Okay, so college life has passed. And you still miss the good old days. The games, competitions, the feeling of trying things for the first time, late night-outs, adventures, and the never-ending fun with friends.

But the thing you miss the most is your college girls.

Life after college can be frustrating as you are trying to fit in the practical world at the same time you are dealing with the fact that you can no longer meet desirable girls to spend some time with.

It was so easy to meet girls in college.

You got the chance to be in their close vicinity by sitting beside them during lectures or while finding books in the library.

You used to meet them in the sports area, in the canteens, common rooms and in the same transportation taken to go to college.

Talking to them, approaching them was so much easier. You may have had many hook-ups in college or just a few.

You may be the outgoing hot dude who was always surrounded by a bunch of ladies or the reserved shy one… you surely miss the old days when meeting girls every day was not a matter of contemplation.

The lack of female energy around you is kicking you mentally. So, what should you do? How can you meet girls after college? How can you find proper ways to meet them? Is it too hard?

The answer is – NO.

Here’s the solution: Go through this article as it takes you to a whirl of several ways which will teach you how and where to get what you want.

How to meet girls after college?

1. Make online dating your savior.

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It’s the 21st century. From playing games to attending meetings, people are doing everything on the Internet. The world of the Internet can show results for your favorite choice of skateboards and deliver it to your doorstep. So, what about looking for the desired lady online?

Yes, you can take the refuge of social media when you have lost all hopes of meeting a girl. It proves beneficial not just for men who have passed college, but also for boys who are students and for every age group of men.

There are women out there willing to meet men over social media. Many apps and sites are designed to meet your needs. And they work exceptionally well!

The plus point is that you know these women are bold about their needs and the chances of rejection are less.

Social media is the easiest way to meet women who are actually interested to go on a date and ready to enter in a relationship. You just need to find the right sites to meet the right ones. There are several sites that fulfill your different wants.

To make your work easier, several sites are mentioned below, pick the one that suit your needs –

Adult Friend Finder

Image Credits: Adult Friend Finder Website

If you’re looking from anything between Hookup to One-night stands to Threesome, then Adult Friend Finder must be your go-to. It is a widely recognized platform with the highest user base. Here you can meet girls for sexual encounters and hookups or whatever your preferences are from casual flings to serious relationships.

Cougar Crush

Image Credits: CougarCrush Website

The fantasies of a man know no boundaries. It can be diverse and at times intriguing. So, if you are looking for some fascinating fun and older women excite you, you can’t go wrong with Cougar Crush (also called cougars). It comes with features that allow you to chat with these women and know them closely via video calls.


Image Credits: BeNaughty Website

If you are interested in hot nearby girls and get naughty with them, search for the BeNaughty site. As probably you can guess from the name, if your goal is to get Laid (and that too ASAP), then this is your best bet.

2. Use your time in pubs and bars

No matter if it was a bad day at work or a good day at work, a few glasses of drink hurt no one.

Spend your weekend in the nearby pub and enjoy drinks with some good loud music and people who give you company? Finding gorgeous girls is the easiest at such places.

Happy hours are the best time of the day to go for a drink. You get cheap alcohol and the crowd is filled with ladies who have just returned from office.

Having friends who introduce you to the bombshells will be awesome. But if your luck is not that bright in this area. Then you have got to build up the courage to go and talk straight to a girl at the bar.

Be a gentleman and be polite. Do not feel shy to woo her by showing some awesome moves!

If you find it too hard to directly have a conversation with a girl, you can try the most common way to approach girls – you can offer her drinks.

Keep this in mind – being a gentleman does not mean you cannot take chances and boldly ask her out.

Instead, show confidence and compliment her.

Show her that you are a gentleman with a macho side to you and you are also a fun person to hang out with. Treat her well and take the first step by dancing with her or asking her to go to the balcony or on a walk outside to get some fresh air.

3. A new hobby can do wonders!

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Want to meet girls? Then get your lazy ass off the couch and leave your home. Be more social.

You have to put special attention to where are you heading to be more social.

If you want to meet more girls and you are attending an all-boys golf match… Then obviously you have taken the wrong step!

Socially engage in places where you get the opportunity to meet women. You should also enjoy the process and not go there just for the sake of girls.

Joining a gym can be a good choice. Firstly, it will make you look more muscular and stronger, which will work like a magnet to attract women towards you. It will give you better health and make you live longer.

Secondly, you will meet hardworking and opinionated women who will work out in the same room as you!

Do not hesitate to be the first who initiates a conversation. Start by making small talk. Ask when they will be done with the treadmill as you have to use it too. Helping with weights and workout forms will also work fine and give you the chance to maintain a bond with her. It’s up to you now how you move forward with this bond and make it the relationship you want.

If music is your thing, go to concerts. If it isn’t, join the most talked-about guitar class of the town and make it your thing. Try dance classes where you will surely meet many women or a yoga class.

Just don’t sit at home and expect a miracle that will throw women on your lap. Be a person who has a good connection with the outside world.

4. Who knew grocery shopping can make you meet girls?

We all have to buy groceries for our daily survival but we hate the task. Isn’t it boring to buy the same things over and over?

What if you turn this boring task in your favor?

Running errands or giving clothes in the laundry, there are a lot of things we do to maintain a home.

We all have to do this. It also includes women – old or young.

So, the next time you go outside to run errands, do not really run. Be slow in pace. You can meet many women on the way. Make a polite small talk with the woman who has visited the laundry at the same time as you. Show your humorous side and make her laugh.

She will surely remember you the next time she meets you and things can take a good turn after that.

Help a woman while she is trying to reach the upper shelves in a mall. Ask her to suggest a good brand of a product when she thanks you. This will start a conversation between both of you and if it goes well you can ask her for her number! Or, her Instagram profile.

5. Throwing parties can be more fun than you think.

Throwing-parties-can-be-more fun-than-you-think
Photo by Maurício Mascaro from Pexels

How many times do your friends keep asking you for a party and you ignore them? Probably a lot of times to be precise.

What if you meet interesting single women at the parties? Will you still ignore the request? Surely not!

Being at parties can give you a lot of scope to meet many new girls. The girls who will not even talk to you if they meet you elsewhere will have a friendly conversation if you are at a party. If you are the one who is the host, then it will work as icing on the cake.

Just inform your friends that stag entry is not allowed and they must bring girls if they want to revel in the fun. 😉

Ask your female friends to attend the party accompanied by her girlfriends and that’s it! You will have many women to talk to and as you are the one who is providing them with food and drinks, they will be sweet to you.

If organizing such parties can create a hole in your pocket, then you can host a BYOB (Bring your own bottle) and enjoy the rest of the night.

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Now, what’s the wait worth for? Go, find your girl!

Meeting women for relationships, hookups or flings is not impossible after college.

There are women out there who are looking for men too.

Initially, it can feel a little weird to make such efforts to meet women but it will become easier as you start.

Also, online dating can be the best for you if you want quick interactions without wasting time. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and try these steps. Your dream woman is waiting for you!



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