You put so much effort into making a person feel loved.

Daily calls, good morning messages, and so-much-effort to keep the love flowing, but despite that, he leaves. All the promises, dreams, and planning-of-the-future together goes in vain!

Yes, Breakup hurts!

Certainly, Love strikes your door without any notice but to go on with the love despite all the fights, misunderstandings and tantrums requires real solid conscience and conscious measures. After all these efforts when the person leaves, the world seems to fall in front of your eyes.

Faced a Breakup recently? Or it has been months since you guys broke up and still you are missing him?

It may happen you are trying really hard to forget him. His number no longer exists in your contact list… You tore all the birthday and anniversary cards… The blocklist of each social media account holds his name… And yet, you cannot get over him.

Do you still go to sleep hugging the furry Teddy bear he gifted to feel his presence?

Your eyes still unconsciously stop at his Office window to steal a glance of him?

Do you still sleep at night bawling your eyes out?

Does your mornings start with a feeling of heaviness in your heart?

Then Dear… You are dealing from the trauma of a really difficult Breakup. The Breakup was mutual but now you condemn your decision. Or it was him who left you without giving any explanation?

If you want him back… Then you are at the right place!

If he loved you even for a single minute, the love is still there in his heart. The ice of ignorance has just covered the fire for his love for you. Let me help you with this.

Let us go through a series of tried methods that if you employ correctly, will show you the path of the good days that you are relentlessly waiting for!

15 ways to make him Want you back

1. A “Sorry” holds great power!

People can look at your Breakup and praise your decision of showing courage.

But only you know the reality… There was no such grace when things got ugly.

You may have shouted at him and broken out in tears when he yelled back. Anger may have led you to break a few pieces of his heart and you have not even apologized for it because you decided he deserved it. There was also a promise of not talking to him ever again till you breathe.

There may have been consequences of calling him names and hurling abuses.

Accept it, there were so many things you regret doing while the end was near.

Brace yourself up and apologize for all your mistakes. He may have hurt you but you are not the type of person who becomes a monster in distress.trau

Even if you think he deserved it, ask for apology for what you did to him that was seemingly out of your moral books.

You asking for an apology will show him how genuine you are.

It will also trigger old bitter-sweet memories and you never know; he might also want to give it a last try.

2. Give yourself some time!


The pain of lost love will sadden you. It can give you anxiety attacks which will force you to take actions in a hurry.

Hurried steps are often the wrong ones. You do not want to regret your decisions later, right?

Then give yourself some time.

Try to think about your past relationship with a calm mind. Note where the things went wrong and what made it worse. Was there something that you could have done that saved your relationship?

Or why things are not the way you wanted them to be.

Also, if he was the ‘toxic’ type who made you feel your worst at all your private moments… Then reconsider your decision and find a life away from him.

3. Do not talk ‘SHIT’ behind his back

Hatred for your Ex is ordinary.

Your mental peace is gone and he is the primary reason behind it. You feel as if your heart has been stabbed really hard by a knife.

It’s common that people have the natural urge to reflect their pain back to the people who gave it to them. As he is ignoring you… not answering your calls or replying to your texts, the only way you can give the taste of pain is by talking bad about him to the people known to him.

You hover around the hall bitching about him to every next person you find will merely make people call you a Mad Ex”.

When he will hear from your mutual friends how obsessed you are with the tales of him flirting with the girl at the counter or failing every time to show up at the date… he is gonna hate you more!

Instead, behave like a mature person. If anyone asks you about your Breakup just tell them it’s your personal matter or that it was a mutual decision.

Do not give away the private secrets of your love-life to everyone you meet!

4. Self-love is the greatest form of love.

Shower yourself with some self-love.

How do you expect someone else to love you when you are bashing yourself with the self-hatred?

Thinking the reason your partner left you because you are not good enough will only worsen your condition.

Most of the time the way people treat you is more about how they feel about themselves rather than you.

Take out a sheet of paper and write all your good qualities. Write the things that make you special and the features you love about yourself.

Keep the paper with you and read it thrice a day or whenever you feel you are not-good-enough!

5. Do not appear DESPERATE!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Restlessness and emotional pressure will force you to go out of your way and behave in a manner that’s not respectable.

Whenever you find yourself that you are forcing him too much or crying and pleading him to call him back, stop it!

You must also refrain from liking his age-old social media posts just to tell him that you are stalking him.

Texting him continuously for coming back while he is replying to none of the messages is not gonna help. All he will do is to ignore your texts or block you.

Men don’t like girls who appear clingy. Men are chasers. They like to chase their love and rejoice when they get them as a reward!

Be that reward!

Do not treat yourself to appear as the free coupons that are shrugged at the door of the shopping malls.

6. Improve your Social life

Make new friends who are unknown to him. Join the nearest club. Be a part of a charity. Join a gym. Meet new people… Make efforts to know them… Go on trips with them.

The newly found social circle will help you come out of the depression you may be feeling.

It will also make him think who are these new people you are spending your time with. He might also try ways to know them. It will ignite his interest in your personal life and fortunately in coming back too!

7. Let your Social Media be the “Attractive Trap”

Have fun and show it on Social Media!

Show that you are happy, perfectly fine, and enjoying life even without him!

Do not post statuses that are sad or indirectly directed to him. He should not get all those signs to come back.

Instead, post happy pictures with your buddies. Wear the sexy black LBD and put fire on the dance floor! While you are it, ask your friends to take a picture or a video and post it on social media.

Your happiness may give him relief or it may also hurt him that you have learned to enjoy life even without him. That will make him rethink what position he has lost in your life and he will finally make attempts to get back!

8. Ask him for help

Photo by Samantha Garrote from Pexels

The constant desire of having just a short conversation may be troubling you. But the awkwardness always stops you!

Not knowing the topic to strike a conversation is another criterion.

Do not worry!

Instead of talking about awkward trivial matters, reminiscing about old memories, or abusing him in anger, ask for his help.

It may be anything – from asking the route of an unknown place or just to check if the library near his office is open.

You can also ask him to help move furniture to your new apartment! He will be happy to lend you a helping hand.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that we tend to develop feelings of care for the person we help.

And care is the basic premise of love!

This is one of the best ideas to keep him closer and make him again feel for you the feelings of love.

9. End the relationship on positive terms.

Refrain from cutting all threads of contact with him on a bad note.

Assure him that you understand his problems and it’s fine for him to end it though you will miss him.

Do not force him. After all, we cannot force it on people to love us.

If it’s your last date, talk about all the beautiful memories you will be always thankful for. Tell him that you were blessed to have him in some part of your life and the time spent with him will always be in the list of positive good memories.

If you truly love your Ex, then do not give him the last meeting which he will regret.

Instead, make it an event which he will find hard to forget. Your loving nature will surely make him want to come back with you and cherish the absolute darling that you are!

10. Become the best version of yourself.

If your love was intense, the trauma of a Breakup can make you weak – mentally and physically.

Your tension reflects itself in various areas of your body. It can make you look tired, cause stomach pain, severe headaches, and weaken your appetite.

Register your name in Yoga Class or hit the Gym. Take good care of your body. Eat a healthy balanced diet. Meditate. Journal. Put the bomb dress on and show off our bold lipstick! Make your hair and shine!

Strive to become the best version of yourself. Focus on your work and give your best in it too.

All these will make you feel light and flush away your pain. Your Ex will notice your shine and will reconsider his thoughts of separating.

How unlucky is he who has just lost a gorgeous woman by his side?

Chances are he will condemn his decision!

11. Maintain friendly relations with his friends and family.

Photo by Creative Vix from Pexels

Cutting all ties with his friends and relatives will come off as purely mean. Even after the person who introduced you to them is no longer in your life, make it sure to treat them with respect.

Talk to his close circle of buddies. Do not hesitate to ask them for any kind of help. Maintain your image in front of his friends. A man’s friends are most important for him after his family. If you are successful in gaining their support, you have won half of the game.

If his friends like you or consider you a woman who is beautiful inside and out, then it will be the icing on the cake. The interest of a man in a woman increases if other men like her too.

Visit his family once in a while or if that’s too much for you, then merrily greet his momma. Most men are “Mama’s boy“. If his mother loves you, then there are absolute chances he will not be able to forget you and will come back!

12. Show him you are fun to be around!

Cut off all the constant nagging and bickering!

Be fun. Feeling lonely may make you aware of the negative side.

Try to put them aside and be the ‘you’ you were before he came into your life.

Bring out the witty, smart, Boss lady aura you have and let everyone be charmed! There are chances these were the qualities which excited him to fall for you.

No one wants to lose a happy and fun girl who can put a smile on anyone’s face!

13. Bring the changes he wanted to see in you.

If you really want him back, you should give a thought to changing for the good.

All those habits he didn’t like in you…? Excess smoking or fights on trivial things? Anger management issues?

Try to change them. He will notice them and can try to make a comeback.

If he doesn’t, then it’s not a complete loss.

You will become a better person for your own good!

14. Be independent

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Being independent – mentally and physically will help you a lot in this game!

Was being too dependent on your partner was the reason for your fallout?

Change it. Stop looking for other people when you want to feel safe or loved. Do not depend on them to give you compliments to feel worthy of yourself.

You are beautiful! You are worthy! You should know it!

Strive to make your financial situation better.

An independent strong woman fails to excite no man. He will be awed by your presence and try all methods to reach out to you!

15. Treat him with respect.

Respect the boundary he has maintained with you. Respect his feelings. If his reason for Breakup was logical, treat it with respect too.

Make sure that he knows your respect for him has not reduced after the bad times.

Many times, Exes want you back but are too ashamed to talk to you. His guilt and shyness will stop him to make amends with you.

Bonus: A lot of times, unsatisfying sex leads to a breakup. If you think, this is the case, here’s something that will help you reach a conclusion – Signs your boyfriend is not sexually attracted to you.

5 things to strictly avoid if you want him back again

1. Doing exactly as your Ex wants

No. DON’T!

He has been expecting you to go crazy and perform mad stuff in anguish… Don’t!

Do not take extreme steps (which you usually do) like throwing his gifts outside his door or cutting your nerves just to frighten him.

Chill and compose yourself. He expects you to be mad at him? Ditch the idea!

It will leave him perplexed. His prejudices will vanish! All his expectations of enjoying the limelight after the breakup will go down the drain.

He will start questioning whether he took the correct step or not. While he is occupied by these thoughts, let your actions prove to him that you were the catch and he missed it!

Can you already see him running your way? 😜

2. Letting him come and go whenever he wants.

Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

Do not let him play with you like a toy!

There’s a text from him that says he is missing you. Your happiness knows no bounds! A bright smile appears on your face with tears of joy! You rejoice with excitement and text him back. The conversation goes for another 2 hours with a blush on your face. You think everything is fine now.

But the next day…

There’s no text or call from him. Plus, he hasn’t been answering any of yours.

Some days pass by and Voilà! He is back again!

Letting him use you as a ‘doormat‘ will only make you a doormat in his eyes and not someone he will think of dating… seriously!

3. Ignoring the reality of the relationship

Too desperate to get back with your Ex? Tried all methods?

Then look back and see have you really tried to mend what cause the breakup?

I am sure, you haven’t!

If you have not tried to acknowledge the reason/reasons that made your relationship weak and led you both to part ways… it will come back again… soon!

And again, it will destroy the seed of love from your love!

By not trying to mend the problems, you will weaken your relationship further. Believe me, if he leaves this time, then he is surely not coming back!

So, it will be better for you to fix a loving date and calmly try to discuss the things you dislike in your relationship and find a solution.

4. The Revenge-Game!

If you love him even after the breakup and want to bring the good old days back, then totally drop the Revenge-Game.

I will date his friends! That will show him what I can do!

Ohh he loves his car, right? Today I will spray paint on his car the words ‘Loser’ then he will know!

He may possess the same feelings of hatred as you possess for him. Thinking of playing such harmful tactics will further worsen the situation.

If you will find ways to hurt him, he will be sure there is no fraction of love left in your heart.

5. Losing your Self-respect.

Lost Self-respect in order to achieve the love of a man is a bigger loss than a Lost love.

Just because you want to make someone miss you and come back, you do not have to sell your self-respect to people who failed to care for you in the first place.

Rather be alone in dignity to live with a man who disrespects you or looks down at you. Walking away is a better option than to stay and hamper your dignity with each passing day.

Keep in mind, the world sees you the way you see yourself. It treats you the way you treat yourself. If you are the one who doesn’t care about her self-respect, why will the world care to respect you?

Apart from trust, respect is the bond that makes a relationship strong. Your lack of respect for yourself will make him treat you in the same way.

If he doesn’t respect you… How can you think he can love you? Especially after a Breakup?

Getting your ex to want you again can be hard…

Getting back with your Ex will be hard. It will seem impossible.

But don’t worry!

Believe me, it is possible.

Breakups are more often than not, just a part of a relationship. People get back after a Breakup and notice how everything has changed.

Infact, sometimes, breakups happen for good. It gives you the time and space to deal with the imperfections of the relationship. It also gives a scope for a better future with your loved one. The love multiplies after the separation. Your loved one realizes your real value in his life. You may still have your happily-ever-after!

But the other times, breakup weakens the basic premise (trust and respect) of your relationship. It takes hard work and effort to build it back.

But keep it in mind, love is like magic which only lucky people get to explore. Remember your self-worth and try everything you can to save your love. But still, if it doesn’t work, walk away with pride.

Talk to your partner about all the securities and insecurities, the issues, and his hurtful actions. Take mutual loving steps to treat them.

Also, no matter how you love him…

If he was the “toxic-one” who sucked your positivity and self-worth, then he is not the one for you.

If there was physical or mental violence, love yourself enough to leave him in the past. It will seem hard to forget a person just with whom you dreamed of the future in just a second.

It will take time.

But, eventually, things will get better and you will meet the one who brings out the positivity in you and make you feel special.


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