The co-founder of the fantasy sports company FanDuel has found an app that helps people cherish the most important part of our lives – relationships. She is Lesley Eccles, the Founder and the CEO of HelloRelish – a relationship training app.

Relationships require regular efforts just like a plant needs to be watered daily. If you ask an old man what is the most important part of life, he will say relationships. Not wealth or other kinds of resources, but if you have a loving partner who supports you and is there for you in every situation, you should consider yourself blessed.

If you are one of them who is facing problems in their marriage, then you are not alone. And here’s some good news: there is a way you can maintain your relationships in a much better manner with the help of an app.

Yes, you read it right!

An app named HelloRelish (a relationship training app) is helping hundreds of people to bring back the vitality in their relationship and it may help you too!

About the app and the service it offers

Failed relationships have become quite a common thing in today’s age. Everyone is so busy with their work and responsibilities, that they fail to spend some quality time with their partners.

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In this fast running world, lack of proper communication also plays a major role in failed marriages. Ups and downs are a part of every relationship. No relationship is perfect.

The dream of “Together Forever” is everlasting but not every couple put the required efforts to make the dream come true. After a time, the love seems to fade away and constant fights and arguments take its place.

Even after the couples watch the beautiful glasses of their marriage shatter, they avoid taking counseling as it takes a colossal amount of money and… a lot of time.

Lesley Eccles, the founder of the Relish App, also saw her marriage suffering due to the constant pressure infected by The FanDuel company when it was facing some rough times but she researched extensively on how to save her marriage and was successful in it.

Now with a team of trained professionals, she is back with the Relish app to help other lovebirds and married couples to make their love a beautiful heaven.

How the app works?

Relish is a one of a kind app that takes a modernized take on personalized relationship training with the help of actual relationship coaches, mini-lesson plans, and interesting quizzes. It offers scientifically-backed relationship plans. It also offers the users advice on making small adjustments in the way they interact with each other.

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Due to the boredom of a long-term relationship, couples forget the basic fundamentals of a loving relationship. The conversations that take place are completely work-related or either about who will do the dishes. Love letters are replaced by lists of grocery shopping, and weekend plans are replaced by the plans for what is cooking for dinner.

In such times, the app makes it easy for couples to have the conversations that matter, to understand their partners in a better way, to cure the disease that is killing their relationship with each passing day.

Sign-up process

When you will start the process of signing up on the Relish App, a series of questions will be asked by the app to know you and your relationship type better. It is the Assessment Quiz that takes about 10 minutes to finish.

After completing the assessment, you will receive a weekly plan customized to solve your and your partner’s problems. It will also give you an insight in your relationship health including your strengths and weaknesses with mentioning the area you need the most to focus on.

If you sign up for the app, you will receive a free trial of 7 days. You can use the app either to repair the damaged ship of your relationship or for maintenance purposes so you enjoy a tension-free loving relationship that lasts for a long time.

The “About You” Section

There is another section called “About You” which includes the most dominant difficulties your situation is suffering from. It mentions the attachment type of you and your partner in the names of cute animals and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of both with the suggestion of what to work on.

Cute nicknames like Siamese cat, labrador, and cockatoo along with others are given to partners based on their behaviors and patterns.

The routine of giving simple tasks

Simple tasks are provided each day. Some of the tasks include asking three questions to your partner that even you do not know about him. It gives the partners a chance to know each other well and make them feel special and loved.

Other tasks include changing the tone of the conversations. Users also get to recognize what their “love language” is and what they can do to make it better. The plans also cover an exercise that teaches the users how to divide chores and put an end to the quarrel that takes place due to the uncertainty of completing them.

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You complete a different exercise each day. The app also offers a section about “Your Insights” which includes data about your progress.

Teaches you to be mindful with “micro-learning”

The app is based on the idea of “micro-learning”. Instead of promising you to raise a magic wand that can make your problems disappear into thin air within seconds, it teaches you easy and small things each day so that it can mend the insecurities and reasons of fights. It helps you to end the struggle for a lasting period of time and does not offer just a momentary relaxation.

Daily access to experienced and professional coaches

The customized plan consists of interactive quizzes, easy and fun challenges, planned lessons, and the opportunity to discuss and take advice from an expert coach.

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While some of the coaches are social workers, others receive hourly wages. It is important to mention, all the coaches are experienced in dealing with relationships. Though the coaches do not provide mental health treatment, their main work is to find the loopholes of your marriage and interact with you as a relationship coach.

The app is more about being mindful of your relationship and the daily choices you make with your partner.

Even if the coach is not sitting with you face-to-face in real life, the coaches leave no stone unturned to help you.

All the questions that real-life coaches may ask are asked by the coaches of Relish, and the lesson plans they create especially for you are so personal that the absence of not being present in reality is not felt.


  • Machine learning to provide the users’ customized plan that serves their need to deal with daily relationship problems.
  • Experienced coaches with personalized lesson plans and daily quizzes at your service.
  • Scientific backed ways to deal with your relationship issues.

Membership Pricing

  • $99 per couple per year
  • $15 per couple per month


  • Easy on the pocket. With a subscription of just $99 per year and access to an experienced coach who is available throughout, HelloRelish is comparatively very cheaper than the other couples therapies in the market.
  • The relationship training app feels like a game. It’s no hard work and the features of completing assessments and reading articles appear interesting and keep the users hooked.
  • The chance to participate in the customized plans alongside your partner is a plus point.


  • The app fails to cover more crucial causes of a failed relationship/marriage like infidelity and domestic violence. Infidelity is the major cause of unsuccessful marriages in the present scenario. The app focuses more on repairing the fundamental base of a relationship.

Why is Relish better than the other apps?

Going to meet a relationship coach or expert when you work for the most part of a day seems impossible. With access to the feature of unlimited messaging to the experienced and qualified coaches and a positive community that supports you and your partner, Relish leaves behind its contemporaries and stands out as a really new age app with modern facilities.

It does not offer cliché information like the lengthy self-help books which rarely consist of any practical advice. Instead, it is based on scientific measures presented to you in small daily practical activities that help you to maintain happy partnerships.


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