Meeting a guy a few months ago has changed your life. You always find him near you whenever you need him. He makes you laugh and most importantly, smiles when you eat your favorite burger frantically after a long day.

The lady at the counter and the kids at the block thinks you are a couple. Your parents have asked you this multiple times – Are you guys sure you are not dating?”

… and are still not convinced with your answer.

Because you both make sense together

The confusion might trigger various questions in your head, like…

Is he only after sex which once fulfilled, he will forget you like people forget their night dreams?

Or does he see his future in you and wants to date you?

The guy has been giving a lot of signs which you are failing to notice. Want to know the signs? Of course, you do! Let’s go!

17 signs he wants to date you

1. He asks for your opinion before everything he does.

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“How do you want to see me? In Formals or shirtless? 😉 “

That’s a fuckboy talking whose only interest is to get under your pants.

“I’m looking to surprise my mother on her birthday. Can you give me some ideas?”

And that’s a boy who respects you and considers your decision worthy. This is the guy who will take you home to meet his mother.

No matter it’s a birthday surprise or serious business deals, he shares them with you and asks for your opinions.

He considers you so important that you are almost a priority in his life and he can never take important decisions without your opinion.

2. His friends know you

A man in love would want to introduce his girl to his friends. He shows you off like you are an accomplishment. And if he really likes you, he treats you as one.

All of his friends know you. He plans Sunday dinners with his friends and includes your name in it.

Why will a boy whose interest lies in hook-ups or sex try to bring you and his friends closer?

But this boy likes you and there is no doubt about it. That’s the reason he is trying to bring the best of both his worlds together.

3. There is no girl in his life except you.

Apart from a few exes who trouble him from time to time, there is no girl in his life who can affect him the way you do.


Other girls are shocked to see he can be so caring when he is with you because apart from you no other girl ever gets the luxury of lingering in his attention.

Whether it’s Tinder, Bumble, or other dating sites, you will never find this guy’s account on either of them.

He is not after any other romantic relationships, because his only girl is you.

4. You are his secret diary.

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Men are usually bad at expressing their emotions.

Fear, ego, and the pressure of society to be manly and act cool force them to appear cold.

But do you know where they let their emotions unlock their gates and flow vehemently? – In the hearts of the people around whom they can unleash their vulnerable self.

Sharing his secrets and all the good-bad experiences of his life with you is not a thing that he does with everyone. It takes a lot for him to open up.

The guy has certainly given you a very high pedestal to sit on in his mind to make you his secret diary.

5. He wants to know everything about you.

Let’s get straight to it. What are the questions a guy looking for a hook-up asks?

“So what’s your naughtiest fantasy?”

“Ever imagined kissing your celebrity crush? How was it?”

And how are the questions with a guy who is genuinely interested to date you?

“Tell me about your favorite childhood memories.”

“What food should I cook for you at dinner today?”

It’s not at all hard to differentiate between them. When a guy cares for you, you will know. It will be reflected in his eyes, his smile, and his questions.

Your memories and needs will be explored like they are his own. He wants to know everything about you.

And these questions are not asked to be forgotten the next moment. He remembers the details.

6. Patience is all that he knows.

A guy looking for hook-ups knows no patience. He will force things up and try to get it done as soon as possible. If he does this, he just wants physical intimacy.

But if a guy has been patient, giving you your time and taking his own time to know you more and letting the base of a loving relationship build slowly, then he definitely wants to date you.

Not hurrying with things is the most prominent sign we see in boys when they are gearing up for something long-lasting.

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7. The guy can make you feel warm just by his body language.

Have you ever felt warm just by the presence of a man?

His loving gaze plants the seeds of love and intimacy in your heart. The curve on his lips looks like they are smiling only for you.

He takes great caution in touching your soft skin like it’s something that needs to be cared for and not to be ravaged.

Another body sign that you need to pay attention to, is his legs. If his legs point towards you while you talk, it means he has feelings for you and is listening to you with deep interest.

If they point somewhere else, the person is sitting with you just for the sake of it.

It is advised to check at least 4 instances before you come to any conclusion.

8. Shyness and nervousness – his signs of love.

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We all have fumbled in front of our crushes, right?

When a rather cool and confident guy who takes things casually appears nervous around you, understand that the deal is sealed.

He is standing around the corner. You come from behind and tap on his back with a “Boom”! He will be all smiles but when his friends do the same thing, he gets touchy.

Your compliments make him blush. There are moments when he is shy. He takes great precautions with his words and thinks before he speaks.

9. He wants to get closer to your friend circle.

Want to get sure of his feelings?

Look at the way he treats your friends.

Girls love no one as much as they love their Girl Gang. We all need our friend’s approval before we date a guy. And this guy seems to know this fact.

He will often show his interest in meeting your friends. But the investigation doesn’t end here.

He meets your friends at a party and at the after-party you see them smooching beneath the drinks corner. Sorry, the main object of his interest was your friend, not you.

But if he meets them, treats them nicely and after having a great time holds your hands and offers to drive you home…without a doubt, he is the one!

10. He is always willing to pay for you.

“Let’s go to have some Ice-cream!”

And he ends up paying for you.

“We had a really yummy dinner today. What? No, no lily let me pay.”

You may have heard these words a lot of times.

It’s no secret that when a guy likes you, he wants to pay for all the little things. It’s the little things that show you are special. And he is not afraid to invest in you because he is thinking of giving you a permanent place in his life.

11. Real dates are common.

He doesn’t call you for spending the night at his home under the sheets.

Instead, he calls you to get ready by 8 to go to have your favorite food.

There is no fear to be seen publicly by your side, unlike the hook-up guys who keep hiding you from the other chicks.

He often takes you out and treats you like the princess you are.

12. His wardrobe-game has climbed up.

Photo by Chloe Kala from Pexels

Ever noticed his clothes? His clothing game has certainly climbed up a few stairs.

A relationship stands on the two legs – love and attraction. He knows looking good is one of the easiest ways to enhance attraction.

The other ways are to smell good and talk intelligently.

So, you praised him for wearing the yellow shirt and now he wears it daily? Now you know the ‘why’.

13. He wants to spend alone time.

Spending quality time with you is very precious for him and he loves every second of the time you two spend together.

He always steals chances and never leaves a moment to get some alone time with you.

This guy also cancels plans with his friends to stay with you a little longer.

14. Teasing is his way of flirting.

Teasing is just a mirror image of flirting.

What’s a better option than teasing to flirt, making you laugh and being playful all at the same time?

Funny banter brings two people closer and keeps the fun element intact even in a romantic relationship.

15. He gives you his time

When someone gives you their time, they are giving you a portion of life that they will never get back.

Time is life. This is why it makes for the greatest gift you can ever receive.

Don’t believe a man who makes plans for the weekends or trips for the month ends. Trust his actions. Most of the time, all these promises are just shallow words used as a weapon to impress you momentarily.

The guy who sees you as his potential partner will not just make plans. He will show up when needed.

He will be available for you, ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter if it’s early morning or late night and how busy his work life is, he will always make time because time is life but he is ready to share his life with you.

16. When you are with him, there is no one else in the room.

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels

It’s a party and many hot and gorgeous women are walking around while a swarm of men is flying beside as black bees looking for a chance.

But guess who finds a place in his eyes? You, ofcourse!

Even in a sea of people, his eyes search for you.

He showers you with all his attention. When you talk in a crowd and the others don’t care to listen, he fixes his eyes on yours and listens to every word with utmost attention.

When he is with you, no one else really matters.

17. “I am Sorry!”

Sometimes good people make bad choices. That doesn’t make them a bad person. But how they react after that, does!

Does he make silly excuses to hide his faults and asks you to stop over-reacting as he hasn’t done anything worthy of a bad reaction?

Or does he readily apologizes, own up to his mistakes, and makes an effort to gain your trust again by doing whatever he can?

Accepting his mistakes and working to mend it speaks for the efforts the guy is making to make a permanent place in your heart.

Over to you…

Now that you have read the article, you would be aware of his real intentions.

Can you relate to all the signs? Then wait for a few days. He is busy learning the proposal lines for you!

If the guy is unwilling to gear up for taking a step further, he is too afraid to lose you. He fears rejection as he is not yet sure about your feelings.

In this case, what are you waiting for? Plan a date and propose him! (Girls can propose too, right?)


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