It’s no surprise that exes wanna come back in your life after they have made you go through a really bad phase. It was him who decided to call it quits despite you begging him to give the relationship one more chance.

Now that you have collected the pieces of your heart one by one and have finally started to live life and be happy, suddenly you receive a text of your ex wanting to be your friend.


Does he want you back or are you over-thinking? Was he bored with nothing to do and so left you a text or was he feeling horny in the middle of the night and dropped you a text?

Maybe he has a fight with his current girlfriend and is trying to get close to you just to make her jealous?

A hundred questions cross your mind and leave you confused. What it is? Is he just missing the sex, your body, or you as a whole?

His actions may confuse you whether he wants you back or is just playing around. Let’s go through the signs that people notice in their ex if they want them back

10 signs he wants you back but won’t admit.

1. He finds petty reasons to talk to you.

Months have passed since you took an oath to never see his face, and till now you were pretty much successful in it. You never left him a text or a call to check out what he was up to.

But the guy who broke up with you, is now suddenly asking how are things?

Like, why?

He never cared about how you will handle things while breaking up. Now suddenly, his caring nature has unleashed itself.

Now, he always leaves a text or two here and there to let you know he thinks about you till now.

He makes sure you think about him too and never really forget him. Actually, he has realized he made a mistake and losing you was not in his favor.

He wants you back and wants you to know it.

It’s just that he is too shy or guilty to accept this fact.

2. Can we be Best friends? Please?

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

If the ex has expressed his desire to be best friends with you…. Think no more. He definitely wants you back but is being indirect in expressing his emotions.

After all, you two went through a bad feud. The breakup may be mutual or not, you both treated each other badly at one point. He is too ashamed of his behavior which is stopping him to make the reconciliation.

His want to not just be friends but best friends signifiesṣ that he wants to be more than just a friend to you…

By being your best friend, he wants to be the closest person you have in your life. Being such a close friend will also make sure that you share your problems, happiness, and especially your love life with him.

This will give him access to everything that is happening in your life and his purpose will be served. Even after not having a romantic relationship with you, he will hold a prominent place in your life.

It is a clear indication he misses you and how desperate he is to stay close in your presence.

3. He maintains a relationship with your family.

Isn’t it weird that he met your brother and grandma at your birthday party and he still calls them to check how they are when it’s been months since you both have shared a word?

Why is it that he has been super nice to them even now?

Of course, you broke up after having many disrespectful fights. Called him names, used slangs, threw his gifts at his face… And he has been still respectful to your family?

Your parents just can’t accept that he is a bad person… How can they? He has never treated them badly.

If he still maintains friendly relations with your grandma and mother, he is not romantically attracted to them. No… that’s not the fact.

Instead, he still loves you.

That’s the reason he has not given up impressing your family yet. Staying close to them also gives him a chance to know more about what’s going on in your life.

4. Your mutual friends often talk about him.

If you often find your mutual friends talking about him in front of you about how miserable he has become and how depressed he seems nowadays, he has certainly failed to forget you.

They also provide you an insight into what he talks about you. If he talks about missing you or is he happy with flirting with other women.

If he confirms from them about your love-life or if you still hate himIt’s obvious that his interest has not ended.

Being insecure even after months of breakup proves he has not dealt with the breakup in a good way.

5. Eyes are the mirror of his feelings.

Photo by Jack Sparrow from Pexels

Paul Coelho’s quote – “The eyes are the mirrors of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden” isn’t wrong.

So, the next time you happen to meet him accidentally on the streets, check his eyes.

If he is confident and looks directly into your eyes, then he is over you. If he bends his face to the other side and ignores any eye-contact, he is still angry with the bitter memories of separation.

But if he seems fairly happy looking at your face and his eyes glisten with joy, then he has been dying to steal a glance of your lovely face and is still not over you.

If he looks at your eyes once and then glances here and there and then once again fixes his eyes into yours, he is clearly feeling very awkward. Finding trouble in maintaining eye contact means he is trying to hide the love he has for you.

It is possible that he is unsure of his own feelings thinking about how he can not remove his eyes from the person he has hated so much for months.

If he appears nervous in your presence, you know that he is unable to control the butterflies fluttering in his stomach after looking at you but he is trying very hard to not make it obvious.

6. His social media is full of indications.

Social Media has made the lives of people like an open book. While there are many people who appear totally different in real life and social media, there are people who post everything to what they had in lunch or what is troubling them.

But both the two of them share pictures of the places they go on weekends and with whom they are hanging out nowadays. Or some… completely out of context quotes.

Pay attention to his posts. If his social media handles are filled with sad quotes with deep meanings, he is indirectly trying to send the report of his feelings to you.

If he is posting pictures of drinking heavily and hanging out with chicks you have never seen before, then he is certainly trying to forget you and enjoy things that will make him happy in your replacement. Chances are, he himself doesn’t know this fact.

Also, following you on Social Media and liking pictures are not just friendly indications.

When he goes on a liking spree in the middle of the night and ends up liking all your age-old pictures then he is giving you a clear indication that he is missing you, but is too afraid to tell.

7. You receive his drunk calls.

To your surprise, his name just flashed on your screen… You pick up the phone and his voice cracks up on the other side… “Hello… You there..?” (muffled cries intensifies)

Trying hard to ignore you has worked for him, but not when he is drunk. A person can’t control his emotional capabilities when he is heavily drunk and does things he will never do when he is sober.

The thought of talking to you how stupid he was when he decided to part ways has been making him mad. But he was controlling the urge to talk to you about you.

Now that he is drunk, he calls you.

He may blurt out everything he has been feeling or just talk to you about how you have been.

Either way, he is missing you.

Drunk calling also gives him the license to not mean whatever he has said by giving the reason that he was unaware of the shit he was talking about if things go wrong and you reject him again.

This is one of the most explicit signs that he has been hiding his intentions of getting you back.

8. He mentions the good old days.

“I went to the Globus Mall today with my friends. Remember how much fun we had in the Game Zone there?”

“Oh! My mother loves flowers! I picked up a few for her from the shop I used to buy your favorite flowers”.

If most of his talks start with “Remember when”, then you know how he has loved those times. He is just mentioning them, again and again, to make you feel nostalgic.

He wants to share the feeling of how much fun you guys used to have together and revive the fragrance of love between you two.

Reminding you that he is the same person who cared for you once in just a way to give you hope about the future. He wants you to remember the love you both shared which has lost somewhere.

9. He always highlights his dissatisfaction with his current girlfriend.

Photo by Serkan Göktay from Pexels

Dating a new girl has not helped him much. She is beautiful, caring, and all that he wanted, but he just can’t be happy with what life offers him.

He will keep mentioning how unhappy he is with his girlfriend. He will say she lacks care and love, when all you can see is her crossing bridges to care for him.

All this nagging is not without a cause.

He wants you to know that no other can make him as happy as you made him. He can even mention it sometimes… but he will not mention that he wants you back. Because he knows you will not accept him.

Sometimes his actions can confuse you as he appears all lovey-dovey with his newfound love on social media but to you just cries about how unloved he feels.

This can be an indication that he is with her just for sex, or he enjoys showing her off to her friends, or he just wants to make you jealous. Or he wants both of you to be hooked to him.

Whatever the reason is, the best option, in this case, will be to stay away from him. You don’t need to involve yourself with people who love playing brain games.

10. His manners have changed for the better.

There were many reasons that caused the breakup. Many of them were concerned with him.

Many of his habits and mannerisms were disliked by you. This caused a rift. But he was never serious about changing them.

Now you hear from people how he has changed. Even you can notice changes in his behavior.

He may have stopped drinking all day long. Or have stopped hanging out with his womanizer friends.

He has started focusing more on his body and improved his fitness. Hygiene is now taken more seriously.

It can be getting more serious about his job or being nice to people. The signs of changes will depend on the kind of person he was and how he has become.

All these signs are experienced by women who have experienced an untold thing between them and their exes after all the hopes of getting back together have ended.

If you can relate to all these signs then your Ex is trying to get back with you but is too hesitant to accept.

There is no doubt in that.

But now what?

Will you let him interfere in your life when he is unsure of his own feelings? Even if he is scared to confess his emotions, you have got no time to entertain an Ex who is too timid to make a confession.

Stretching things will be a bad idea. You have got to do something about it, but you have to take it slow.

If he has left you jumbled with his unexplained actions, here are a few things you can do to clear this confusion.

What you can do if you find your Ex wants you back but wouldn’t accept it?

1. Forget about his existence

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

If the guy is still not having the courage to be brave enough to apologize for his mistakes and ask you to come back, is he really worth it?

You don’t have to spend your life with a man who just shows off his muscles but gets a zero when courage is needed to be shown for having deep talks.

Let him give you indirect hints and signs. Throw him away from your life by blocking his access to get close to you by any means.

But if you equally miss him and have tried every way to forget him but have failed…. try the next step.

2. Fix a meeting.

You know what to do the next time he is being extra friendly and talks about the golden days spent together. Just ask him to go meet at the place he keeps mentioning or any casual coffee shop.

Do not treat it as a date, but just a friendly meeting.

If he was just being a jerk and wasting your time in need of attention out of boredom, he will not accept the proposal and will move away from the scene.

But if his intentions are true and he is really looking forward to spending some quality time by your side, he will happily agree and show up on time.

Wait for him to ask you out.

If he is giving you indirect hints, he will definitely ask you to meet at a library or catch up on a movie together as friends. Do not say ‘no’ this time. You know you want to end the confusion, right?

Whether he is a real jerk or not will be proven by the fact that after all this time he was just playing with your feelings or has he really realized the value of your love.

But the work is not over yet. Read the next steps to know what to do further.

3. Be direct and ask what he wants.

Now that you are going to meet him and he will be sitting in front of your face to face… It’s time to make some real talk.

After you find yourself comfortable, ask him how he has been and what he thinks about you.

“Are your feelings still the same?”

“What do you think about the breakup?”

“Do you miss me just as a friend or you have more expectations?”

These are some important questions that are needed to be asked. His answer may be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

It will be a bitter pill to consume but it’s needed to cure the relationship. Be strong and ready to accept whatever comes your way.

Tell him to be direct and not make things more messy. He will have no chance to accept the truth.

This way you can know if he really just misses the person you are or still loves you.

Whatever his answer will be, you will know where you stand in his life.

4. Ask him the reason for his sudden change.

A person who was heads-first for a breakup now suddenly wants to get you back… A person who was once not ready to give a second chance to the relationship now wants to do everything that gives him back the place he has lost.

It doesn’t seem logical to you, right?

You have every right to know the reasons that have caused the sudden change. Ask him the reasons that have compelled him to get back to you.

Why is he ready to leave his current girlfriend whose pictures are flooded in all his social media accounts? (This will happen when he is serious)

Or is he just missing the sex and wants to be friends with benefits? (This will happen when he is serious about getting a booty call)

You have to make things clear before you move on with him.

Bonus: If he is just missing the sex, these signs will tell you: Signs he just wants to get in your pants.

5. Discuss about how things can be made better

Even after assuring you of his love, there are more topics that need to be discussed.

It is of no use if he commits the same mistakes again after getting back which were responsible for you guys breaking up in the first place.

So, it will be good if you discuss the things that should be changed. You have to mend the loopholes of the relationship before jumping on to any other conclusion.

Okay, Breakups are hard. For everyone. You are not alone.


Dealing with Exes is a lot much harder!

Breakup brings Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and trust issues. The unexplained caring behavior of an Ex brings confusion, craziness, and waves of sympathy and anger.

You have to be very cautious but trust your instincts at the same time. It’s good to go back to the time of the breakup and find the main reasons why it happened.

Was being loyal too much for him? Were you cheated?

In this case, never go back to him because “Once a cheater, always a cheater”.

You should never entertain such a person even if he cries for your love and asks for mercy.

Whatsoever, Breakups are a part of every relationship.

Many times, Exes come back and start afresh with new promises and more love. If you are sure of your love and his grief seems genuine then give it a shot and weave the beautiful threads of your delicate love once again!


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