Doing a whole background check of your date may seem a bit psychopathic to few, but only those who have been deceived will know how important it is to not eat blindly whatever is served on your plate.

Obviously, we never get cheated knowingly. We start off as innocent and gain experience over time.

The best thing to save yourself from having such an experience is to do a background check, which becomes more important when you are dating online.

Though online dating has taken the new generation dating by a storm, some people are still doubtful of the idea.

Why shouldn’t they? Social Media Crimes is a thing. The news is full of criminals who have found a new way to lure people of their love and money.

There are a number of sites and apps that can help you with doing a background check online so you don’t have to waste your mascara or expensive wine over a cheater.

Best Sites for Dating Background Check

1. Been Verified

For attempting a successful background check of your date, you just need to enter his name and/or e-mail address, and Been Verified will give detailed information on his social media accounts, criminal and arrest records, and arrest history.

Not only these, by keeping Been Verified handy at all times, you will also get to know your date’s career history, education history, and bankruptcy records (if any), so if a person is pretending to create a fake image of themselves, you will know in advance.

The best part is – your date will not be informed that you know a lot about them even before you’ve met them personally.

Knowing about their background will also give you a fair chance at deciding whether you’re still interested in dating the person or not.


Been Verified is a one of a kind of website that provides its users with multiple features so they are fully satisfied. Here’s a brief look at the features

  • People Search – This feature gives you a full record of publicly available information of your boyfriend or a potential date you want to search for. You just have to type the name and other information like date of birth and present address. In return, Been Verified will give you a detailed analysis of the person’s basic information like – Their current address, all phone numbers, a list of possible relatives, social media profiles, and tax records.
  • Reverse Email Lookup – This feature helps you to find out the legitimacy of the companies and jobs the person brags about. By typing the person’s email address, you can find out about the names of the organizations that the email address operates and the name of the social media accounts tied to it.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup – There have been instances when people have been cheated in relationships with scam phone numbers. Been Verified Reverse phone lookup feature saves you from that and delivers information about the caller’s name, business name, age, location, email addresses, and also social media accounts.
  • Username Search – If you are suspicious about your date’s social media accounts, Been Verified’s Username Search feature can help clear all your doubts.
    You just have to type the username of your date’s social media account and it will give you all the information about the individual with that username. It will also detail you about the content posted by the user including posts and photos.

Why should you use Been Verified?

If you are okay with making a number of trips to the police stations and courthouses to finding out your date’s criminal records and doing a maniac kind of research online to gather their information, then this app is not for you.

If you are smart and not from the 1% of the crowd who is ready to knock multiple doors just to find information about a date, then you are welcome here.

2. Truth Finder

Truth Finder is another search tool that can help you in attaining detailed information about the guy you are going to date or the guy you are currently dating who seems too good to be true.

You need to type some basic information like name, phone number, and e-mail address of the person you want to search for and the results will surely quench your thirst.


  • Other than a record of birth and possible relatives, Truth Finder gives you the details of not only their possible friends but also former romantic partners of the person you are searching for!
  • It will also tell you about their dating profiles and social media presence which is very important to know before you say yes for a date with them.
  • And if your potential date or a new partner is a criminal, you will also get to know about their criminal history and arrest reports! So, you know that you can be sure that the person you are thinking of is your prince charming, and not a criminal who was once a scary serial killer.
  • Other than that, you will also get to confirm their educational background so that your fantasy of dating a mathematics professor gets a stamp on it.

Why should you use Truth Finder?

The best thing about Truth Finder is that it has a mobile app too which makes access to it very easy. Along with that, you get a detailed report of educational and professional information.

3. Instant CheckMate

You met a girl at a party. She is beautiful and gorgeous. You offered her a drink and moved with her on the dance floor.

When leaving, she left her number with you. Now you are going to meet her on a date at a place she has decided but you don’t know a thing about her.

Did god just she paid attention to your wishes or a street smart girl there have her eyes on your costly watch and latest phone?

Before going to the date, do instant backgrounds check at Instant CheckMate.

Instant CheckMate has a service that is open for you 24/7 and has easy to follow reports.


You can carry out unlimited searches on Instant CheckMate.

  • People Search – If you know the full name and the address of the person you are dating currently, type them out and you will get instant information about their name, aliases, addresses, email addresses, possible relatives, employment history, financial information, and liens.
  • Criminal Records Search – Does their eye penetrate your soul so much that it feels less romantic and more criminal? This feature of Instant CheckMate will help you out. The Criminal Record Search gives data of arrest records, warrants, mug shots, inmate records, misdemeanor records, traffic violations, and much more.
  • Standard and Premium Reports – Keeping in mind the amount of knowledge you want to acquire, you can either choose a standard report or premium report. Standard Report gives you information like social media accounts, arrest records, and more. While the Premium Report gives you more detailed information like tax liens, civil judgments, corporate afflictions, etc.

Why should you use Instant CheckMate?

Instant CheckMate goes a little further as you should go with your background check of dates by providing you with PDFs of their background reports. The FAQ section is created in extreme detail to answer all of your questions. Along with that, the platform is always there for you to help with various social media accounts and phone numbers.

4. CheckPeople

If scrambled information gives you anxiety but you also want to run a background check on a date, you can use CheckPeople.

It lays information in a simple cohesive manner which is easy to understand and use. It all comes in a single page and is very user friendly.


  • Deep Web Search – CheckPeople is famous for doing deep web searches. It’s about going deeper into pulling out the details of a person that can’t be found easily on Google. The deep searches make the app stand out from the others as it gives you deep and advanced searches that will be impossible to find otherwise on the internet.
  • Gives you all the information that you need – Other than that, it can provide you with marriage certificates of the desired person, social media profiles, criminal records, and court records.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup – Irritated by constant calls from an unknown number? Or can’t reach out to your date by the number they provided? Reverse Phone Lookup will solve your problem by identifying the caller and giving out other basic information about them like name, e-mail address, age, and others.

Why should you use CheckPeople?

According to many customer reviews, CheckPeople gives you accurate and trustworthy information. In moments of confusion, CheckPeople is always available for you with its customer service numbers.

So, if you are into deep web searches, give it a shot.

5. PeopleLooker

We all feel bursts of excitement while meeting a new person who is good looking and can be our potential date.

There is an undying urge to know about them as much as we without sounding desperate and PeopleLooker does the work giving you as much information as you want about the new crush on the block.

PeopleLooker provides a commendable service in laying out background check in-depth and thorough report. Based on New York, it is based on the motive of giving access to public records to everyone by making it affordable.


Apart from receiving the basic phone numbers, maiden names, criminal, and court records you can also fetch out more in-depth analysis like photographs of the person, business-related stuff like buyer and seller information.

If your partner or date likes rash driving and hasn’t told you about you it yet, you are also getting the details of speeding tickets! So, the next time you accompany them in the car you wear the seat belt a little tighter.

  • Simple and Straightforward – In place of making your mind crazy by displaying too many options, PeopleLooker gives you to the point report. Just type the name and address, and you will receive a compiled report having only the essential details.
  • Fast Service – With PeopleLooker, you don’t have to wait like you are waiting for Christmas. It has a pretty fast service. While a search takes only 2 minutes to complete, the report with all the information will be ready to download in just a quick 5 minutes.

Why should you use PeopleLooker?

Of course, you don’t want to spend your monthly savings on checking some random date’s background at the cost of staying at home on the weekends. In that matter, you can use this as in comparison to other such similar services, it is cheap and pocket friendly.

PeopleLooker has mobile apps both for Android and IOS to make user’s experience easy while on the go. The customer care service always there to solve your confusion about the app out. If you are new to doing a background search, PeopleLooker will be the best for you because it is extremely easy to use. The beautiful design of this affordable platform is sure to catch your attention.

Should you do a background check on your boyfriend?

We understand about doing a background check on a date, but doing it on a boyfriend? Is it right?

Yes, my dear. Absolutely it is.

Sometimes in order to erase the marks of distrust, you have to take certain unromantic steps with your romantic partner.

When we are in love, we tend to see only the good qualities of that person and ignore the bad ones. There are always signs but we are too blind to see it.

So before moving into the same house with somebody, or planning to spend a night at his place, be a little responsible for yourself.

No player or criminal searching ways of looting you or committing other works of crime will tell you directly his intentions. Such people are usually very smart and live in constant camouflage. Even the lie detectors fail to detect them sometimes.

I know trust is the first brick of the building of a relationship. But just for the sake of your safety, no matter how much you trust your boyfriend, do a background search on him before moving forward.

It’s better than calling the police station and asking them for his criminal records or sneaking inside his phone.

What is the best background check for your boyfriend?

You may prefer the old school method and devote a whole week from your calendar to do a background check by going to every police station and visiting every bank he holds an account in. But that will be very tiresome. Apart from that, running around in the scorching sun can give you dehydration and make you look like a fool at the same time.

The world is changing at a very fast pace. It will be better if you adapt to it. You can get everything that you want online. So, look out for the apps and websites that can help you in doing background checks and give you all the information right at your desk.

There are a number of apps available for it and the best ones are mentioned in this article. But if it’s your first time, you can trust Been Verified more than you can trust his best friend, as many users have shared their experience of using this platform and receiving accurate and useful information.

How to do a background check on someone you are dating?

If you are the end of the article, you must have understood the importance of online sites and apps in running a successful background check.

As you know all the names of the platforms that can prove to be useful in your particular concern, you can select one of your choices and do the needful.

It’s not hard at all and if you are familiar with today’s basic technology, there’s no need to learn, it’s all at your fingertips.

You just have to sign-up on Been Verified, type the required details of the individual you want to know about, and the results will be right there on your screen.