In the fast running world where it has become so hard to take out time to communicate with various men before you find the one who shares similar choices and similar love for food, The Dine App comes to the rescue.

A dating app designed to save your time by giving you real dates without the unnecessary and futile chats. Now you can save yourself from the dread of engaging in long chats over the phone for days to set one single date. Dine app allows you to select your preferred restaurants in your local area. You receive requests from people who share the urge to eat at the same places.

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As the app asks for access to your location, you will receive requests from people who are near to you. In other apps, people have to go through a lot of planning and discussion before meeting in real life. You have to give personal information to people you have never known for a date that can be worth it or just a waste of time.

With the Dine app, there is no requirement to share personal information in order to set a date. No sharing of contact numbers or details, all will be done in the app itself.

How the app works

Only a decided number of matches are available each day. The matches expire after 10 hours. To match with the desired profile, the users have to like the profile that appeals to them, or if the other person sends a dine request, the app will notify them.

Image Credits: Dine Dating Website

Users can either like a profile, send a dine request, or skip the profile. In order to send a dine request, the restaurant card should be dragged to the profile picture of the user profile.

Star Features

Along with a profile picture, the user’s selected dining interests are visible. Another innovative feature of the app is “Today’s Pick“. It is the main match of the day. The main profile of the day chosen for you shows the profile picture of the users along with the food preferences.

Image Credits: Dine Dating Website

You can also open the profile to check the “About me” section. If you accept the request of date from the main match of the day, a date will be fixed instantly with the date and location. Once you accept the request from the user, the app will autofill a message to be sent to the user which you can customize according to your need. To view the profile of your match, the app asks you to pay. The app has a currency of roses. It requires 100 roses to see Facebook profiles. You can also earn roses by logging in the app every day.

The app asks for access to your Facebook profile. Basic information like your education and work is attached to your dine profile from Facebook. It also gets access to the last six profile pictures of your Facebook account and uses it as the profile pictures of your dine profile.

After paying, you are allowed to visit your match’s Facebook profile.

The ‘About me’ section

Along with the Facebook information, you can also give other details about you in the ‘About me’ section. You can mention your interests and hobbies along with details of your striking physical features. A tag section is also present where you can choose or add keywords to which you can relate or that defines your personality.

Starting the Dine app

For signing up, users need to link their Facebook account after which cities are selected followed by the selection of 3 places where you want to have a date. There are filters for lunch, brunch, coffee, dinner, and bar.

Image Credits: Dine Dating website

You can also choose the age range and gender of the desired partner. It is made keeping the LGBT community in mind too. Another feature is the ‘Smart preference’ feature. By this feature, 100 profiles appear once in a week. You can choose the profiles you like and ignore the others. This will give the app an idea of your preferences. It is a kind of “Hot or Not” game. No other information is shown except the main profile picture, which the users can choose to either ‘like’ or ‘pass’.

Premium Membership

Though the app works pretty well without the premium membership, the premium plan provides the men some extra facilities. With the premium plan, one can send an unlimited number of texts they want along with offers. Only men need the premium plan to send messages, while for women it is free.

The membership feature is costly for men. It is $65 per year. It results in fewer members as compared to other dating apps like Tinder, Hubble, etc where communication does not require a subscription. But the premium membership feature ensures there are men who are serious about getting a date. This feature ensures there are no scammers.


  • Guaranteed first date.
  • You get to meet your date in restaurants that are chosen mutually.
  • Saves time by fixing an actual date in the first conversation without the need of planning for weeks.

Membership pricing

  • Free Basic Account – $0
  • Dine Gold – $64.99
  • Premium Subscription – $69.99


In the Apple App Store, the Dine app is rated 4 out of 5 for the latest version updated.


  • The app allows you to choose from 100 people a week to know your dating preferences and provide better matches.
  • You get to meet dates who share the same taste for food and restaurants/bars.
  • Include options for the LGBT community.


  • Facebook password is necessary to sign in or log in. Takes personal information from the social media app.
  • Men need to buy a premium plan to communicate with women. The women are given the facility for free.

Why is the Dine App better than other online dating apps?

Unlike the most popular dating app Tinder, the Dine App does not require you to check hundreds of matches every day in order to find a few matches and then wait for another few days or weeks to get them to swipe right your profile.

You get only 10 matches in the Dine App who share the same food and dine preference as yours and are genuinely interested in taking things to the next level or meeting you.

The membership feature, though costly, is beneficial to the men as there are gorgeous ladies on the app. If you want to meet women who are gorgeous, bold and have clarity of their wants, then it should not be a pain in the pocket.

For ladies, be sure you will not meet scammers or low-profile men. The men on this app pay for the conversations and come from a good socio-economic background.

Paying for dinner will not be a problem for them. If the men do not like the woman they are dating, they can simply ask them to pay the bill so she burns the bridge without the men uttering a word.

This app cuts the need to engage in week-long conversations to meet in the real world, so you know time is not being wasted and you are actually going to see the person. There are no pop-up ads or fake accounts.

And as the saying goes, people who share similar tastes also share the heart! 😉

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