A hug… isn’t it the easiest way to show love and support for them?

The solace in the arms of our loved ones is unmatched after a long day of work or after a long time of staying apart… Or when we are excited about a good news, or when we are sad about a recent incident.

In happiness or sadness, excitement or anxiety, victory or failure, a hug can cure anything. They are for every occasion and hold the power to express many feelings.

But do you know just like so many reasons, there are so many kinds of hugs as well?

Never think that the slight hug of your co-worker and the tight hug of your sister is the same… They are not!

But do you know what’s the most special hug for a human? It’s the hug of their partner. In other cases, the hug of a crush.

Do you wanna know what are the different types of hugs and what they mean? Let’s explore it!

14 types of hugs and their meanings

1. Romantic hug

A romantic hug is when you give a person a warm hug with all of your heart and keep it so tight that either you struggle to breathe or your partner.

It’s very much different from the kind of quick hugs you give to a friend. It’s when you hug a partner and keep your head on their chest. It’s when they feel your breath and savor your body’s fragrance.

A romantic hug contains intimacy, the promise of staying together, and the magical essence of love. It usually ends with a kiss or a few pecks.

After finishing the hug, if he gives you a romantic sweet kiss on your forehead, then your partner really loves you and is not just playing around.

2. Hug from behind

Have you ever received a hug from behind? If you have, you know the feeling.

It leaves you confused because you experience mixed feelings. At first, you feel scared as the person who has hugged you from behind is unknown. Your body goes into fight or flight mode.

But on the flip side, you also feel so loved. You love the warm embrace and want it to never end.

Of course, you see the face of the person after some time and your heart beats relax.

This hug is often accompanied by kisses on your head and hair. The guy puts his head on your hair and smells it. A little naughtiness is added when he kisses your ears and bites it seductively.

He loves you. And this hug is the proof of it.

Hugs from behind also signify that the guy is not boring. He loves fun. He wants to see you happy and surprised because it makes him happy too. He likes the smile on your face and loves the voice of your giggles.

3. Squeeze hug

Photo by Євгеній Симоненко from Pexels

The tight squeeze hug in which he hugs you so tightly that you feel as if you are almost squeezed by him and all of your upper body touches his body.

This hug is OH SO ROMANTIC!

If a guy hugs you like this, you can chill peacefully as you now know he is serious about you… because guys don’t squeeze hug you until you own his heart.

The guy likes you more than he will ever say. If he hugs you like this just before you are leaving, he is indirectly saying he doesn’t want you to leave.

If he is waiting for you and suddenly sees your face and gives you a tight squeezing hug, it means he desperately wanted to see you.

If he has a long hard day at work or he is sad, your smile and subtle touch at his hands could not stop him from giving you a tight squeeze hug.

The hug shows how much you mean to him. It shows he looks out for you when he is in his bad times. He believes your hug can take away all of his pain. His heart melts when he hugs you and all the depression flows out of it and makes his heart whole again.

A tight squeeze hug is always a messenger of many untold feelings and emotions. If he is your Best friend or Crush, and he gives you this hug, know that he is hiding the secret love he has for you.

4. Flirty hugs

A guy with whom you are spending your nights flirting… knows how to take the flirt in real life and give you such a hug that leaves you wanting for more.

So, you have a steamy sexting session the night before, and now he is standing right in front of you. If he is shy and not like the person he appears on Social Media, then he will end up giving you a friendly hug.

But if he is bold and ready to take the initiative, he will hug you down the waist and pull you towards him tightly and quickly with his hands.

Now that your body is almost touching his chest, he will take his hands down your buttocks and rest it there.

To take things further, he can also rub his hands and squeeze them.

You can receive such hugs from not just a guy you have been sexting, but from your partner too. No matter who he is, when he does that, it means he is head over heels for you. And the most definite meaning, he wants to have sex with you.

If everything goes well, you can end up making out in the hotel room or on the beach!

You never know where this hug can take you.

Bonus: If you are still confused, here’s a details guide that will help you reckon his bad intentions – Signs he just wants to get in your pants

5. Intimate Straddle Hug

The hug is very intimate. It’s shared only when two people are totally immersed in each other and are not hiding any of their feelings.

This hug signifies that the two people want each other’s body and they are not hesitant to express it.

Your legs are wide apart… you are either standing or sitting with your arms in his arms….

Of course, it is very sensuous and very personal.

As the hug is very personal, you are advised to think before engaging in it.

A lady hugging a man like this trusts the man with all her securities and insecurities. She knows he is here to stay.

If a Straddle Hug is very frequent in your relationship, then there is lots of love and a passionate presence of intimacy. Both of you can’t get enough of each other’s bodies which makes it obvious that your sex life is rocking!

6. Hugs around the waist

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

The hugs around the waist are very sensual and are very commonplace in a man who is mad about his girl

When a guy hugs a girl around her lower waist, it means that he is very much attracted to her and her body is a dream for him. In these types of hugs, the girl’s hands go over the guy’s shoulder.

This is such a hug where the guy is holding her from down and lets the girl’s arm over his own arms. This shows the guy is not reluctant to let you dominate. He is really open to you and trusts you deeply.

The position of his hands plays a special role. His sensuality and want of your body will be determined by how low his hands go.

If you are a couple and he is comfortable with you, his hands may go down to your waist.

If this happens, you should know that he is sexually aroused and wants to take the next step. Maybe he wants to make love or feel your irresistible figure.

This hug is a clear indication that he finds you very sexy and wants to have a physical relationship with you.

7. Bear hug

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a bear hug is a cute fluffy bear. You have played with the soft bear toys in your childhood. You are fond of bears… Aren’t you?

That’s the amount of fondness the person acquires for you who gives you a bear hug.

A bear hug is not something that you give to your partners. It’s an indication that a person considers you a friend and has hugged you in enthusiasm.

The arms wrap around a person tightly and leave them feeling safe. It’s a hug a father gives to his children, friends give in their friend circle and guys give to their team players while playing a sport.

The receiver of a bear hug feels like someone is trying to wrestle with them. But in reality, the other person is so happy that he hugs the tightest he can.

Girls love this kind of hug from a boy because it is so strong that it immobilises her.

It makes the girls feel the powerful masculinity of the boy which gives rise to the unconscious feeling that he can dominate her in bed.

8. The polite hug

Have you paid attention to how your colleagues hug you?

It’s not too close and given with just a single arm. Less than an inch of your body touches each other. The lower body remains totally untouched.

As you are not very close to your coworkers or the people you are meeting for the first time, you feel a little hesitant and uncomfortable while hugging them which results in a polite hug.

It’s totally okay to receive a polite hug from your coworkers or the spouse of your best friend. But if your lover is hugging you like this, then there are unsaid issues you need to solve.

It’s not normal for couples to hug like this. A romantic relationship is very much based on physical intimacy.

If your partner hesitates to hug you romantically and instead hugs you like he hugs an unknown person during a first meeting, you seriously need to sit and talk about problems.

9. One-sided one-arm hug

The one-sided one-arm hug is also one of the polite hugs that we give in official meetings and first encounters.

I don’t know how you will feel when you hug your loved one with all of your heart and they reject the idea of hugging you back. In its place, they take a few steps back and end up giving you a one-sided one arm hug.

I think ‘Pathetic’ is the word!

This hug means nothing but a lack of love. Don’t fool yourself into thinking it was just accidental. It wasn’t.

Talk to him and ask if everything is okay.

If he refuses to open up, then look at the past experiences of the last couple of weeks and you will know the answer.

10. The Twirling Hug

This hug takes place after a quick hug when your partner lifts you up and twirls around.

This is one of the favorite hugs of any girl. How beautiful it is to have a partner who is so excited to see your pretty face that he lifts you up in excitement and completes a few circles?

A woman never forgets the feel of a twirl hug because it simply means that your partner is very excited to have you in his arms.

Your boy wants to hold you close and be playful. He wants to listen to the magical sound of your giggles. Without a doubt, he loves you.

He will continue to twirl you around until you ask him to stop him or until he is too exhausted.

The Twirling Hug takes strength. It also provides the man with an emotion of dominance as you are in his arms giggling and not in a position to stop him.

Women love this hug as it’s a combination of powerful masculinity, strength, love, care, and fun.

11. The Pick-Pocket Hug

Have you heard of the hug called Pick-Pocket? It’s not a thing right now, but it’s the coolest kind of hug that partners can share!

Keeping each other’s hands in each other’s back pockets expresses that the couple is exceptionally comfortable in each other’s presence.

It’s also naughty as you are literally keeping your hands on your partner’s butt cheeks.`

If you see a couple sharing a pickpocket hug in public, you know they are very much in love and not at all afraid to show their affection in public.

Who doesn’t want to have a partner to share a cool, comfortable, and ridiculously romantic hug? If you have such a partner, consider yourself very lucky.

12. The Eye Embrace

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul. So, an eye-to-eye hug is only reserved for the people who are in love with one another’s souls.

A long eye contact can result in the beating of two hearts synchronously. It releases the hormones of trust. It strengthens love in any relationship and makes people fall in love once again.

Eyes convey more than anything that words ever can.

When long eye contact is maintained with a long hug, the experience becomes surreal. You’re not gonna forget it easily.

If your love hugs you like this, you can be sure that he loves you madly and wants to spend the rest of his life immersed in your eyes.

13. The Run and Catch Hug

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

This hug is quite common with today’s youth.

Women love to run and jump on their man hugging him. On the other hand, this gesture of their partner makes the man overwhelmed and, in many cases, teary-eyed.

This happens when she is finally seeing him after a long period of separation where the woman is so emotionally excited to see her man that she cannot control her senses and ends up jumping on him after a run.

Men are not advised to hug their partners in this way. Unlike women, men don’t know how to be soft and strong at the same time and can end up hurting her.

14. The Long Hug

Women love long hugs. This hug is more famous with the girls. Men don’t appear to be fond of such hugs.

Women love hugging their partners and don’t want to let them go. She can sit hugging you for minutes, without uttering a word and still not satisfied.

When a woman hugs a man like this, she wants to say that she loves him and his arms are the safest place for her in the whole world.

If your woman hugs you like this, she is not with you for any other attractions, but just for pure love. When you find a woman like this then she is the one. Never let her go.

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