Ever wondered how you always need your friends when you are stuck with confusion in your relationship, love, or dating life? How they always hook you up with someone sexy? Or how they come to your rescue whenever you are stuck in the middle of a flirting game? Well, it justifies why they are called our Wingman or Wingwoman.

If you can relate to this situation, here’s some good news for you: there’s an app that will make this so much more easier – The Wingman App!

Wingman is a truly innovative dating app that has made a huge change in the dating game as it allows your friend to choose matches for you!

Even in dating apps like Tinder, your eyes involuntarily search for your friends while swiping left and right. Their suggestion on the person you are going to choose as a potential date is extremely crucial. You want to know if they find your match hot or not, right?

“Is he your type?”

“Does he look like the one who will care for you?”

“Is he worth it by whatever his bio says?”

With Wingman, your work has become much easier. The app instead allows you to put your friend on the deciding chair and choose the match he/she finds the best for you directly without the long late-night calls and anxiety-driven messages. If the match likes you back, the app will notify you and you can start chatting right away!

How the app works

The app provides two options – an option to find a match for yourself or for a friend. If you are using the app for a friend, then confirm it by inserting their name and number. For this, your friend’s availability on the Wingman app is necessary.

Image Credits: Wingman Website

If it’s for yourself, you have to find a friend who is willing to accept the task of swiping left and right for your sake. Or you can say, you need to find your Wingman!

After downloading the app, the users have to send the invitation to a friend to be their Wingman. After the request is accepted, the real work begins. There are many profiles out of which your friend can choose the one he thinks suits you the best. The people who are chosen receive a direct invitation to connect with you. And if they refuse, you will never know as the entire process is invisible to you. It saves you from the embarrassment of facing rejection.

Starting the Wingman App

For the process of signing up, you can either use your contact number or you can connect your account with Facebook. The latter option speeds up the process. If you choose to connect with your contact number, the app sends you a code for verification.

After verifying, you need to fill up general information like name, date of birth, and email. The app gives you a choice to share your basic information or keep it personal.

The ‘Bio’ Section

This app doesn’t let the users write their bios. Instead, it is the responsibility of the friend in charge of matchmaking. It allows him to present you in the best way he can (or the funniest way he can 😜) so it attracts the matches to like you back.

The friend can also add your gender along with the city and gender preference. It may come as a disappointment to some users as they are not in charge of the information that is going to be put out there.

So, it will be wise if you approve the bio section before your friend uploads it and makes it public.

Along with the bio, a small questionnaire of 3 questions asks your friend to choose what you like the most. If the account is linked with your Facebook account, you can directly add pictures from the social media platform to make your profile look more exciting and personal.

Star features

Other than the striking features of making a friend choose your match and write your bio, there is another feature that is equally likable. It is the “Nudge Feature“.

While matching for your friend if you find someone impressive and like to match yourself rather than sacrificing them for your friend, you can suggest your friend be a matchmaker for you two by using the nudge feature.

Another feature that makes the experience more engaging is gaining points. For every complete match made, your matchmaker friend will receive points on the leaderboard. It makes matchmaking feel like a game and raises the spirit of competition.

Messaging and Communication

In terms of messaging and communication, the app seems quite similar to its competitor Tinder and other contemporary online dating apps. It is pretty simple. You can send messages and have a chat in the chatbox.

Messages can be sent only when your friend has liked a match and the match likes you back. Once a match likes you back, your friend’s role ends. The friend will have no insight into what you and your match are talking about and from here it will be limited just between you two.

Privacy and security guidelines

Through cookies, the Wingman App reserves the right to collect data about how users use their apps. This data is then distributed by keeping targeted advertising in mind.

It is quite common for the average number of apps present in the market to collect information through cookies. But the app makes sure to take security measures to keep your personal information safe and away from unauthorized disclosure.

Star Features

  • Friends swipe through the profiles and find the perfect match for you.
  • The Nudge feature allows you to ask your friend to do the matchmaking with a specific profile you like.
  • The feature of scoring points makes matchmaking a competition and thus winning in numbers influences friends to be more engaged in the app.

Membership pricing


Available in Countries

The United States.

Image Credits: Wingman Website


  • The app is one of a kind. It is based on a unique concept that allows your friends to find a match for you. No one praises you better than a close friend who is always there. As a friend of yours is writing your bio, it will also offer your match to think all the positive things written about you are true as you are not the one who is writing them and it will make a good impression.
  • The service is totally free. It saves users from the burden of paying dollars to a professional matchmaker.
  • It is user-friendly and interesting. The feature of gaining points for making matches makes it much more fun to use.


  • The non-availability of enough matches is a let-down. As the app is new, it does not have enough members which causes difficulty while finding the perfect one. The chance of finding a match also depends on location. If the number of users in your area is less, the probability of getting a match will diminish.
  • The other feature that can stress the users is that they can’t find their match themselves. They have to depend on a friend for matchmaking. Also, the bio has to be written by a friend, things may go wrong if the friend disappoints you.

Why is the Wingman App better than the other online dating apps?

With its totally new feature which turns your friend into a matchmaker, the Wingman App stands uniquely out of the crowd. It’s like giving the charge of your Tinder to your best friend.

It is known to all that, friends who have stayed with us through thick and thin know what is best for us and present us to the dating world in a totally new manner.

You no longer need to discuss with your best buddy over calls whether to right swipe a match or not and all the hassle of sending screenshots of the profile pictures will end. Wingman app provides you with the possibility to see from your friend’s perspective.

The structure of the app makes ‘rejection’ totally unknown to the user as he is not informed who are the people his friend has liked for him and how many of them have rejected his advances which makes the experience wholesome and stress-free.

The Wingman has acquired a good number of members in a very short period of time and has gained popularity amidst the millennials. Keeping in mind the fanbase it has earned and the kind of service it provides, it will reach out to more people who can relate to it and the Wingman community will grow.


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