Being an introvert, I have often faced difficulty in opening up to my feelings. In high school, I even liked a guy but never dared to go and tell him about my feelings. Coincidently, we met a few years later in a restaurant; after that, our conversations became frequent. My feelings got refurbished but I was still in the same mess. I didn’t want to lose our friendship by confessing my feelings to him.

Soon, in a midnight conversation, he asked me out (of course, I said yes!). He informed me later that he had a crush on me since school days. I was spellbound. It’s hard to believe but he dropped innumerable hints that I couldn’t comprehend.

We both laughed our hearts out that night but somewhere deep down I regretted why I didn’t read his signals. We would have been happily dating from our high school days!

Never mind!

I am happy to have finally found my guy.

To save you from the same muddle, let’s check out some signs that I missed, so you can finally plan a perfect proposal for him (even girls can propose first, right?).

Looking back, I unnecessarily suffered, because I was neglecting all of these signs, but I hope this does not happen with you and this article brings you relief that your Mr. Right has fallen for you already.

Let’s begin.

1.    He looks after you.

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He never misses saying, “bless you” when he hears you sneeze.

“Drop a text, once you reach home.”

“Have you eaten your dinner?”

When you see him worrying about your wellbeing as much or more than your parents, he is giving you an idea that he will always take care of you. ALWAYS.

2.    He goes out of his comfort zone to see you happy.

If you see him sharing his favourite strawberry ice-cream despite not liking it, he is in it for real. The one scoop of ice-cream is saying a lot more than just friendship.

He does not enjoy ghazal nights but just to accompany you, he will behave like it’s the best kind of music on this planet.

Trust me, a person who will walk to your shopping marathons despite hating it is NOT just a friend.

3.    He is your finest cheerleader!

In times of nervousness, while performing some kind of art like singing, dancing, or maybe when you have a very important speech to deliver, you’ll find him cheering for you the loudest amongst the audience.

He will keep you sane when you feel you are losing it and remind you about all your achievements when you feel worthless.

How amazing is it, to have a personal cheerleader at all times?

4.    Flirting is customary

“You look so beautiful in this white dress that I can’t take my eyes off.”

Often than not, he would be flirting with you. Healthy flirting is so compelling, isn’t it?

5.    His words put you at ease.

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“Hey, your presentation was so enthralling!”

“Whoever has you as his girlfriend, will be the luckiest man on Earth”

“You deserve some rest, Miss.”

Don’t we all desire someone who can read our minds and make us feel comfortable during weary times? If he is trying to uplift your mood, you must know that he is trying to find a way to your heart.

Girl, give him a chance… he deserves it!

6.    He’s got his shoulders for you to lean on.

“You are not alone in this. I will always have your back.”

In our lifetime, we all look for someone who is there to support us through thick and thin. If he is always there to offer you his handkerchief when you sob, grab this opportunity with both hands if you are on the same boat and confess your feelings.

Here’s a secret: Supportive boyfriends make great life partners!

7.     He has complete faith in you.

“I know you can do it.”

Faith helps you cross oceans. If he is showing enough faith in you, you got to take the challenge and prove him right.

8.    He accepts your failures with respect.

“It is okay if the interview didn’t go well. Life has better in store for you!”

Acceptance of failures is one of the noblest things that human beings can offer. If his eyes express the same love even if you fall a million times, he cherishes you. Shouldn’t you plan a proposal if he is exhibiting this sort of kindness?

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9.    Subtle gestures of warmth are common.

Is he rewarding you with frequent tight hugs or hand-holding gestures?

Woaah! Does it need more telling that his heart calls out for you?

10. His eyes reflect boundless love for you.

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Eyes are often said to be the mirror reflection of a human’s heart.

All of the emotions: love, sorrow, anger or even hate can be clearly seen in the eyes of the beholder.

This means twinkle in his eyes when you enter the room, is saying something.

If his eyes bear his soul out to you, you know he is wanting you to secure a special place in his life as you have already conquered his heart.

11. You become a part of his inner circle.

It’s mom and dad’s anniversary; it would be really nice if you come to the party.”

You can tell if a guy is serious about you if he introduces you to his close friends and family members. He’ll make you a part of his world and would want you to like whoever is significantly important to him; also the other way round.

12. For you, he will always walk the extra mile.

May I drop you home?”

“I will take care of my office commitments; don’t worry. Tell me, how may I help you?”

Do you ever feel that you have become his priority now? If he wants to spend time with you every now and then and does not leave any opportunity to meet you, he is seemingly hinting that you both should date now!

13. Casual feasts become a part of routine

You both actually don’t need reasons to go out for dinner, anymore. Trying new restaurants, new bakeries or walking home are much more frequent than before.

You both even catch up on weekends to take a bite of the most-talked-about Pizza place in town.

14. He gets jealous more often!

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Have you ever tried talking to a guy in front of him? Did you notice his red grumpy face that clearly reveals he is feeling miserable? If yes, he is crazy about you and would want to finally change his relationship status from single to taken!

Hey, just a warning let alone talking to a guy, he can’t even tolerate you talking about any other guy. 😛

15. He is dropping hints about his relationship goals

“Whenever I date someone, I’ll prepare dinner for her every once in a while.”

Pay attention to his subtle talk about the future. If he is discussing his views of a perfect relationship, he’s got something in his head that’s not just friendship of course.

Girl, if you have the same thing in your mind, trust me, it’s the best time to reveal it to him.

16. When your laughter becomes his favourite melody.

Halleluiah! 😀

Maybe your friends might have disowned you a million times listening to your horrendous laughter, but he adores you when you laugh out loud.

Isn’t he the best?

Date him, please!

17. He is your all-time stalker!

Photo by Nordwood Themes on Unsplash

The first like on your picture posted seconds ago: His

The first reaction of your story posted minutes ago: His

The first comment on your video posted an hour ago: His

He is potentially everywhere, be it Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other social media platform. He is accustomed to liking and commenting on your pictures. Needless to mention, the comments are flattering. (Hey, isn’t that cute?)

Even your far-flung friends would realize, he’s got something for you.

18. He is comfortable sharing his life with you.

If he starts to open up about his darkest secrets and the most embarrassing moments, take note. This is a clue that he is comfortable and seems to create a trustworthy bond with you.

19. He has high regards for your boundaries.

He does not try to move faster and waits patiently for your approval. He respects your pace so that it does not pull you out of your comfort zone. He also does not have the urge to pressurize you to get intimate. (Not everyone gets a gentleman, right? You’re way too lucky.)

By the way, he also secretly wants you to pull down your boundaries but with your own comfort. (Hush! Hush!)

20. He wants to know every little detail about you.

Questions, questions, and questions!

If he looks interested in your childhood, asks you about your preferences, and wants to know you inside-out, you know that’s a green flag.

21. Your happiness is a priority for him

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

A guy who wants a ticket to your heart will always try to make you happy. That’s because your happiness makes him happy.

He will always know what you want and make serious efforts to make it available for you.

Dark chocolate bar? You will find them on your office desk the next day.

Bouquet of roses? You just found it on your door.

Hey girl, there’s no reason why you should be holding up. Run and hug him, he is all yours!

22. You don’t need to pretend

Even if you both are just friends right now, you don’t feel the urge to pretend and be someone else while you are with him.

It’s easy and effortless. That’s because you know he will not judge you and that gives you the freedom to relax.

In today’s gen when everyone is constantly trying to be someone else, if you don’t have to think twice with someone, it’s already a lot more than most.

23. He is a man of his word

Men have a reputation that they don’t usually keep their promises.

But not with this one.

He will always gratify what he promised to you. A party after the work hours, dinner on the weekend, or even your favourite band concert tickets downtown – he will not make promises he knows he can’t keep.

So, girls if he said he will pick you up after office – be ready because he is coming. (No matter what!)

Take the plunge!

If these signs seem familiar to you, it’s time for you to take the plunge and finally succumb to all the signs that he has been constantly throwing on your way.

Ask him out.

Get down on your knees.


Trust me, it will be worth it!

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