True love is rare. Lucky are those who know someone they can call their own forever. It takes efforts to make a relationship last!

However, breaking up in a relationship is as common as rain. And so is the getting back of the two together!

Couples part their ways thinking they can’t stand their partner’s faces. In reality, it is the distance that makes them realize how much they love each other. They realize the vision of their lover’s face is all that they want to see.

It takes time for them to realize their love before they go on frolicking with rebounds and commit stupid mistakes.

There are chances that your ex wants to get back to you too.

But he is afraid if you feel the same for him. This confusion of whether or not you will accept him again holds him from taking the first step to get back to you.

The fear of getting rejected with the thought of embarrassment stops him from getting back to you.

There are many ways to assure your Ex wants to come back, including these…

16 signs he wants to come back to you.

1. Your dating life concerns him.

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Her Best friend has intentions of being more than friends with her… Don’t you think?”

“She looks so happy walking down the streets with him. Who is the new guy?”

His interest in your dating life has increased. He is showing more concern than your parents when it comes to the men you are hanging out with.

Your friends get frequent calls from his side asking indirect questions regarding the whereabouts of your new male friends.

These actions expose his concealed fear of losing you to one of these guys. It’s totally a sign that he does not want to see himself getting replaced. He wants to come back to you!

2. Still on good terms with your friends and family

The breakup has hit hard on you and you parted ways. It’s been weeks or even months since the two of you shared a conversation. Not even a “Hello” or *How are you”.

Surprisingly, your parents and friends are in regular touch with him!

You will hear your closed ones talking admiringly about how your Ex is such a good human! They will talk about his jolly nature and how he respects everyone.

Beware! By being in contact with your acquaintances, he is making sure he is not fully out of your life.

His regular conversations with people close to you will make sure you hear about him regularly.

It will also give your ex a chance to know something about your life

The newly discovered love for your family and friends is for nothing but to handle the shaking pedestal of his worth in your life.

3. The last time he felt good was before the Breakup.

It seems his happiness went away with you. You can always hear from your mutual friends how sad he has been from the past few weeks.

And guess what… His close friends will often text you stating how miserable he has been since you left. They will urge you to talk to him and clear out things ASAP!

The chances are it is your Ex​​ behind these requests who is too ashamed to come back to you after what he had done!

He is too desperate to get you back, but his guilt is winning over his desperation!

4. His stalking game is on!

New notification: He liked your photo.”

It’s midnight. It’s been a long day. You are tired. You are just setting the alarm before you sleep but ‘Tring!’

Your Ex has just gone into a spree and has been liking pictures you uploaded five years back!

Your followers list on Instagram still has his name on it. None of your Facebook stories are missed by him.

Congrats! It’s a clear indication he can’t wait to know what’s happening in your life which leads him in stalking your profile!

You have not lost him… Not yet!

5. Eyes speak more than words!

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

A familiar face is seen while passing the alley. You realize that it’s your Ex under the umbrella… It feels awkward for a moment until you notice his eyes!

If you see a sudden change in your Ex’s expression- one of sadness and longing… Then hey, he needs you to be in his life!

If his eyes brighten at your sight, then it’s good news too. He is so happy to see you that his eyes can’t stop grinning.

He is missing you more than he can convey.

6. Finds every possible way to strike a conversation.

One moment he wants to return all your gifts and the other he professes his desire to play with your dog!

It is possible you are too naive to notice it. But no chance to meet you is left unattempted.

Chances are he may call you to ask random questions about your mutual friend, asking help for trivial matters or maybe just to wish you goodnight.

He will be present outside your office and may visit the same grocery store and call it a mere coincidence.

All these lame excuses are just to get close to you!

7. Drunk-dialling is frequent.

It has been months since your break up but the first person who comes to his mind after getting high is you.

If you have received drunk calls from his side, then it confirms your thought has not left his mind for a second!

Alcohol reduces a person’s ability to be in control. When he is under the influence of alcohol, he is unable to control the deepest feelings he hides when he is sober. If you receive such calls, have no doubt in the heart that he is still yours!

8. His social media speaks for him.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

His social media posts are full of sad images. His posts are reflective of how loneliness has crept in his life which keeps him awake at night. All these are good signs!

He is lacking the courage to apologize. It’s not his fault. Come on! It’s not easy to go back to normal so fast!

Of course, he is hesitant to have a direct conversation with you.

His sad posts about heartbreak are all posted to hint you. Maybe he wants sympathy… Maybe he wants you to know he is feeling alone.

9. Suddenly he has started resembling your dream man!

The many qualities your Dream Man possesses are now apparent in him. His ancient hairstyle has changed out of the blue and resembles that of your favorite Star. He wears your favorite white shirt a lot!

If he is trying to improve himself in all the areas he lacked before, then you can take a breath of relief!

If more positive changes are visible in him now and he has been trying to get rid of all negative qualities which led to your break up, then he is also extremely sorry about what happened and wants to rewind the time!

Wait! Do not go running back to him. He needs a little space to bring all the positive changes.

Do not hurry! Let him be the one to take the first step!

10. He protects you like his own.

If he appears protective about you, it’s probably because deep within his heart he still considers you his girl!

His buddies are not allowed to speak foul about you. He still fights for you with the bad guys. Your well-being is still important to him.

If even after the ugly breakup, you still don’t hear his friends utter bad words for you… he is seriously missing you and still hopes to get back

11. The touch of his hand is not accidental.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

The warm touch of a loved one instantly lowers the blood pressure and releases the love-hormone namely ‘Oxytocin’. It is a feel-good hormone that furthers the intensity of trust towards a person.

You found his touch magical… and he knows it. How can he spare not touching you??

The accidental touch on your shoulders or caressing the strands of your hair is not at all accidental or friendly. He does that intentionally to make you weak in the knees!

12. “Can we stay friends?”

The starting point of any relationship is friendship. And if your ex wants to be friends with you after the break, it means he is trying every possible way to stay close to you.

The breakup was mutual. He is confused about why he still wants you. He just can’t stay away and his actions are proof.

Being friends will also assure you there is some sort of warmth still left between the two of you and enable him to keep track of your day-to-day activities.

So, if he asks you out for a movie as friends?

Girl… he is really into you!

13. He cannot stop praising you.

From your hair to the redness of your cheeks, compliments are showering on all of your features!

He never gets tired praising what a good human being you are. He will notice your genuineness, the beauty of your smile, your kind heart… And he will make sure you know he admires all these qualities of yours!

You are really special to him and want you to know it. How can a guy who can’t stop complimenting you can have his eyes on another girl??

He can’t stay away for long!

14. Finding a replacement for your love is impossible!

Accept it, you really loved him. You cared for him. Your affection was real.

You always made time for him and was always there.

Your support is lacking in other girls. Even if he dates anyone else, his heart belongs to you. Finding anyone else like you will be as hard as finding a unicorn!

Breakups can be really ugly. All the hate that you have been throwing was a result of the frustration.

But time heals everything. If your love was true, it is just a matter of time before he comes running for you.

15. The breakup wasn’t really a breakup

Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

We broke up on good terms.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, since the relationship ended because you had just fallen out of love, it might be that he is still there… on the same road.

When there are no mind games or cheating involved, you really don’t have anything to hold against each other.

You are still in contact with each other but when the warmth of the relationship is missing in your conversation, he misses it… and wishes to get back!

16. He has not dated anyone ever since (and he wants you to know it)

He may be seen at parties wanting to hook up with women by offering them drinks. But it’s all a one-day affair!

The thought of dating any other girl has never crossed his mind. He indulges himself in affairs with girls or can post flattering selfies with them on his social media… but at the end of the day, it’s all to make you jealous.

He will make it a point to share his dating life when you will be least bothered to know about it. He just wants you to know…. That he is single.

Mistrust should not come in between a relationship. Hence, he doesn’t want you to think that he is sleeping with other girls. It’s more about maintaining his “good-boy image” in front of you so you don’t lose interest in him.

A romantic relationship is one of the strongest bonds in the world, yet it is very fragile. It takes a lot of care, lots of understanding to love someone despite their shortcomings.

For some, breakups are just a phase that every couple has to face in some part of their story. Most of them come back together and are able to make the end of their love story a happily-ever-after!

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If you still think he is not coming back…

If you have read through the signs and none of them appears to be relatable…

Then WAIT.

Don’t lose HOPE!

There are ways you can get your Ex back!

Love seems to lose its grip in today’s fast running world. You may have tried every single path to get him back. But if you still think he will not come back, it is possible he is holding the bad memories of you. Don’t get disheartened.

To get him back, here’s what you need to do…

You have to eliminate all the negative memories of the relationship from his mind and reignite the positive ones. It may be hard to replant the emotions of romance and sexuality so he can’t think of any other girl but you!

After writing so much about relationship issues and being a part of so many stories, I know making an Ex come back to your life is gonna be hard. It will require a lot of patience but it is possible.

A step-by-step system of techniques to get him thinking about the old good days spent with you will help you change his mind and in no time his passion and romance will enter the stage of revival!

Even if all the signs of your Ex wanting to come back in your life are missing, don’t worry. The Ex Factor Guide guarantees you by following the methods​ and strategies mentioned in the book, you will be able to achieve the impossible and your man will be dead serious to start a new life with you on his side!

It has helped a thousand women around the world to get their love back. With a one-time investment of just 47$, you will receive a set of practical instructions to get what you want.




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