There’s a gorgeous girl who just matched with you on your Tinder Profile.

You run into excitement but your tired soul can’t find anything else to type, nor you have the capability to think anything creative.

You end up typing “Hey hottie!”

And that’s how things end. You never get a reply.

It’s pretty much the same for men and women. There’s a lot of crowd looking for what you are looking for at Tinder – dates and sex.

In a place where the only way to impress them is by talking interestingly, if you try the regular casual talk like “Hey handsome” and “Hello gorgeous”, chances are you will end up nowhere (if you are not Noah Centineo).

In this article, you are going to learn exactly how to start a successful conversation on Tinder, along with some examples to help you out.

Tinder Conversation Starters

1. Let’s start with Food!


People who eat together stay together.

This is not just very fun but also too smooth, when in doubt, talk about food. Because who doesn’t love a good meal on a Sunday cheat day?

Sending a naughty text is not the only way to get replies. The best way is to send foodie texts that can even buy you dates!

Also, sending a text like “Dinner tonight?” can be a fail. So, let’s go straight with hurling some yummy food’s name and see them sitting next to you at a restaurant.

2. A good flirt goes a long way.


Start a Tinder Conversation by a great flirty line and the date is yours.

In this case, you can even start with asking a flirty question. It will be equally profitable as by asking a question you are directly asking the other person for a response.

If your flirty question is good, they can’t stop themselves to think of a better comeback and all there will be is a war of comebacks which will ultimately bring you closer.

3. State a fact like you already know them.


Take cues from the extroverts. They are everywhere, in the metros, trains, walking around you.

They just start talking to you like they have known you for years – sharing personal information and experiences in which you have zero interests, but end up liking at the end of the day.

You have to do exactly that.

Send a random message like “I’m not looking for a one-night thing either, maybe 3 minutes, Max”, and wait for their reply which you will surely receive.

4. Talk about their pets.


After their own self, if there is someone a person loves the most must be their children or possibly, their pets.

Ever praised a baby and watched its parents burst in a smile like the compliment was for them? The same happens when you praise a pet in front of its owner. The feelings are the same after all.

Talk to them about their pet and praise them, your match will smile like an idiot like you have said something very romantic.

But of course, don’t act like you are here to hook up with their dog the whole time. Keep your intentions clear.

5. Be naughty and funny.


What is your thought on this?

Just plain “Hey, I wanna bang you


Hey, I’m good at making jokes”

Or, naughtiness and humor mixed?

Without a doubt, the last one is a killer option.

Nothing is better than the combination of both. Be naughty and give them long-distance orgasms while telling a joke and cracking them up at the same time.

And, if you are lucky, you will find yourself in their bed the next morning!

6. Downplay yourself.


This is not for the weak-hearted. Only very confident people who can take a joke on themselves without hurting their ego can ace this starter.

Don’t go on like “Hey Chelsey, please talk to me. My friend died today”

Instead, be fun and let the other person know that the downplaying is just for the sake of fun and nothing else. In reality, you are an intelligent person with a sharp sense of humor sense.

They will love it and will get along with you in the flow.

7. State a random fact.


Tinder is a very fast platform. A huge crowd of people are trying to find their right match here. That makes the possibility of you sending the trite and same copied pasted conversation starters very high.

In such a scenario, stating a random fact will prove to be fun. Type and send any random interesting fact that comes in your mind.

It can be funny, naughty, cheesy, or all of it at the same time. The good news is that it works.

How to start a Conversation on Tinder?

Now that you have gone through the examples of some great conversation starters, it’s time for you to know how to start a conversation on Tinder.

People find it very hard to deal with sending messages to their Tinder match only to be left unseen. The stab of rejection hits the worst when the texts are left on read-mode with no reply.

First impressions are really important in any field, especially in the dating line. There’s a certain kind of art form to it, which you must know in order to create an impact on a person in the first thirty seconds.

First impressions can either make it or break it. So, we must be a little creative and thoughtful.

Still confused? Let’s take the burden away from your shoulders. I have created a 14-step guide on how to start a good conversation on Tinder and make a lasting impact.

Step 1: Start it with a GIF.

Sending GIFs is a great way of starting a conversation. It’s easy and often funny if you choose the right ones.

Find a GIF that you or your match can relate to. If you send a GIF that is out of their understanding range, then type a specific line about the GIF. They can’t read minds and in confusion will leave your GIF hanging there without a reply.

Also, let’s be fun and make them laugh. Don’t send GIFs of flowers blooming and heart beating. It’s just started. You have not reached that far till now.

It has been found that the success rate of GIF in starting a conversation on Tinder is 30% more than the other common messages.

Step 2: Read their Bio.


The best way to start a conversation on Tinder is by reading their Bio. It gives you a chance to connect with them even before you know them.

Read their bio. Find something that stands out so you can talk about it.

It’s possible they have mentioned where they work or what are their food preferences or hobbies in it. Pick one of them up and start a conversation.

Either ask a question regarding that particular topic or state a fact. This way they will know you are genuinely interested and have not swiped right just because you were horny.

This can take things to the next level.

But what if their profile lacks a bio?

People tend to get mysterious when they get a lot of attention, or when they want a lot of attention and as a result, hide or delete the bio.


You might be in the eye to impress them but the absence of bio is making it difficult for you to start an impactful conversation.

So, what do you do? Ask.

Yeah, asking a match ways to impress them is never a bad idea. It shows your keen interest in starting a conversation, even after their profile is pale.

Your match will like it. In a platform like Tinder where people end up saying awkward and offensive things to get a date, be the change by asking their opinion on how they want to get impressed.

Step 3: Use their name.


Do you know the human brain is extremely sensitive to hearing their names?

No matter how weird their names are and how old school they sound, when you shout their name in a room full of people, they will surely turn around and look at you.

The best way to get their attention is to create a pun on their name or make their name more special.

But what if I can’t think of something creative with their name?

Their name doesn’t give you any material to turn it into a joke? Or rephrase it to suit your needs? Then, there are alternatives.


The other option is to simply add their name after a pickup line and there you are, playing with their attention-craving minds.

Step 4: Play Games.


If you want to play with your match under the sheets, you have to start the preparation for the game beforehand, even before you start to speak.

“So what I gotta do? I gotta clean my bed sheets or what?”

No dear. I mean you gotta do that too…

But before that, you have to make sure that the match agrees to go on a playdate with you.

For that, you have to convince them, not by requesting, but by impressing and probably starting a good conversation.

So, start the game now. There are a lot of games like “Truth or Dare” and “Would you rather” that you can try.

Start from here and you will surely have a game on your bed someday soon.

Step 5: Choose the correct time.

The timing always plays a very part in starting a conversation. Some people are morning people while some others chat late at night.

But Sensuality and Seduction are always at their peak during night hours. It seems if our hormones would have been a person it would have been definitely a night person.

A person is left with their thoughts at night and if single, they are alone.

Use this time to the best way you can. Text your matches at this time and the success rate will be much higher.

Bonus – Read this if you don’t know how to text: How to text a girl for the first time.

You can crack naughty jokes, flirt, and if possible, some nudes.

Step 6: Find if you have anything in common.


It’s not a new discovery that people are attracted to the people who are like them. The obsession of the whites for the whites just proves this. God, wish racism never existed.

But, it’s the same in the dating game. They may not go after your same hair color, or skin color. But if your hobbies and interests match, they can’t help but say,

“Oh My God! Is that my soul mate?”

So, try to find out if you guys have anything in common. For that, check their information and all of their pictures.

If they like Harry Potter, talk about that. If they are a fan of The Beatles, talk about it.

If you find none, just look at the pictures and see the places they visit. You can relate your conversations to it.

Step 7: Make them laugh.


You want to start a good conversation? Do you ever get laughed at by your friends? Are you the source of their entertainment?

Don’t worry my friend. It’s a talent. You can use this to get a date.

Yes, make them laugh. Drop the forward messages. Instead, send a funny one-liner as a conversation starter.

You can even write a small paragraph. That won’t hurt. But don’t try to look like you are trying too hard to gain their attention. Let it come effortlessly to you.

Succeeded in making your match laugh? Congrats you will win a date soon.

Step 8: Be correct with your grammar.

I’m not here to be a Grammar Nazi. But bad grammar is a total turn off. How can I go on a date with a man who doesn’t even know how to type a sentence properly?

There are a lot of men around. Why will I choose a man who smells of bad grammar to meet my friends?

A total no-no!

It goes for both the men and the ladies. Do not let autocorrect make you a fool. Read every sentence that you are typing before pressing the send button.

Tinder is a platform where we impress our potential dates just with words. It’s all about the way you talk.

If you fail in this area, then the Tinder matches are gonna treat you very badly. Almost rude.

Step 9: Be innovative with your compliments.


“You are so beautiful 😍😍”

How rude it was of a person who didn’t even reply to you after you called them beautiful. Of course, she/he is beautiful! But in her 30 years of life on earth, no one would have called her that! She heard the word for the first time from you! Right?


Use some of your common sense. That good-looking chick or that muscular bald man must have heard compliments about how they looked gorgeous a thousand times.

It’s nothing new that you have said and it doesn’t excite them anymore.

You have to be innovative with what you are saying, like “You look like a Serial Killer” or “Nice shirt! Is it made of Boyfriend Material?” or anything that compels her to reply back.

Step 10: Impress with Emoticons.


Do you know what is cute? Your Tinder match. And what else? Emoticons.

For a good conversation starter, you can do all of that – flirty line with a hint of humor and a cute emoticon.

Such starters are sure to start a long conversation.

Step 11: Hide your desperation self under the closet.


I know you are a lad who hasn’t had sex in the last 4 months. No girl sleeps with you because your desperation stinks.

Yet, you try desperately​ to get any match and convince the person to have sex with you.

The ultimate aim of all the Tinder users is the same.

That doesn’t mean you have to carry your desperate ass in others inboxes.

You want sex? Impress your match.

It’s not an NGO where you will ask for help and they will provide you with food. It’s sex goddammit! Attract the match to have them naked in your arms.

Step 12: You can always send a follow-up.

If you have missed your chance to talk to start a conversation, you can still have a second chance.

There can be 2 reasons for this. Either you sent an uninteresting silly message that they didn’t like or you were too busy at work to send a message.

For the first case, you can always have a second chance.

The girl you really liked has not given you a reply. We are not here to carry unfulfilled wishes in our hearts. Now, you should send her a follow-up.

“I was really looking up for your response. I came across many similarities between us by looking at your profile. I wish we could give it a chance”

This would be just fine.

Many people don’t open Tinder regularly as they are so caught up in their work and are busy with their friends. It’s never a bad idea to leave a reminder that you are waiting for their response.

What if I’m the busy one?

If you fall in the second category of people who are so busy that they forgot to text their Tinder Crush after matching, then do it now.

Ladies love gentlemen. And men love good manners. The good-old chivalry never dies.

“Tinder said we matched yesterday and still I haven’t said hello to you. Sorry for being late. So, you visited this *insert name* restaurant? They serve the best food, don’t they?”

And there your wish of having a second chance had been granted.

Step 13: Have a more friendly/flirty approach.


The person with whom you have just matched is your potential date, not the old aged uncle whose name is unfamiliar to you but you see his face at every Christmas.

The standard one word “Hey” followed by the usual “How are you doing?” will assure you are spending your holidays with old aged men.

Such messages are totally impersonal and very boring. If your match is receiving tons of texts every day, they will not even have a look at it.

If they do, they will think of you as a person who lacks imagination or lacks interest.

After an “I am good. What about you?”, your conversation is not taking you any far.

Step 14: Don’t try too hard to be funny.


Sending long paragraphs as a conversation starter?

Honey, your Tinder game needs a revamp!

Keep your conversation starters short. 

No one is going to read such a long paragraph. Even if they do, they are gonna find it so boring that it will choke them.

By sending a long paragraph you have just sent an underlying message that “I am a bore and if you decide to meet me I’ll cling with you like your father and all my romantic speeches will sound like I’m reading a newspaper”.

Nothing but a turn-off.

Over to you…

Now that you are at the end of the article, I am sure you must have learned some good ways to kick-start a conversation so you can get replies and also create a long-lasting impact that can result in getting you dates.

If it still doesn’t work, walk away from them and try with another.

There is a sea of users on Tinder.

If you believe in miracles, you will find a person who will reply to your shittiest jokes and snort their heart out on your first tinder date.

Just be yourself but be exciting, respect your matches but talk naughty, show them that you are serious but joke around.

…and nothing can stop you from getting your desired dates.

All the best!



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