgiveness, he is trying to soothe the pain and share the responsibility of the filthy mistake he made.

5. Treats you as his therapist.

Things have fallen apart in his life. Now for support, he goes to no one but you.

But how can a person who made your life a mess expect you to help in his chaos?

The thing is, he is trying to gain sympathy.

He regrets losing the gem of a person you are and the only way to get back in your heart is to let you see how messed up his life is without you in it and none but only you can save him from the clutches of the pain.

He does this because he knows that a person like you can’t see anyone in pain.

So, he will share every detail of the wreck he has been in and look at you as his only savior so you have no chance but to accept him back.

6. “Let’s be friends!”

“Hey! I was saying, let’s forget what happened… I think we will make great friends!”

Almost the majority of the Exes come with this ‘great’ idea to be friends.

*pun intended*

But why? Why will I need your irritating ass in my friend circle?

Just because the guy is still single, doesn’t mean he can hang around with you just for fun especially after all that he has done to you.

Or it can be that he still loves you or his current girlfriend can’t deal with his tantrums the way you do.

Either way, it’s better to stay away from him as far as you can if he ever comes with such an offer.

If he is being a coward who is not ready to accept the regret of losing you, you should not accept him in any way.

7. His Social Media is depressing.

“Of all the love, the greatest pain, is to love, but love in vain.”

All of a sudden, he is now interested in poetry?

Apart from deep philosophical quotes, his wall will be filled with pictures of him enjoying with his friends.

It doesn’t end here; he will share a lot of motivational quotes to show he has moved on. The quotes will be uplifting.

The reality is, he is not uplifted at all. The guilt of leaving you has taken over his conscience. He is just finding refuge in these quotes to feel good.

His pictures at the bars are just to show the world he is having a great time, but he can’t lie to himself.

8. Hides his new partner from you.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

Dealing with the harsh reality that he is already with his new girlfriend may hurt your dreams.

But does he really love her? Or is she just a rebound?

The Ex will be very hesitant to mention the name of his current girlfriend in your presence.

Obviously, if he crashed into a new relationship just a few weeks after he ended things with you, he will appear nothing more than a cheater.

The remorse to break your dreams and showing the same dreams to his new girl will hit his morals.

The guilt will be so much that he will find it hard to caress her hair, hold her hand, and touch her lips in front of you.

9. Tries all that he can to make you miss him.

He sends you a message out of the blue and then he is unavailable for days. But in the meantime, he has started liking your old pictures and is also commenting on the recent ones.

You are busy at your favorite shopping mall and he shows up there. You can see him standing out of your office talking to his friend like he doesn’t even know whose office it is nearby.

You will hear from his friends requesting you to talk to him and sometimes he will tag you in a filthy meme that lacks any good humor sense.

The guy is very afraid to let you move on. He may have been into five relationships since you broke up but that doesn’t count.

You can’t get over him… that’s his only motive.

And the regret of hurting you so much that you don’t want to be another chick in his waiting list is incomparable.

10. He won’t speak much in Real Life.

After a breakup, if he decides to meet you, you will be confused to see that he is not speaking a word.

Apart from “Hello”, and “How have you been?”, he will find it difficult to say anything and will be numb.

It’s just his guilt that is keeping him silent. He has hurt you a lot in the past. Now he doesn’t want to say a single word that may hurt you any further.

The nervousness can be seen in his shivering hands and fumbled speech

As a jittery and confused nervous man who is trying way too hard to control his senses, he will fail miserably.

All these signs of nervousness are proof of the fact that he regrets hurting you.

11. Your Friends receive his messages.

Girls find it really hard to understand that if their Ex still finds out ways to know about them, then why did they break up in the first place?

Though women are infamous for being confusing, the ways of men are not any less.

He may have left you to date other hot chicks or any other selfish motives of his dirty mind. But now when he has got what he wanted, he realizes that the only thing he ever wanted was true love and that he received from you.

Now, he will keep an eye on you everywhere – stalk your Social Media accounts and even talk to your mutual friends.

He can go a few steps further by asking your close friends about your mental condition.

12. Talking about the past is his favorite conversation.

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

A lot of the conversations that he initiates are regarding the past.

It seems he just can’t get over the old good memories that you guys shared at one time. He has kept all those memories in his heart and he keeps reliving them one by one.

He will share with you the selfie that you took on your first date or the gifts you got him for his birthday.

A person dwells on the good memories when he is not happy with his present. How can he be happy when there is no ‘you‘ in his present?

13. He texts and calls you for trivial reasons.

If your Ex has started calling and texting you randomly like nothing ever happened, he has some undying feelings for you.

Calling to ask for some kind of help and texting out of the blue are signs that he isn’t over you even after the breakup which took place before months.

Sending memes, sharing about his personal life, and the problems he is dealing with are just ways to check if you still hate him or he has been forgiven.

He wants to check if you open up to him in response or reject his advances.

14. The Breakup is like a temporary break for him

You can relate to this if your boyfriend was a jerk.

These jerks often find good women who are loyal to them with their lives. And then arrives a temporary attraction or the fear of a long-distance relationship, and he leaves you hanging there.

But he has broken up with his new girl or is back in the town and his eyes fall on you…

Boom! Forget what happened! Let’s grab some coffee after which we will have some good sex?

Such men like to date a long list of girls and repeat the same cycle with each one of them. In this way, they create a list of all the women they have dated. And when they can’t find a new woman to hook up with, he goes back to the list of the women they have created and acts like nothing ever happened.

He will ask you out casually like you guys never broke up. And when you reject him, his ego is crushed and that’s when the guilt surfaces.

He regrets losing a strong-minded woman like you who knows her self-worth and treats him the way he deserved to be treated.

And then to win your trust again he will do everything he can until he can again leave you hanging there.

15. The change is visible.

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

The brat personality that he possessed once is now slowly subsiding.

The “I don’t care” have changed into “Take care, I’m here for you” and suddenly he has started taking responsibility for his mistakes.

You start wondering where was this man when you desperately wanted him to be a little more loving.

The days when your messages were left on seen have changed and now you receive texts on a daily basis.

So, the boy who refused to even talk to you while breaking up is now making weekend plans to watch a movie at your favorite theatre.

His changes are visible. It is said that the dead receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is greater than gratitude. And now by flowering the dead roots of your relationship, he is proving the lines right.

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Over to you…

You already know your Ex regrets hurting you. Your loving soul still wants to glitter in his embrace.

But is it the right decision?

There’s a lot of thinking that you need to do while coming back with an Ex. What were the reasons he broke up with you? Is he ready to analyze them now?

Was it excessive drinking or video games that led to parted ways?

Or did it happen because his eyes were always at the pants of other girls and followed them go a long distance till she vanished out of the room?

Or did he cheat on you with some other girl?

If he falls in the Cheater’s Category then you should never give him another chance at all. Cheaters never change.

But it was for some other reason; you can always give him a second chance. I believe in second chances. I’ve seen couples marrying after they reconciled after a short breakup.

So, figure out what you want and go for it.


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