Imagine working for the noblest cause – protecting the boundaries and serving the country.

Military men and women lead a tough life. When they spend months or years at a stretch, away from their families and friends, they miss out on a lot of things.

On top of that, the strict disciplined lifestyle and training can put further strain on one’s life.

In such cases, it’s obvious that your dating life will be affected.

Finding someone you can truly love or just hook-up will be hard too.

But what if I told you that there are dating sites and apps designed specially to serve the dating requirements of the military men and women?

Yes, you read that right!

Also, if you are someone who has always dreamt of dating a person in a uniform, you can count yourself in too.

You will be happy to know about the best military dating sites and apps that compliment your military lifestyle:

9 Best Dating Sites for Military Singles

1. Military Cupid


This site is suitable for anyone who is in the military and wants to give a refreshing start to their dating life including those who desire to date military people.

Military Cupid can easily be considered one of the best military dating sites out there due to its easy access and smart features.

The best thing about Military Cupid is that it has a separate app that is absolutely free to download.

If you are on the go and can’t have access to a laptop, you can easily get all the desktop features on your phone screen easily.

Reasons to choose Military Cupid:

1. Fast Sign-up Process

Signing up on Military Cupid is just a matter of a few seconds. Login by your Facebook account and all your necessary data will be filled automatically from there.

Not only that, but you can also import up to 5 photos from your Facebook gallery to your Military Cupid account to get instant better matches.

2. Easy Communication

With Military Cupid, you get to communicate with your matches through emails and video chats.

3. Excellent search results

Though you get to filter out profiles according to your preference on almost all of the dating sites and apps, the feature here just gets better.

Apart from specifying your search results by age and gender, you can also search by different ranks of military or service branches like Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Army, etc.


Match-com is a famous name in the online dating game. As we all know, this site is not just for “military dating”.

But the striking features and huge database makes it a good choice for military people finding dates and civilians to find military singles.

The biggest plus point is the huge database. has a user base of over 10 million subscribers.

The whopping number ensures that you will definitely find a person of your choice looking for a relationship, a date, hook-up, and even a one-night stand.

Reasons to choose

1. In-depth Registration Process has a detailed and lengthy registration process that takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

The in-depth registration process is to take necessary data that helps the site to find the best-suited matches for you.

It requires you to type your email, date of birth, gender, gender preferences, password, and then a basic questionnaire that asks you to choose the qualities you want to see in your matches.

2. Handpicked matches sends you daily handpicked matches. The number of matches ranges from 9-12 on a daily basis.

Apart from that, you can also search through other profiles.

3. EliteSingles


Looking forward to dating highly educated singles?

Looking for love and meaningful relationships?

EliteSingles is the place where you can find a huge military user base, all highly educated.

The site also makes dating easy for its users by offering an app. It is advised to use the desktop version first as the app functions a bit differently than the former.

Reasons to choose EliteSingles:

1. In-depth Personality Test

In order to present you with the best matches, EliteSingles makes the users go through an in-depth personality test.

This personality test analyses 29 character traits. Apart from securing successful matches, it also provides a deeper insight into how much you know yourself.

2. Safe to use

Both the EliteSingles app and site are safe to use. As for educated military singles, about 80% of the user base has a college degree.

4. eHarmony


eHarmony is another dating site for people looking for serious relationships. Plus, it’s not limited to only military people – it is open to all.

The site has been in the market since 2000. Since then, its roots have remained the same and focused on creating successful and loving romantic relationships.

As the matchmaking site supports meaningful relationships, it has helped thousands of people to find their true and lasting love in new and better ways.

Reasons to choose eHarmony:

1. Limited Interactions

Unlike any other dating site, this site doesn’t load your homepage with hundreds of profiles to scroll through.

Instead, it provides you with a limited number of matches per day that according to the site are really relevant to you.

This saves your time and gives you a chance to focus on the profiles that really matter.

2. The “What If” Game

The “What If” game is a way to help the site to present the best matches to you in the future. The site has made the messaging system very unique and playful as well.

5. MilitaryFriends


If you are one of those who believe in the idea of forever and are looking for a military person to be your life partner, this is the best-suited space for you.

MilitaryFriends is not just about hook-ups and fooling around.

It brings to you the opportunity of serious dating. Military people can search through this space to find the love of their life, serious partners, and even life partners.

The same goes for the people who want to marry a military person.

It is a unique space for military men and women, fire-fighters, police force, and civilians to come together and celebrate love.

Reasons to choose Military Friends:

1. Refined searches and filters

MilitaryFriends allows you to find matches in your chosen area depending on your age preferences and choice of gender.

2. Blogs and Forums Section

The Blog and Forums Section gives you access to free dating advice. You can also find a number of discussions on dating and relationships here.

There are hundreds of success stories of people finding their loved ones here. This ensures you will not regret choosing MilitaryFriends. The great chatting system makes the experience better than ever.

6. UniformDating


UniformDating is a reputable dating site meant for people in uniforms.

From people in the military, police forces, firemen to doctors, nurses, dentists, and others… This site helps everyone to find the love of their life.

Reasons to choose Uniform Dating:

1. Strict Verification Process

You can add as many images as you want to your profile. But all of these images will go through a strict verification process before they are visible in your space.

2. Email Verification

Your registration process is not complete until you verify your email. UniformDating makes sure your e-mail is authentic and currently in use before you create a successful account.

7. Soldier Match


Whether you are a soldier on duty or a veteran, working for your country doesn’t mean sacrificing a full portion of your dating life.

This dating site is especially for military singles and people who want to date these gorgeous soldiers in a uniform.

Reasons to choose Soldier Match:

1. Easy to start

It’s easy to start on your journey to find the best match for you with Soldier Match.

Just by typing your own gender, the gender choice to find your date, your zip code, and date of birth, you are open to a huge possibility of finding the one in your very own area.

8. Army Dating Service


Army people live unique lives. Hence, there’s needed to be a unique dating site for them as well.

Here comes the Army Dating Service.

Army Dating Service is a unique site meant just for military people.

When you are in the military, the chances of you meeting singles get filtered out. You are only left to date the people stationed at your base.

This makes it hard to pick the special one and you adjust with whoever you get.

Besides, dating someone who is not from the military is also boring. They don’t properly understand your lifestyle, have different choices and hobbies.

It’s high time that you stop adjusting and date only those people who truly like and can relate to.

Army Dating Service helps you connect with army singles throughout the country and the world.

After an easy log-in process, you will find thousands of army people online on the site.

From there, you can easily browse through multiple profiles to find the one you like the best. Then, initiate a conversation via chat facilities.

Reasons to choose Army Dating Service:

1. Easy to navigate

Though the site design is not very appealing, the navigation process is great and easy.

Checking who is online, editing your profile, browsing profiles, choosing filters, and chatting – all these features are just a click away.

2. Effortless Communication

There is webcam enabled chat rooms where you can hang out and get to know the other people well.

Along with that, there is also a separate space for private messaging. You can use it when you are comfortable enough to make private conversations with military people.

3. Ensured Safety

The site ensures you are safe by offering the option to block suspicious profiles.

You can also keep a check of who liked or checked your profile.

9. US Military Singles


A free dating site often lacks quality. But this site doesn’t.

US Military Singles is free to use yet or provides you with the best features and best matches in your very own selected area.

Reasons to choose US Military Singles:

1. Mobile-friendly Version

US Military Singles has made access easy to its users by offering a mobile-friendly version.

The aesthetic version is very pleasing to navigate as well as to look at.

2. Huge database

This site has a huge database. Finding your best match is also made easy by browsing and filtering features.


Military people sacrifice a lot for their country. It doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice one of the most vital parts of life – dating, and romance.

They deserve someone who understands their love for their duty, their lifestyle choices, and their hobbies and interests.

Online dating has literally changed the game of dating forever.

With so many amazing options available, military people can now decide and pick the partners they really love and like.

For the ones looking for a favorite, well it’s very hard to deduce that and highly relative on your needs However, our top picks would be Military Cupid and eHarmony because of the large number of potential matches and of course, affordability.

Rest, if you want, you can choose and experiment with the other mentioned apps and sites. Just make sure, you enjoy the experience!