Finally, you’ve found your ladylove. But does she feel the same for you? Does she want you to make a move? This dilemma of whether she’s dreaming of you has been one of the most confusing states of mind EVER.

“What I’m feeling for her, is she feeling the same for me?”

“Do I make a move toward her?”

“What if I make a move toward her and she gets offended? (Gosh! I can’t lose her.)”

Arghhh! This is so frustrating.

I understand.

The struggle to constantly be in a chaotic state of mind is pretty much real.

However, at this stage, if you miss your girl’s signals, it can lead to a lot of crudeness.

Especially when she has strong feelings for you and has been constantly dropping signals along your way so that you can notice them and make your move on her.

But since you’re completely unaware, you simply ignore them and act too passive! (No! No! No!)

She might take this ignorance as disinterest and you will lose her forever.

So, let’s focus on fixing the problem together. 


13 signs she wants you to notice and make a move

1. She finds ways to constantly stay closer to you

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“Hey! Can you help me with opening that jar?”

(Though she could open herself, she needs to find reasons to stay close to you, isn’t it?)

“Hi! I want a partner for today’s ballroom party. Would you like to join me?” (Uhm, say yes!)

Starting from trivial things to the important stuff, she always looks for opportunities to stay around you. This really means you hold a big place in her heart and she definitely does not want her feelings to be overlooked.

2. Her face seems weird when you are around other ladies 

Insecurities surface when she sees other ladies’ shadow being cast upon you (besides your family members, of course). Situations worsen when she notices other women flirting with you. 

Women don’t like other women around her man. That’s mainly because she is scared to lose you.

Notice the wrinkles appearing on her forehead. That’s your cue!

Let’s not be a tease anymore and gear up to prepare the most desirable proposal for her. 😀

3. She frequently dresses up to gain your attention

Do you see her all dressed up these days?

Do you think it’s a coincidence that you mentioned just yesterday that you like the colour lavender and today, she’s wearing a lavender colour dress?

(Duh! Please understand that all these efforts to look pretty are for you.)

She looks poised more than ever before and all the hard work for whom; for the man she loves, madly.

A quick tip: Please shower her with the most gracious compliments and don’t forget to grab a look of her charming smiling through her hair.


4. She has your back, ALWAYS

If you find yourself caught in a situation and she comes to your rescue, you know she will always stick to your side in times of need. 

In your times of doubt, if she has dauntless faith in you, and encourages you to be better than yesterday, do not let her slip. Keep her, for the rest of your life.

Remember, someone has rightly said, fear builds walls, but faith builds bridges

5. Her eyes always find their way to you

To read a woman can be hard, and often leave you wondering “has she really fallen for me?”; but you can always guess things running in her mind by the way she looks at you.

Girls often get lost in admiring his Mr. Perfect and forget about the surroundings and situation. So, if you notice her gazing intensely into your eyes, pretty often these days, she is trying to make her love evident to you.

6. You know everything about her

Starting from small talks to deep long conversations, she will allow you to peep into her soul. She will be an open book to you and would want you to have a vision of what life with her would be. She will not even shy away to reveal her deepest insecurities and weird phobias.

Hey, she also secretly wants you both to write the next chapter, together. (Yayyyay!)

7. There are a lot of “I Miss you”s

“Coming to the office in your absence wasn’t really fun. I missed you.”

If she wants you to make the first move, obviously she will not confess her love before you. But like a smart woman, she will drop tiny yet relevant hints for you to realize she is smitten with you.

Your absence will be greatly felt and she will try to make it visible how it affected her. This will start with ‘where were you yesterday?’ and end in ‘I love you’ only ofcourse if you pick the signs she has been trying to show and make a move!

Here’s a suggestion: If you haven’t already heard “I miss you”, you got to do something. Whenever you are away from her for a few days, you can ask whenever you come across each other next, “Did you miss me?”

 If she blushes, take it as a yes. (Yes, yes, yes!)

8. The touch is not accidental (Not anymore!)

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Does she have a habit of hitting you playfully or lightly touching your arm, hand, or knee when making a point? Do you think it is just a friendly gesture? I beg to disagree.

Women often do these things when she is trying to maintain her composure and witty at the same time. It’s a great sign of their inclination towards you.

And if you’re lucky, sometimes, you might also have the privilege of her hugs. (*grins*)

9. She takes care of your feelings

“Hey, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. It was absolutely unintentional.”

You’ll often hear her apologizing to you in anticipation of a mistake. You might also find her giving lengthy explanations for some of her actions. Not for a moment, a girl would ignore your feelings if she wants you to chase her.

Let alone this, she will try to boost up your mood whenever she sees you upset. (She is so generous; date her, please?)

10. Your mention makes her blush

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Have you heard; actions speak louder than words?

If you see her cheeks going red, eyes twinkling, and the smile reaching her eyes, whenever she hears your name, she is truly attracted to you. The mere thought about the man of her dreams makes her blush for long.

Actions have already said a lot about her feelings, just the words are left unsaid. Why don’t you take this opportunity and confess love?

A piece of advice for you: You’ll not be able to notice this but you can always ask someone close to her whether she instantly has a grin on her face whenever she sees your name popping up on her phone. If it’s yes, you know what to do next. 

(Tring! Tring! Pick your phone and call her just to have a casual conversation. You’ll be able to hear her smile, also. Don’t believe that? Try.)

11. You have the mirroring effect on her

When a person unconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another, it shows a subconscious attraction. It is hard to notice but often has great significance because this is an unintentional and subconscious behaviour.

Let’s try and be more observant and quick-witted to notice whether you have that effect on her? (*winking eyes*)

12. She wants to spend some time with you ALONE

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

If she desires to spend some time with you alone, it’s a green flag. When a woman tries to break away from gatherings to be with you alone for some time, she is truly interested in you.

She will find excuses to take you away from the crowd like I want to get some air or I am feeling claustrophobic, let’s go for a walk or even That man is constantly staring at me, can we shift to that corner… and the list goes on, indefinitely.

If this happened to you, then what are you waiting for? It’s time to make a move!

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13. She is always curious to know about your personal life

“Hey, is everything alright at home?”

“Have you dated anyone before?”

Does your lady always have innumerable questions about your private life? When a woman is curious to know about everything in your life – from pets, hobbies, family to favourite song, favourite game, or go-to-restaurant, she totally imagines you both happily dating.

(Secretly hoping the interest is mutual and you are almost convinced to ask her out!)

What to do now?

When you start to understand from seemingly invisible signs to clear indications that she likes you, you should not wait for the elusive “perfect time”.

The perfect time is NOW.

Make a MOVE and let her know you are equally invested.

So how do you make a move?

I know it’s nerve-wracking especially when you have just realized that she is interested in you.

But here’s a simple trick that works almost every time.

When you both are alone and you know it’s just the right time to kiss her – DON’T. Not yet.

Lightly brush her hair and slightly whisper ‘I like your hair’. Now watch her reaction closely. If she blushes, GO AHEAD. Seize the moment!

And if she seems uncomfortable with the intimacy, back off! It’s a red flag. She is not ready to be kissed.

The intimacy might need more time but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel for you. She does. She just needs to feel more connected. It’s time for you to start making efforts!


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